What To Wear to a Concert

Bridget Reed
Mon Apr 11, 2022

What To Wear to a Concert

Concerts can be a really special time, especially for kids and teens taking adventures on their own and with friends. And the right concert outfit can be essential! After all, kids will love sharing their concert night memories on social media and meeting other fans in their community.

Different genres of music have different concert styles. And PixieLane is here to match you with the perfect look, no matter who your favorite artist is. Explore our collection of clothes for any occasion. Whether you’re headed to a rock concert downtown or out to the country for some down-home classics, we have what your closet needs.

Our Favorite Concert Outfit Ideas

Different musical genres have different styles and aesthetics. Music is very personal and can really represent our personalities and identity. That’s why you’ll want to match your perfect concert outfit to the genre and music style, so you can really enjoy a night out with fellow fans.

We have the top picks for every genre and aesthetic, including some of the following:

Best Rock Concert Outfits

We love a good rock concert! Whether you’re into modern rock or all about the classics, rock has one of the coolest styles and vibes, and you probably already have top pieces in your wardrobe.

Rock and roll has long been about rebellion and cultural revolution, and the clothes of the genre really represent that. Rock clothes can range in style from loose-fitting pieces that veer toward androgynous, like skater shirts, to tight leather pants and DIY denim jackets. It’s all about doing your own thing and not caring if anyone else likes it.

When it comes to outfit ideas, rock is all about self-expression. Try out graphic tees or hoodies with your favorite logos, slogans, and designs, or add on patches and pins to create a look all your own. The comfort and versatility of joggers also make them a good option for the next rock concert.

You also want to consider accessories when it comes to rocker styles, with jewelry, hairstyles, and bold makeup all playing an essential role in your final look.

Best Country Concert Outfits

While country and rock music have similar histories and origins, their corresponding modern aesthetics stand out all on their own. Country music is wide-ranging and cross-genre but often focuses on the importance of community and living on the land and pays homage to the beauty of rural life.

A lot of country music outfits are inspired by life on a farm or ranch, which is why cowboy hats and cowboy boots are such staples of the genre.

Denim is also a classic piece for country concerts, but you can style and dress it up to really fit your personality. Check out skater glitter skirts, which are skirts that flare out at the bottom like an A-line dress. Or, add a touch of glam to your favorite wide-leg pants. And, of course, flannel is perfect for keeping warm while staying 100% on-theme at your next music festival or winter concert.

You can also embrace the accessories and go for that glitter with a shiny belt or diamond decals on your favorite pair of jeans. And if you prefer a softer look for your next summertime concert, a floral dress is also a good pick for country music — just add cowboy boots!

What To Wear to a Jazz Concert

Jazz concerts tend to be more formal than other genres, so you’ll likely want to dress up when attending your next jazz concert. They’re typically indoors at a theater or restaurant, but elegant attire is recommended even if you’re attending a jazz concert outside.

It’s always a good idea to check the dress code of a theater or concert, especially for more formal events, but a classy ensemble of a chic dress and comfortable heels is a guaranteed win every time.

Of course, it’s all about personal style. A nice blouse, elevated scarves, and classy, understated jewelry might be your preferred look. Pair it all with a cardigan or wrap for a truly lovely night on the town.

Pop Concert Outfit Tips

What’s more fun than a pop concert? Pop music is exciting and fast-paced, and the fans are always up for a great time. And with the right outfit, you’ll be able to join in the fun, whether you’re jumping into the stadium dance party or singing at the top of your lungs.

The best outfit for a pop concert tends to be a little more casual and comfortable. After all, you want to have a full range of motion to sing and dance. Pop music is also trendy, which is why you’ll find popular pieces like skinny jeans and graphic tees.

You can also pair the look with a cute hat to really make it your own. Check out options like beanies and caps, and add your personality to your next pop concert look.

Another reason pop music can be so much fun to dress for is that it’s easy to layer. A lightweight or denim jacket will keep you warm and comfortable, even if it is a chilly night, and will complete your concert.

Should You Wear a Band Shirt to a Concert?

You’ve probably heard that it’s not cool to wear a band’s shirt to their concert, but that’s just an unfounded rumor!

You’re attending a concert to see a band or artist you love, and you deserve the chance to show off your favorite merch, surrounded by other members of the community who will truly appreciate it! After all, what better place to be a fan of a band than at their concert, right?

You can even pop on a band tee you buy at the concert. If you’re planning to pick up merch, consider wearing layers, so you can swap out your shirts in time for the show. Music is very personal to us as individuals, so don’t be afraid to represent your favorite bands with pride.

What’s cooler than being true to yourself and really embracing the artists you love?

Get Ready to Rock in Style

If you’re on the search for a concert outfit that will stand out, trust the team here at PixieLane. Whether you’re searching for a rock look, complete with ripped jeans and graphic tees, or you’re all about the country classics in a cowboy hat, we have you covered. We even carry chic and classy dresses for elegant jazz concerts in beautiful theaters.

We’ll match you with stylish and comfortable pieces that will ensure you have a great night listening to your favorite band. And with so many ways to express your personal style and embrace the music that’s important to you, it’s easy to find a look that stands out.

Here at PixieLane, we carry a collection of clothing for kids, teens, and parents of any age and the accessories that really make an outfit one of a kind. We’re also the lifestyle team you can rely on for special events and activities, whether you’re planning a birthday party or picking out the perfect gift.

And for those important milestones, like first concerts, we make it easy to create unique and personal outfits that represent your style while you vibe to your favorite bands. Pick out your favorite looks for jazz, rock, country, and a whole lot more, with PixieLane today.



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