What To Wear to Church

Bridget Reed
Mon Apr 11, 2022

What To Wear to Church

For parents and children who regularly practice religion or attend formal events, it’s important to have appropriate outfits. There are many ways to show respect for your religion and fellow practitioners while still presenting your personality and individuality in an appropriate manner. Even with a level of formality, comfort is key when it comes to church outfits, as well.

Here at PixieLane, we want to make sure you’re prepared for every event, whether it’s a party on a Saturday night or church on Sunday mornings. We carry a wide range of outfits and pieces that can be dressed up or dressed down, depending upon the occasion. You’re sure to find the perfect Sunday best look right here at PixieLane.

The Best Outfits for Sunday Service

When it comes to church outfits, you want to lean toward modest and respectful pieces. Church outfits are often more subdued than the clothing you might wear to events or parties.

You always want to consider your church community and the expectations of where you attend when picking out the perfect piece for your next mass.

The following styles for parents and kids will help you create timeless and lasting looks:

Church Clothes for Women

Self-expression is always essential, and there are many ways to share your personal style with a cute and creative church outfit. That said, the best options for women’s church outfits are typically more modest and simple. This shows a respect for the religion and practice, and you’ll better be able to focus on the service than what you’re wearing.

Pastel and neutral color options are a reliable choice for women’s Sunday best, and it’s a bright idea to pair your dress or blouse with a cardigan so that you don’t have to worry about cleavage during service.

Dresses are a church outfit classic but consider opting for a midi skirt or longer skirt so you always know the outfit fits the occasion.

Jewelry and accessories can be a nice addition to your church outfit and a way of expressing your creativity. Lean toward more subdued pieces and simple accessories for church service, and save your brighter or bolder accessories for the picnic or church dance.

Church Outfit Ideas for Men

Men will also want to dress in more modest and respectful pieces when it comes to church attire. While they don’t typically have to concern themselves with the length of the skirt or cut of their tops, men typically wear long pants to church and pick out shirts that are a little dressier.

Khakis are a fantastic option for men’s church attire because they are versatile and comfortable and match a wide range of pieces. Dress shirts are always a smart idea, but you can also try out a polo shirt if you know that it’s an acceptable form of service attire at your place of worship.

A nice belt and well-maintained leather shoes can help to elevate your church outfit for every service.

Sunday Best for Boys

When it comes to kids’ clothes for church, comfort is critical. This is especially true for little boys, who are often rambunctious and excitable and may struggle to stay still throughout the service. The more comfortable the outfit, the easier it will be for your little one to keep calm and learn more about their spiritual journey.

To that end, it’s best to adapt the men’s church outfit look, with comfortable shorts or slacks, in a neutral khaki style. Consider a comfortable polo in a subdued color rather than worrying about the buttons on a dress shirt. As always, with kids’ fashion, washable fabrics are a huge time-saver!

Dress shoes can help elevate his church look, but a nice pair of sneakers or loafers can work. Focus on creating an outfit for your little one that helps him feel comfortable and confident to better focus on the service and learning.

Perfect Church Attire for Girls

There are many lovely girls’ church outfits to pick from. You want to make sure it’s appropriate for the service and also that it’s comfortable. Dresses that are itchy or shoes that pinch can distract from the service, but the right pieces can ensure she’s comfortable the whole time.

Dresses and skirts are always a good option when it comes to her next service outfit, so pick out neutral or pastel pieces she really likes. She can also try out dress shirts with a comfortable pair of pants or leggings and add something extra to any church outfit with a hair bow or other cute accessories.

Church Outfits for the Holidays

It’s best to have outfits for events beyond regular services. Holiday services and events will likely require a little more formal attire, but there’s also some room for creativity.

When it comes to holiday church outfits, consider festive colors that match the occasion, like red and green for Christmas time or pastels for Easter. This allows you to show off your holiday spirit while still staying appropriate for church, and it’s perfect for parents and kids alike.

It's easy to make children’s outfits a little more formal with dress shoes and accessories, like bows and belts. For parents, consider dresses, blouses, dress shirts, and blazers. Adding that little something extra will ensure you’re always prepared and ready for the morning or evening ahead.

The Best Casual Church Outfits

Of course, there are opportunities to let your hair down, as well. Whether it’s a church dance or church picnic, you’ll have the chance to show off some of your favorite pieces and styles to your community while remaining appropriate for the event or activity.

You still want to make sure you’re wearing skirts or dresses that are long enough and made of thick enough fabric to keep respectful of the occasion and community. That said, casual events are a chance to show off a cute pair of skinny jeans or a comfortable white t-shirt. A denim jacket is a wonderful addition to keep warm for outdoor events. Plus, you can pair your casual attire with sunglasses, kitten heels, and other stand-out accessories.

Look Your Best at Church – and Everywhere Else

Having a few church and other formalwear outfits in your wardrobe can make navigating life a little easier. This will ensure that you’re prepared for any event or activity and that you’re respectful of the community when you attend Sunday mass. The good news is that you have lots of unique and lovely outfits to pick from.

Moms will love pastel maxi skirts and matching cardigans, and khakis and polos are nice options for dads and little boys alike. Add some cute bows to your little girl’s hair and pick out dresses in comfortable and breathable fabrics, so she’ll be content through the entire service.

And when you want to go that extra mile, consider dressing a little more formally for holiday services or sharing more of your personality at casual church events.

Whatever your wardrobe needs may be, for church or another special event or occasion, PixieLane has the pieces you need. Explore clothing and accessories for parents and kids alike, and pick out formal and casualwear in your favorite styles today.



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