A New Social Shopping Experience

Skip the lines. PixieLane consultants provide a personalized, stress-free, fun shopping experience.

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Happy Kids & Moms

Kids love PixieLane! Moms love skipping the morning what-to-wear battle!

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Love What You Do

Yup, it's possible! PixieLane gives women the opportunity to run their very own boutique shop. Do what you love, support your family and inspire your kids!

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Collaboration Not Competition

We are creating a supportive community of empowered entrepreneurial women. The PixieLane community makes each other's success a priority.

About Us

Welcome to PixieLane

We make high-quality, affordable and fun clothes that kids actually want to wear. And we are so much more...

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Connecting Business and Life

Looking for an opportunity to grow your income? PixieLane is exclusively available from independent consultants across the country. PixieLane provides an opportunity to open your own boutique business and reach customers through in-home trunk shows, social media and personal shopping appointments.

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A New Personalized Way to Shop

Stuggling with shopping for your kids? PixieLane consultants bring the store to you and your kids, creating an easy, effortless and fun social shopping experience. Designing comfy, cool and fashionable clothing is our specialty. Our one-of-a-kind selection includes baby, girls, boys, womens and mens items.

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Do It for You

You are driven, accomplished, and love the hustle. Being a PixieChick fulfills your need for purpose PLUS the added bonus of working from home (or wherever), setting your own hours, and getting to collaborate with moms just like you. How cool is that?

Here's the Deal

We're innovating the direct selling space. Check out what it's like to be part of the
PixieLane community. 

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Not an MLM

What does this mean for you? No recruiting others to sign-up under you. Higher commissions (35–50%) on your sales. You decide how much you want to sell.


We created a business model that gives you total independence. This truly is your own business. Set your own schedule, say YES more to your family, and even get more "me time". You're the boss!

Community not Competition

Sick of petty competition? Us too. That is why our #1 goal is to create a close-knit and supportive community where women collaborate instead of compete.

Join the Party

Being a PixieLane consultant means gaining a community of moms that root for each others success. All the support, tools, and training you need will be provided. We got you every step of the way!

How It All Works

Applying to be a PixieLane consultant is easy!

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Schedule a call or email us so we can confirm you are the right fit and answer any of your questions. 


Customize your startup package to get sizes that will best your family and social network.


Start selling your clothes at pop-up shops, on social media, or through at-home parties. 


Do what you love, support your family and inspire your kids!

Kids Love PixieLane

Our clothes are one-of-a-kind and designed by moms. We know what kids love.

Cool Unique Prints

Our products and prints are created in limited runs. Fresh styles are launched several times a month to keep you and your kids stylin’! We also have some great Mommy & Me options!

Comfy Quality Materials

We design our clothing with the highest standards for durability, quality and comfort.

Here's what our PixieLane consultants have to say

Becoming a PixieLane consultant helped me merge my two passions. As a teacher, I pride myself in making children happy, but at the same time as a New Yorker, I just love fashion!  At first I thought it would just be a fun way to make extra money for my family. As it turns out, it’s a lot more.  Taking this step has empowered me as a woman and as a mother.  We can do it all...and now I set that example for my daughter. She helps me unpack my inventory, style outfits, and take pictures. Together we learned that it’s okay to take risks and that you work hard to reach a goal.  So yes, the smile I see on my clients faces as they find their favorite outfit is the best, but the new way daughter looks at me, the “that’s my mom pride” is what makes this career path priceless.

- Jamie M.

Being a PixieLane consultant has been such a gratifying experience. I enjoy being available to my kids during the day while creating my own work schedule. I take pride in the fact that moms in my community can rely on me for adorable clothes and great gift items! I love the daily pictures I get from my customers, which just confirms my decision to embark on the journey with PixieLane.

- Dayna K.

From the moment I heard about PixieLane, I knew I had to be a part of the company. Founders Lori, Danit & Kristen all had such an amazing vision about creating a clothing line that was not only adorable (and super affordable) for kids but also created jobs for their mommas. I love more than anything the way my daughters get to see me work hard and how they both love to be my assistants.

- Sydney M.