Activities For Kids To Inspire Entrepreneurship

Bridget Reed
Tue May 24, 2022

Activities For Kids To Inspire Entrepreneurship

Creative and intelligent kids will love designing and building their own businesses. It’s an excellent way for them to learn skills (problem-solving, a little creativity, etc.) that will serve them for a long time to come. And they can even make money to stash away for later. 

PixieLane is a business built by moms for moms. Parents can join our team of entrepreneurs and family members who are balancing family and work needs by making their own hours. We are going to share the instructions for building businesses at any age, and we’re here to help cool kids get their start. 

Benefits of Entrepreneurship for Kids

There are many reasons why building a business can be a fun idea for kids.

Here are just a few of the benefits of entrepreneurism for kids

It Encourages Self-Confidence

When kids make and build something new, they can gain confidence and learn how to take pride in their work. It’s a way for them to create something they can really be proud of. They can also start to make money, either to put away for later or to donate to a good cause, more reasons to feel good about their work. 

It Supports Creativity

A lot of kid-run businesses are built on creativity and artistic skill. They can create something with their hands or design new projects or pieces. 

But that’s not all. Building a business often requires creative thinking. When a product isn’t selling, or a tool isn’t available, your young business kids will need to adapt and think of solutions, like solving a maze.

The creative thinking skills they learn when they build a new business can help them in school and work later down the line. These discoveries can happen anywhere, from the backyard to the living room and everywhere in between!

They Develop Friendships

It’s important to know how to work in group environments. Building a business with a friend or younger siblings can help your little kids to learn how to do just that. They’ll need to solve problems together, discuss business needs, and delegate. 

Not only can building a business help your little ones make friendships while doing fun things, but it can strengthen existing relationships, build communication skills, and encourage collaboration. 

Positive Emotions and Positive Associations

Building something new and exciting can be a lot of fun for kids. They’ll learn new skills, meet new people, and try out different events and  activities.

Activities For Kids To Inspire Entrepreneurship

There are many reasons for kids to consider starting a new business, but how can they take the first step?

Here are a few fun activities that can really encourage kids toward entrepreneurship. 


Say goodbye to coloring sheets; this activity really takes the cake. 

Here at PixieLane, we love tie-dye. That’s why we carry a wide range of tie-dye pieces, from pants to hoodies to accessories. Tie-dye is also a cool way for preschoolers to teens to adults to express their creativity and try something new. 

Kids can try tie-dying a wide range of pieces and accessories for gifts and sales, like white and light-color graphic tees. Beyond shirts, they can tie-dye cases for their pillows, masks, or decorations for different holidays. 


Sewing is a time-honored way to upcycle pieces and give them new life. They can do everything from repairing old pieces, making stuffed animals or cloth bookmarks, or crafting the Halloween costume of their dream.

Toddlers might be too young for this type of fun indoor activity, but school-aged children are sure to jump at the chance. This activity can help boost hand-eye coordination in little hands.

Sewing isn’t just useful for young business owners. It’s a skill that your young ones will be able to benefit from for a long time to come. 


Making slime might be popular, but we love a scrub! Scrubs are a good way to keep your skin smooth and refreshed. Your children will have a great time picking out different colors and scents when it comes to making a new scrub batch.

The ingredients are inexpensive, and the recipe is easy, but it will still teach your little scientists chemistry skills worthy of a science experiment. (And who can pass up a possible chance to blow bubbles?)

Wrap them in tissue paper and pencil on unique labels to make standout gifts for moms, friends, and teachers. And because the easy recipe is so simple to follow, your kids can experiment with different methods every time.

Just check out a recipe for a DIY unicorn scrub or outer space scrub to get your little skincare experts started.   

Baking Cookies

Who doesn’t love baking cookies? Knowing how to bake can be very useful when it comes to raising money at bake sales or even throwing a world-class tea party. And with so many different recipes and methods to pick from, you’re guaranteed to find a dessert that your little one really loves.

This is also an amazing task for long winter days, including baking cookies for Santa.

One of the best ways for your children to get involved in business building and money-raising is through bake sales. School or community bake sales can introduce kids to good causes and volunteer work. 

Start a Lemonade Stand

Setting up a lemonade stand is a classic kid business for a reason. While the recipe is relatively simple, it will give your kids a chance to flex their creative thinking muscles. They’ll be able to try new things to bring in business like carefully considered discounts, posting ads around the neighborhood, and even mix up the recipe. 

Lemonade stands are a summer staple. They’ll also teach your kids the ins and outs of communicating with clients, purchasing inventory, and creating products.

It’s particularly good for young kids looking to get started without spending a lot of money. Help them decorate their stand with balloons, artwork, and discounts (head to the Dollar Store for affordable decorations).

Jewelry Making

Here at PixieLane, we carry a wide inventory of accessories and jewelry, and we know how much kids love creating pieces all their own. Many of our products are inspired by the retro DIY pieces of fashion periods past. That’s how we know that kid-made jewelry is destined for success. 

The cool thing is that they have lots of different methods and styles to pick from. They can make friendship bracelets with embroidery floss or beaded bracelets with charms. They’re perfect for gifts, goodie bags, and to sell. And your children will love picking out the different colors and materials every time. 

Ideas To Put a Pin In

Building a business can help little ones to learn essential skills that will support them throughout their life. They’ll learn how to think creatively, communicate with customers, collaborate with friends, and a whole lot more. And they can begin trying out crafts and activities that will encourage entrepreneurship today. 

Share your favorite activities with the next generation, like tie-dye, jewelry making, cookie baking, and a whole lot more. Once they find a project they really love, they can begin building something great. 

Parents and kids alike will find business-building tips and tricks right here at PixieLane. We make it easy to begin building your business right from the comfort of home. That’s why we’re sharing all you need to know about creating a company that really lasts. 

And when your little ones want to get started, we have the guides and materials that will help them every step of the way and can be sent straight to your inbox. We can’t wait to see what your family does next!


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