Easy Cute Hairstyles for Girls on Picture Day

Bridget Reed
Mon Apr 11, 2022

Easy Cute Hairstyles for Girls on Picture Day

Picture day is a special event for parents and growing kids. It’s a chance to capture those early years and can make for the perfect gift for grandparents and family. That’s why picking out the right outfit and hairstyle can be so vital. Your little girl will be able to express her style and personality in a photo you’re sure to cherish for years to come.

Here at PixieLane, we’ll help you find the picture day outfit she’s been dreaming of. And that’s not all. We also carry lifestyle guides and products for everything from home décor to gift-giving. When it comes to a classy and stylish picture day hairstyle, we’ve got you covered.

Our Favorite Easy Picture Day Hairstyles

Easy hairstyles can still look elevated and timeless, and these top picture day picks are the perfect examples. When it comes to picture day, you want a hairstyle that’s sure to last, no matter what recess or gym class might hold.

Girl hairstyles can be a casual look or something really glamorous, and you and your little one have lots of fun and unique style options to pick from. Which of these adorable looks will she try out first?

The Classic Messy Bun

The messy bun is a DIY classic for beginners for a reason. Buns are cute, comfortable, and easy for busy parents on the go. She can add in hair accessories and hair bows, and it won’t take too many bobby pins to truly make the look come alive.

Messy buns also match lots of different outfits and styles, which means they’re perfect for her favorite picture day outfit, no matter what it might be. They’ll also assist in keeping the hair out of her face, so the photos showcase all her joy and beauty.

The Fishtail Braid

Fishtail braids are festive and a lot of fun, and not just for picture day. They’re ideal for everything from birthday parties to playdates to casual afternoons at the park, and they can be styled up and down with ease — long hair not required.

A fishtail braid is essentially styled using two sections of hair rather than three like the traditional braid style. The strands weave back and forth, collecting on the far side. Ultimately, this creates an organic, textured style similar to a fishtail, which is how it got its name. This hair texture isn’t just for those with thick hair or wavy hair — everyone can rock this style.

Fishtail braids look fun in the back, on the side, or even as two separate braids. They’re easier to style on long and medium hair but can still look amazing on hair that’s on the shorter side.

They’re also a good option for busy kids since they’re meant to look a little messy and loose. No matter which fishtail braid style your little girl requests this picture day, she’s sure to adore the final product.

Looking for similar hairstyle ideas? Try the French braid, crown braid, or braided bun.

The Low Ponytail

The low ponytail is one of the most versatile but simple hairstyles for little girls and moms alike. We love a high ponytail, but the high pony can sometimes cause strain on the scalp. Plus, this hair idea works well with short hair.

The simplest version of the look is styled by brushing the hair back into a low pony toward the nape of the neck, securing it with a hair elastic. It keeps the hair out of her face, which is key for a good picture day shot and won’t come loose throughout the day.

However, if she wants something special this picture day, the low ponytail hairdo is still a good choice. You can wrap the hair around the hair tie for a more elegant look or tuck the hair into the ponytail for a woven style. Consider pulling some baby hairs free in the front for a softer look that frames the face.

The French Twist

For a truly elegant and glam picture day, the French twist is the easy updo to try. There are many different ways to achieve a French twist hairstyle, but the design is always a type of chignon updo, where the hair is nearly tucked and styled. A comb, elastics, and hairpins are required to properly wrap the hair around itself in a neat and chic fashion.

With a French twist, a little hairspray can tamp down flyaway hairs, completing the look. This twist looks lovely all on its own, but hair accessories and pins with decals like pearls can add something a little special to the twist.

The Low Bun

There are so many cute hairstyles to pick from when it comes to the low bun. She can decide between a polished or messy low bun, and it pairs well with other hairstyles, like a side braid or double Dutch braid.

Secure the hair into a low ponytail at the nape of the neck, then create a bun. This can be done with a polished ballerina design, a loose and messy bun, or anything in-between. Braids, scarves, and headbands all look lovely in this bun hairstyle for picture day.

The Top Knot

And if she just can’t get enough of buns this picture day, consider a top knot instead. Unlike a low bun, the top knot will likely be visible in the photos, which can add a little something extra to her final look. Top knots can also be loose or polished, with the front pieces curled loosely to frame the face.

Pick the Perfect Picture Day Outfit

Of course, no picture day hairstyle is complete without the girl’s outfit to match. These tried and true trendy tips will help parents and kids create a memory-making picture day outfit every year.

Let Your Kids Express Themselves

The most important thing is that your little girl feels confident and comfortable when she gets her photo taken and that the photo reflects how special she is. Work with your little one to create an environment where she feels truly comfortable expressing herself and acting as her own personal stylist.

That may mean letting her wear a clashing and funny outfit that she really loves or even letting her dress up for her picture day if the school allows it. Dressed up as a mermaid or unicorn, she might feel more comfortable in front of the camera, so her personality will shine through with every smile.

Wear Matching Hair Accessories

You may also want to consider a little mommy and me matching this picture day, especially when it comes to iconic hair accessories.

Here at PixieLane, we carry hair accessories the whole family will really dig, like elastics and clips. Clips and elastics are also great for dressing up short haircuts like pixie cuts for a short hairstyle that will never call for endless hours of hair tutorials on YouTube.

If she knows mom is also wearing those cute designs in her hair, she’ll feel encouraged and supported all day long, leading to more smiles on picture day.

Make Picture Day Unforgettable

Picture day photos get hung up on the fridge and shared with relatives. Picture day is an important event for young kids and parents alike, which is why it’s essential to pick out the perfect look for the day. And that goes beyond outfits and accessories to include the very best in school hairstyles.

Your little girl can pick from a wide range of hairstyles and designs, like ponytails, low buns, fishtail braids, and more. And she can elevate every look with the accessories and hair jewelry available right here at PixieLane.

Make us your first stop for all your picture day needs, including new outfits and hairstyle guides. The only question is, which hair look will she try out for that next picture-perfect photo?



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