Once I apply to be a consultant, how long is the onboarding process?
  • At PixieLane, we are focused on setting our consultants up for success. Once you complete the application process and sign your PixieLane Contract, you will be added to our waitlist.  When you apply, the waiting period may be longer depending on how many consultants are already on the list or if we are in between a season.  We suggest applying to be a consultant as soon as you are interested to secure your space on the waitlist.
How/Where can consultants sell their products?
  • Consultants may only sell PixieLane products at pop-up shops, on social media, or through at-home parties.
Is there a reorder purchase minimum when reordering back into specific styles & sizes?
  • Yes, our reorder minimum is 35 pieces per order.
How often do new PixieLane styles come out?
  • PixieLane produces new styles on a quarterly basis for each season. We offer new prints and colors monthly.
Do start-up package prices remain the same for each season?
  • Start-up package prices vary per season as we design new style for our line.  Retail prices will vary with each new style introduced.
What margins do we work on as consultants?
  • Margins run between 35-50% per style and season.
  • It’s important to us at PixieLane to keep your margins healthy so you can run a successful business.
Can two people sign up to be co-consultants?
  • Consultants may partner with another consultant to share expenses and profits, however, only one consultant is allowed as the main point person for billing.