About Us



Our Story

We are Kristen Uppal, Lori Price, and Danit Benito: three friends and working moms each raising young kids in LA. We are the type of ‘chicks’ who want it all: a successful career, quality time where we can be present with our families, and the chance to step off the hamster wheel every once and awhile.  We set out to figure out a way we could live an inspired, balanced, and well-rounded life.

PixieLane is our business: for moms by moms. It combines our greatest loves:

  • We love our kids
  • We love to work
  • We love fashion

We saw an opportunity to create the most original, softest, well-priced clothing line for kids. We know first-hand what our kids love and what makes everyone happy when it’s time to get dressed. We get real joy in dressing our children and including them in the process of designing our fun clothing.

We are building a community of super moms who want it all. We give them the chance to be the center of their communities and to create their own businesses.  We give them the work/life balance that so many of us are striving to achieve. Our clothes are sold exclusively through our ever-growing community of PixieChicks.

Our Vision

  • A world filled with happy moms! (and happy kids!)

Our Mission

  • To give moms the opportunity to be entrepreneurs

Our Values

  • Collaboration over competition
  • Anything is possible
  • Have fun
  • Be your own person
  • Take care of each other