About Us


We are Danit Benito, Lori Price, and Kristen Uppal. We love our kids, we love to work and we love fashion. We created PixieLane so that parents everywhere, including ourselves, would have access to fun, innovative clothing through a new social experience.

We are veterans in the apparel industry, we are business owners, we are teachers, but above all, we are mothers. We know first-hand what our kids love and what makes everyone happy when it’s time to get dressed.


PixieLane is a business for moms by moms. We are building a community of mom entrepreneurs who want it all. We empower moms with tools to create successful businesses, become leaders in their communities and achieve the work/life balance that so many of us strive for.

Meet Our Founders

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Danit Benito spent 12 years as an elementary school teacher after leaving a corporate career in consumer brands. She’s inspired by new challenges, big picture thinking and loves supporting PixieLane’s community of super moms who also dream of running their own businesses and being the go-to leaders in their communities. Danit oversees Customer Success and Planning. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and three children.

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Lori Price has always been passionate about entrepreneurship. From the small businesses she launched as a kid, to her 25+ year career in fashion, she loves finding a need and working hard to fill it. PixieLane was born out of Lori’s desire to create true work-life balance for moms - with businesses connected to our kids that demonstrates entrepreneurship for the next generation. Lori oversees Design and Production. She resides in Los Angeles with her husband and two children. 

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Kristen Uppal has been in the fashion industry for the past 15 years. Merging her passion for Women's Studies with her background in clothing and sales, she was inspired to create a community that helped to empower moms as entrepreneurs, where women collaborate and support each other’s successes. Kristen oversees Sales & Acquisition and Social Media. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two children.