Why Moms Like You Are Becoming Part-Time Fashion Consultants—and Loving It

Bridget Reed
Tue May 24, 2022

Why Moms Like You Are Becoming Part-Time Fashion Consultants—and Loving It

If you’re a mom in search of work-life balance, it might be comforting to know you’re not alone—and inspiring to hear that some women have found it. Take this successful PixieLane fashion consultant in Baltimore, who earned a master's in speech pathology pre-kids, worked part-time as a therapist till her second child was born and then left to focus on parenting. “While I absolutely loved being a stay-at-home mom, once my youngest was in school full time, I realized I was a little bored, and began considering part time options. A non-negotiable, however, was that I needed to be in control of my own schedule,” she said.

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"When I heard about PixieLane, I was immediately intrigued, did some research, and within the week had started my business. I loved the clothes, the prints, and the fact that I was the first person in my area to carry and sell the line.” 

In fact, the juggle is the reason the three founders—all working moms—started PixieLane. They wanted to offer other moms the best of both worlds. The big idea is that women who sign on as PixieLane consultants are empowered to build their own boutiques, gain marketing and sales experience, and connect with other women like themselves nationwide. And it works. Here are just some reasons our consultants are thrilled with PixieLane’s part-time work option, and you might like it too:

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You keep one foot in the game. Even though we know how hard it is to raise kids full-time, it’s still not something women are putting on their resumes. Some employers might look skeptically at gaps on your resume, wondering whether your skills got rusty over the years you spent changing diapers and packing lunches. But not so for PixieLane consultants—with a successful clothing boutique to brag about at future job interviews, you’ll have proof that your business skills are sharp as a tack.

You can adjust to shifting priorities. Maybe you’ve dreamed of making partner at a major firm, heading a hospital ward or writing a Great American Novel, but your priorities are shifting, at least temporarily, now that you’ve become a parent. PixieLane allows women to pursue professional goals while keeping their families number one, not to mention dealing with whatever else comes up along the way.

You can be more hands-on parents. When you’re 9 to 5, it’s tough to be super involved in your kids’ activities. Running a PixieLane boutique, however, lets moms drop off their kids at school and swing by if/when they forget their lunch. Plus the flexibility allows moms to take on other community-minded roles, like volunteering for the PTA or coaching sports leagues.

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You’re the bosses of your own lives. Once you’ve been out of the corporate rat race for a while, the thought of someone else controlling your time and workload is kind of hard to swallow. We totally get it—and so do all of our consultants. The make-your-own-schedule aspect of a PixieLane gig is among the most compelling parts for most moms. You get to run your business entirely on your own terms (even if that means browsing merch options while nursing the baby at 3 a.m.). 

There you have it: just a few of the reasons moms like you find PixieLane to be an awesome alternative to full-time work. Want more information on how it all works? Find all the details here.

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