Stylish Clothes For Girls: Fashion For 2022

Bridget Reed
Fri May 27, 2022

Stylish Clothes For Girls: Fashion For 2022

Clothing can be a great way for girls to express their creativity and personality, and the right outfits and styles can help to boost their comfort and confidence every day. There are lots of great looks amongst the latest trends to pick from, so how do you know where to start when it comes to girl’s fashion for the new year?

PixieLane has an idea or two. We’re not just the team you can turn to for your favorite new pieces for the whole family. We’re also sharing all we’ve learned about fashion, style, and upcoming trends, so your girl can get the perfect look she loves every time.

What Are Must-Haves in Any Girl’s Wardrobe? 

The perfect girls’ wardrobe doesn’t have to break the bank. In fact, a few great pieces can help your girls to make a wide range of outfits for all different occasions and events.

Here are a few high-quality must-haves to add to her closet today:

Skater Skirts and Dresses

You can’t go wrong with dresses. With so many different dress styles and silhouettes to pick from, it’s easy to find a dress that fits her personal style for school, activities, family events, and a whole lot more.

Skater skirts are another great piece because they can be mixed and matched for different occasions. Typically, skater skirts have an A-line design but fall higher and shorter than traditional A-line dresses. Skater skirts are available in a wide range of colors and styles. This sleek dress can be mixed and matched with graphic tees, tank tops, sweaters, and more.


If your stylish girls like dresses but don’t want to have to worry about comfort, jumpsuits can be a great way to go. They are elevated and stylish, with a similar design to dresses, in that the top and bottom sections are connected. Jumpsuits have long pants, but you can also find rompers, which have shorts on the bottom, making them a great option for different seasons.

Jumpsuits pair well with different accessories and shoes, so your girls can create a final look they really love. Jumpsuits are particularly well-matched with a stylish denim jacket for a look that is comfy and memorable. 


Leggings are an important staple for any girl’s wardrobe. Girls can wear them under skirts and dresses in chilly weather, either to school or more formal events. Athleisurewear is also growing in popularity; leggings can be paired with tank tops and sweatshirts for more casual activities.

They’re comfortable, great for mobility and activities, and easy to mix and match. You can find leggings in lots of colors and styles. They’re even available with fleece lining for the colder weather. 

Crew Sweatshirts and Hoodies

Crew sweatshirts have a high, rounded collar, which makes them a stylish and cozy look your girls are sure to love. The aesthetic comes from a long line of sportswear and uniform designs. It adds a touch of elevation to many different types of outfits and other pieces. You can find crew sweatshirts and hoodies in many different colors and styles, and they mix and match well with cute clothes like skirts, pants, jumpsuits, and more.

Crewnecks typically have a preppy style, but they’re easy to accessorize, style, and change up. With crewnecks, your fashion-forward girls can create looks they really love while staying warm on chilly or windy days. 

Which Girls Clothes Are Trending Right Now? 

Girl’s fashion is always changing and evolving, and keeping up with the new trends is a great way for your girls to find and create new looks and styles that really stand out.

Here are some of our favorite trending looks and patterns in girls’ clothing for the new year.


Trends often take inspiration from the styles that have come before, and velvet is no exception. Velvet has been one of the most popular fabrics for chic and elegant outfits for a long time.

There are many ways to add a modern touch to your next velvet outfit. You can find lots of gorgeous velvet pieces from dresses to shirts to accessories, and it’s available in a wide range of bright, neutral, and pastel colors.

If your little girl loves vintage vibes, velvet pairs well with retro accessories from the iconic fashion of the ‘90s, like choker necklaces, butterfly hair clips, platform sandals, and more. These looks are guaranteed to stand out every time.


When it comes to timeless patterns and accessories, butterflies are a sure hit. They can be fun and cute or more true to the real thing. Like butterflies from the natural world, butterfly fashions and styles can be found in a very wide range of designs, pieces, and patterns.

Check out dresses and shirts with butterfly patterns from collar to hem, or pick up outfits with a bold, central butterfly design. Rhinestone accessories and touches of glitter can add a little something top-notch to your butterfly look.

 And, of course, butterflies are also great accessories, as well. You can find them in hair clips and accessories, jewelry, purses, and a whole lot more.


When it comes to timeless retro vibes, tie-dye is a classic for a reason. Tie-dye has been a favorite style of fashion-lovers for a long time, and it’s not hard to see why. It’s available in lots of great color combinations and styles.

It can be worn as shirts, sweatshirts, tank tops, dresses, and more. Tie-dye pairs well with bright colors and neutral colors alike. If you love beach vibes or you want to add a little something special to your next look, check out tie-dye outfits.

Feeling creative? Grab a few white t-shirts and give them a tie-dye makeover.

Animal Print

Animal print styles are another fashion staple, and you and your girls have lots of great options to pick from in many different colors and prints. Animal prints can stand out on their own as individual pieces or can help to elevate existing outfits as accessories.

Pick from classic patterns like zebra print, leopard print, or tiger stripes, or mix and match patterns to create a look that is totally unique: It’s time to walk on the wild side!

Her Favorite Fashion Essentials

Fashion is always changing. The exciting new collections, trends, and styles coming out for the new year make it easy for tween girls to create looks they love and to express their personalities and creativity with outfits, accessories, colors, and more.

And they have lots of great options to pick from. When it comes to creating the ultimate tween girl’s wardrobe, you’ll want to include staples like skater skirts and dresses, jumpsuits, leggings, crew sweatshirts, and a whole lot more.

And all these great pieces are available in a wide variety of patterns and styles, from classic animal print designs to tie-dye to velvet—and even butterflies.

At PixieLane, our mission is to make sure that you and your girls (and your whole family!), find the perfect looks for the new year. We’re sharing our growing collection of pieces and styles with your growing family, so they can create one-of-a-kind and stylish outfits for every occasion and event.

We’re also here to share the information and techniques that fashion-forward kids are sure to enjoy (and the very best deals that moms are sure to love). Explore our growing library to find the best new girls’ clothing trends today.



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