Toddler Jumpsuits: How to Dress Your Baby

Bridget Reed
Thu Oct 28, 2021

Toddler wearing a jumpsuit and standing in a driveway.

Picking cute clothes for your toddler is one of the most fun jobs a parent has. Jumpsuits are an adorable fashion statement that combines style, comfort, and efficiency to make getting ready a breeze.

Finding great jumpsuits for your toddler is easy—it’s deciding which ones to take home that’s hard! We’re here to help you dress your little ones in the cutest styles without breaking the bank.

Why Jumpsuits?

There are so many reasons why jumpsuits are an easy addition to your toddler’s closet. Beyond their obvious style and flare, jumpsuits are a great choice for toddlers due to their practicality, comfort, and ease.

They’re a One-Stop-Shop

A jumpsuit is a one-stop-shop outfit. With just one item of clothing, you have a head-to-toe look that can make your toddler seem effortlessly stylish. With so many patterns, color variations, and styles to choose from, you can have tons of show-stopping outfits without struggling to find pieces that match well. For warmer weather, try a cute romper instead. 

They’re Easy to Put On and Take Off

When dressing your toddler, you want clothing that is simple to put on and take off. Toddlers are a rambunctious crew. They tend to squirm and have a low tolerance for items that make them fussy. 

Other tips and tricks for dressing a fussy toddler include:

  • Dressing your toddler in loose-fitting clothing, as tight clothes can prevent good circulation and be uncomfortable
  • Choosing loose-fitting sleeves that your toddler can easily push their arm through
  • Picking stretchy fabrics to support your toddler’s range of motion

Because jumpsuits slide on and off so easily, they make diaper changes and potty time a breeze, and they’re a wonderful introduction to changing clothes once your toddler wants to take things into their own hands.

They’re Easy To Pack

Packing for your toddler can feel stressful. There are so many odds and ends to remember that clothing can almost become an afterthought. Jumpsuits cut the amount of clothing you need to pack in half, giving you one less thing to track down while you’re on the go. They’re so simple to throw in a bag and even simpler when dressing your baby.

Some travel items to remember to pack alongside your toddler’s jumpsuit include:

  • Diapers, diaper pads, and diaper cream
  • Baby wipes
  • Extra clothing—aka, more jumpsuits—in case of stains, tears, or spills
  • Two pairs of shoes

The stress of packing for a toddler is a lot to consider. Why make it more stressful by having outfits with multiple parts? Take a load off of your already jam-packed diaper bag by keeping the toddler outfits simple—you’ll be glad you did.

They’re Comfortable

Comfort is king when it comes to dressing a toddler. You want your child to be happy, so you need to provide the most comfortable clothing options available. The fabrics you choose will make all the difference. Dressing your baby in soft, durable, and flexible fabric is crucial. Look for blends that are breathable and soft, like polyester, rayon, and cotton, and spandex combinations.

The clothing’s design also makes a difference. Avoid overly complicated clothes with tons of ribbons or little pieces that could be a hazard for your child, and don’t buy anything too tight that could affect your little one’s circulation or range of motion. A jumpsuit is the perfect choice for toddler clothes because it keeps things simple and helps your toddler stay in complete comfort.

What Are the Cutest Toddler Jumpsuits?

Cuteness is in the eye of the beholder. That’s why PixieLane offers so many fun jumpsuit patterns, colors, and designs, so there’s a jumpsuit out there for everyone. Dress your baby in a jumpsuit that reflects their unique personality with styles like tie-dye, hearts, animal prints, or ruffle sleeves. 


Tie-dye is a classic pattern that looks great on sweatpants, t-shirts, and dresses—and toddler jumpsuits are no different! Tie-dye comes in so many patterns and colors; it won’t be difficult to find a unique variety that can suit your baby’s individuality.

Even better, you can twin with your mini-me by wearing your favorite tie-dye sweatsuit for a lazy Sunday morning running errands or a mommy-and-me brunch. 


You can never go wrong with an outfit covered in hearts. Hearts are a classically adorable print and a perfect way to say “I love you” to your little boy or girl. Your toddler will look absolutely precious in a heart-print jumpsuit, and you’ll have an outfit ready to go for Valentine’s Day festivities. It’s a sweet, multi-use look that you can enjoy all year round.

Animal Print

What’s more fun than an animal print? From cheetah print to zebra print to animal print rainbows, there are so many different patterns and colors to choose from when you look for an animal print design.

Pick a design that matches your child’s favorite animal, or use your animal print jumpsuits as an opportunity to teach your toddler about the magic of the animal kingdom, all while they’re dressed to impress.

Ruffle Sleeves

Prints aren’t the only way to personalize your toddler’s jumpsuit. Why not get a little creative and find a jumpsuit with unique features, like ruffle sleeves? Ruffle sleeves add a positively adorable touch of cuteness and fun to your toddler’s outfit, making it memorable and special. 

Jump on Board the Jumpsuit Trend

Combining fashion and function, jumpsuits are a classic look that can be tailored to your little one’s unique personality. Jumpsuits make a head-to-toe fashion statement no matter how old you are, so you can match with your little one in style. Dress your baby in comfort and practicality with a PixieLane jumpsuit, and experience the difference for yourself.



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