Toddler Holiday Outfits That Look Adorable

Bridget Reed
Thu Oct 28, 2021

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Toddler outfits are so much fun to pick out, especially during the holiday season. Is there anything cuter than seeing your little princess or energetic baby boy dressed to the nines in adorable, festive gear? 

Make sure to buy your holiday outfits before the stress and the busyness of the season kick into high gear, so you can find the right holiday looks for your precious little ones.

How Do I Choose the Cutest Holiday Outfits?

Choosing the cutest holiday outfits for your toddler can feel like quite the task, but it doesn’t have to be difficult! There are several traits to consider when selecting the right look for your babe. 

When selecting toddler outfits, there are some general tips to follow that will be a big help when the holiday season rolls around:

  • Give your toddler freedom in their clothes. Make sure they can move easily to help them feel the most comfortable
  • Keep your toddler’s feet free
  • Look for the cutest bottoms that promote crawling
  • Select materials and fabrics that are breathable

You’re already a pro at picking out toddler clothes—just keep these general tips and tricks in mind when shopping for special occasion outfits.

Look for Comfort

Comfy clothes should be a year-round priority for your little one, and the holiday season is no exception. You never want your toddler to feel fussy or uncomfortable, especially during the holiday season’s many events, meals, outings, and more. 

Coordinate with the Family

There are so many fun holiday activities that promote family bonding. Try selecting the perfect holiday outfit for your toddler by having it coordinate with the rest of the family. Whether it’s matching identically or just meeting a general theme and color scheme, make your holidays memorable with coordinating outfits.

Fun family bonding activities perfect for holiday matching include:

  • Decorating a tree together
  • A family sledding day
  • Baking holiday cookies
  • Going caroling

The best part about coordinating outfits with the family is the memorable photo opportunities in store. Make memories that will last a lifetime, and bond with your family this holiday season over the cutest holiday wardrobe choices.

Find Something They Can Re-Wear Throughout the Year

In toddlerhood, it can be hard to find outfits that serve multiple purposes. No one likes feeling as though a cute outfit goes to waste by only wearing it once. 

Select classic holiday looks by dressing your toddler in fashion that goes beyond this festive season. You can accomplish this by choosing solid colors, classic patterns, and styles that can look great year-round. 

Grab Multi-Use Items

An on-the-go baby needs clothing that can be used multiple times during the holiday season. Whether it’s a daytime playdate or a nighttime holiday dinner, select clothing that has multiple purposes will make it easy to stock up on outfits for anything the season brings.

Some popular things to do with your baby’s multi-use holiday outfits include:

  • Playing in a holiday-themed sensory bin
  • Holiday arts and crafts
  • Fun, holiday-themed science experiments that are safe for toddlers

Your rambunctious toddler is going to get into some fun messes, so pick out durable, multi-use holiday clothes that can handle it.

What Holiday Pieces Should I Buy?

The perfect toddler holiday wardrobe will consist of multiple items. Some of the most iconic looks are fancy toddler dresses, adorable holiday sweaters, and the sweetest holiday skirts for your little girl.


Holiday dresses are a classic choice when dressing up your toddler for a holiday dinner. Look for long-sleeve dresses that will look great with holiday sweaters and jackets, so your little girl can stay warm during your celebrations. 

Finding festive colors, patterns, and styles that your toddler loves can be a wonderful bonding experience, helping her discover the joy of buying beautiful clothes that are built to last.


While your little princess looks for the holiday dress of her dreams, your little man will be entering the adorable world of men’s formal wear. 

Whether you choose tiny baby suit pants, a nice pair of jeans, or a simple pair of khaki pants to wear with his favorite holiday sweater, there are plenty of pant options for your little boy to try.


Jackets can either be an outfit’s centerpiece or the final touch in making an outfit truly shine. Because layering is so important for keeping your little ones comfortable, finding a festive jacket that matches your toddlers’ outfits can be a make-or-break moment for their festive holiday outfits. 

Consider choosing a size larger than you normally would to easily layer this new jacket over your little ones’ holiday sweaters.


Sweaters are a must-have for the holiday season. While most holiday pieces like khakis and jackets should be bought with re-wearability in mind, go all out when choosing holiday sweaters. The merrier and more festive, the better. Holiday sweaters set the tone for the season, and they’re perfect for any holiday event. 


Dresses are a holiday classic, but skirts might be more true to your toddler’s personal style. Try pairing a flouncy skirt with an adorable holiday top or sweater, and layer leggings underneath to make sure your little lady stays warm. 


Accessories are the finishing touch that can take your toddlers’ holiday outfits to the next level. Give your little ones all the glitz and glam with the sweetest headbands, belts, shoes, and more. 

Celebrate the Holidays Adorably

The holiday season is one of the best times of the year. Dress your toddler up in the cutest new holiday outfits to make the season truly memorable. PixieLane has comfort and fashion to make your holiday dreams come true.



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