Robes Might Just Be the Most Comfortable Outfit

Bridget Reed
Sat Nov 13, 2021

Robes Might Just Be the Most Comfortable Outfit

If you’re on the search for a versatile, comfortable, and adorable outfit, the classic bathrobe is a classic for a reason. Not only are they just about the coziest piece available, but they’re great for busy parents on the go, who need to keep up with lots of events and activities throughout the day.

PixieLane is here to help you find the perfect robe, dressing gown, or cover-up to fit your lifestyle. We carry all the best pieces for moms, parents on the go, family photo shoots, and a whole lot more, and it’s easy to pick out that next great piece today.

Why Are Robes So Comfy? 

It’s no secret that robes are comfy. After all, they’re a Sunday or cozy morning classic for a reason. But what exactly makes robes such a comfy pick every time?

To start, they’re available in lots of warm and comfortable materials, like flannel, terry, and Turkish cotton. You can also find them in patterns and styles that keep in the warmth, like a waffle robe or a woman’s fleece robe.

Robes are also easy to layer, which makes them a good option for warmer climates, as well. You can find a long or short robe and layer it over shorts, leggings, long sleeve shirts, or tank tops. They’re soft, warm, and perfect for those lazy days with a great book.  

How Do I Pick the Right Robe?

Bathrobes have lots of great benefits, but how do you know which bathrobe is right for you? 

Here are just a few things you’ll want to keep in mind when it comes to picking out the perfect robe for your lifestyle and fashion needs.


Bathrobes come in a lot of materials, and the material and style are going to determine how warm the robe is. If you’re looking for a holiday robe for cold days, then you’re probably going to want to find a long robe in a thicker or warmer material.

Robes for the summer months are lighter and shorter and may also be referred to as dressing gowns or cover-ups. Because you have so many great options to pick from, it’s important to consider the temperature when it comes to picking out your next robe.


You also want to consider what you’ll be using your robe for. Is the robe for personal use only? In this case, you can pick out a piece for comfort and less for utilitarian use.

You may also want to use your robe for family activities, vacations with friends, or even errands around town. In that case, you need to know that you can rely on your robe to serve its purpose. That means it will stay closed properly, that it’s long enough to be decent, and that it can be paired easily with loungewear or other fashion staples.


The right robe shouldn’t be a lot of work to care for. Different robe materials will have different needs, so it’s always important to consider the material of your robe before you purchase. Busy parents shouldn’t have to worry about dry-cleaning or other special cleaning methods, especially when it comes to comfort clothing.

You always want to look for a robe that is easy to clean, but that’s not all. You also want to make sure it’s easy to tie your robe. Some may have complex ties and loops, which can be challenging to keep straight when you’re on the go or starting your busy morning. A simple loop and tie is one of the best ways to go.


And, of course, you want to consider the style of your robe, as well. The right robe will be a favorite in your wardrobe, and your top pieces should be as cute as they are comfortable.

Pick out the perfect robe in bold colors, cute patterns, or with different hem styles. You have many great robe design styles to pick from, which means you’re sure to find the perfect one for your wardrobe and personal fashions.

Where Can I Find the Cutest Robes? 

When you’re ready to find the next great robe, here are a few of the top places you’ll want to check out first.

  • Boutiques: Your favorite walk-in and online boutiques carry the classy and comfortable pieces that can make you feel really special, including robes. Take a look at robe options from online boutiques, or check out the cute and unique options available near you. This is a great way to make shopping simple while also supporting your local community.
  • Artisans: Artists also create truly unique and stylish robes that really stand out. You can find robes that can be worn around town or with friends, and they’re really designed to last. Pick out beautiful artisan robes for the whole family.
  • Hotels (Well, Close): Hotels are known for their comfortable robes that give that special air of luxury. However, these are some hotel items you are not supposed to take with you when you checkout.

You can purchase hotel-quality robes from hotel distributors, but they’re also available from companies and designers that want to capture that perfect feel. You can also snap a pic of your favorite hotel bathrobe and look for similar options in shops near you. 

A Robe By Any Other Name

Robes are pretty much the perfect piece for any wardrobe. They’re comfortable, versatile, and great for those cozy days in with the whole family. Plus, you can bring them on vacation, throw them on during busy mornings, or wear them to keep warm when you’re running errands.

PixieLane is here to help you find that perfect-fit robe for your wardrobe and a whole lot more. We carry a wide collection of pieces that the whole family is sure to love, as well as the fashion guides that you can turn to for outfit ideas and inspiration. Start planning your next at-home spa day with a comfy and cozy robe.



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