How To Start a Trend That Everyone Will Follow

Bridget Reed
Fri Nov 12, 2021

How To Start a Trend That Everyone Will Follow

Fashion is a wonderful form of self-expression. It’s a way to showcase your personal style and creativity and can help you to connect with a community of like-minded artists and creators.

Not only can you follow and enjoy wonderful trends, mixing and matching great pieces for a totally unique look, but you can even create your own. In fact, starting new trends that everyone will follow is easier than it might seem.

PixieLane is here to help. We believe in functional, versatile, and exciting styles for the whole family. And not only do we carry a collection of pieces that you’re sure to love, but we also have the resources and guides that will help you begin creating that next great trend.

How Do Trends Start? 

Fashion trends can be started in a handful of different ways. Sometimes, they come top-down from designers and houses. The runway style eventually gets recreated at more affordable and accessible price points and becomes a ubiquitous look.

High fashion or couture fashion can also come down from the major fashion cities, like Milan, Paris, New York, and more. Influential celebrities can also add their style to the world, which is often emulated by followers and fans.

But great trends don’t always start at the top. Some of your favorite trends can also be created from classic street styles, which means individuals can create looks that spread. Fashion bloggers and influencers can also design trends that really stick.

How Can I Start a Trend? 

Trends can come from a lot of different places, but how do you create a trend that friends and followers are sure to love?

Here are a few ways to begin designing a really unique fashion trend:

Follow Your Style

You want to trust your instinct when it comes to creating a trend. You already have a style that you love, and fashion is all about self-expression. Stay true to your creativity while continuing to try new incoming trends. The authenticity and instinct will help you to create a truly unique trend that draws lots of fans.

Don’t Be Afraid To Take Risks

Fashion is known for risk. You can’t design something that’s never been seen before if you stick to the styles that are comfortable. While you want to stay true to your personal looks and passions, you always want to step outside of your comfort zone, as well. This will help you to make fashion waves and create trends that stand out from the rest.

Find Statement Pieces

A great trend can be built around one or a few pieces. The right statement piece can help to elevate your trend and take a plain or simple look to the next level.

One of the reasons a simple statement piece can help you to design an entire trend is that it makes the look accessible. The easier it is to recreate your trend or style, the more the look will spread.

Choose High-Quality Items

Your trend should make you and your followers feel confident, secure, and ready to tackle the day. That’s why you always want to use high-quality pieces and items when sharing your favorite new trend looks.

High-quality pieces will make your overall design appear more polished, so more people will want to try to recreate it for themselves. High-quality pieces also last a lot longer, which means you’ll be able to use the pieces for longer and in many different ways.

Where Can I Find Trend-Setting Clothes? 

Of course, the right pieces make all the difference when it comes to setting a trend, but where can you find those styles?

Here are a few of our top spots to check out when on the hunt for trend-setting clothing:

  • Thrift Shops: Thrift shops are a gold mine for fashion inspiration and ideas. You never know what you’re going to get, which means there’s plenty of opportunity for statement pieces. Explore your local thrift shop to begin the trend-setting process.
  • Vintage Stores: A lot of great fashion trends and themes come back into style, so it’s always a good idea to check out what your local vintage shop has to offer. How can you revive vintage styles with a whole new twist? Start experimenting with vintage store pieces and ideas to create a trend that really sticks.
  • Online Boutiques: Online boutiques are often much smaller and more selective than some of the bigger shops. That means you’re more likely to find really unique, small-batch pieces that no one else has yet. The perfect statement piece is waiting for you.
  • Your Own Closet: Challenge yourself to create a trend from the pieces you already own. How can you wear or style them in a completely different way? This can help to provide you with fashion inspiration and is a great way to start setting trends without spending a lot of money.

Trend Setting at a Glance

When you set a trend, you get to share your favorite looks and styles with the world. It’s a way to express your creativity and style, and there are many ways to get started. When you want to begin creating trends for friends or followers, always follow your own style, instincts, and interests. Don’t be afraid to take risks, but use high-quality material and products to attract new trend followers.

You can find great pieces for your next trend at the thrift shop, vintage store, your favorite online boutique, or even right in your own closet. 

When you’re ready to find exciting new pieces or more fashion guidance and ideas, think about making PixieLane your first stop. We carry a wide collection of clothing you won’t want to miss and styling guides to help you every step of the trend-setting way.



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