Beanies: Why They're Not Just Great For Fall

Bridget Reed
Sun Nov 14, 2021

Beanies: Why They're Not Just Great For Fall

When it comes to staying cozy in the chilliest months, there’s no accessory better than a beanie. They’re cute, comfortable, and available in a wide variety of colors and styles. You’re sure to find a beanie that fits your personal wardrobe and matches many great occasions.

And beanies aren’t just perfect for fall. Here at PixieLane, we’re dedicated to matching families with the pieces and fashions they’re sure to love. That means accessories too. When it comes to adding a little something special to your wardrobe, we have the perfect beanies for the job.

Why Should I Wear Beanies Year-Round? 

While beanies are typically worn in fall and winter, the truth is that they have benefits and uses all year long. Here are a few of the reasons you’ll want to consider adding a beanie to your outfits every season.

Create Comfort

You deserve outfits that will keep you comfortable and cozy, and that’s not limited to the chilly seasons. A beanie is a great accessory for achieving that perfect comfortable style while still looking cute and warm.

They’re typically made of soft materials and designed to keep you comfortable. Even on the hot summer days, you’ll stay cozy in air-conditioned offices or schools thanks to a cute and comfortable beanie.

Add a Pop of Color

When you want to express your personal style, beanies are the way to go. They’re available in a wide range of colors and styles. That means you can add an accent color to your outfit with ease.

Check out neutrals, pastels, jewel tones, and a whole lot more. No matter how you want to showcase your favorite colors, a beanie can help you to make the next great outfit come together.  

Make a Statement

Beanies have had a lot of cool uses throughout history. They’re a great piece for cozy fall and winter days, but they’ve also been used in lots of subcultures and underground styles. That means you can really make a unique and bold statement with your beanie while still looking put together and stylish.

Beanies are also available with patterns and in color combinations if you want to add a little something special to your look. They’re also a great option for showcasing your favorite pins and iron-on patches. Share your favorite bands, shows, quotes, and more with cute and clever add-ons on the rim of your beanie.

Pair Beanies With a Light Shawl

Beanies are a great option for any time of the year because they pair well with other pieces and accessories. If you’re looking to stay warm on cooler days, keep your skin protected from the sun, or prevent a chill in an air-conditioned office, you can pair your favorite beanie with a cute shawl.

Mix and match the shawl colors you love with your favorite beanie style and upgrade to a warmer shawl as the weather cools. A shawl makes a great accessory for lots of different styles and outfits and pairs perfectly with your favorite beanie.  

What Are the Cutest Beanie Styles?

With so many beanies and accessories options to pick from, it can be difficult to know where to start.

Here are a few of our favorite cute beanie styles:

Slouchy Beanies

Slouchy beanies sit lower on your head and fall a little looser than other types of beanies. They add a laid-back and relaxed air to your look while still serving as a unique statement piece for any outfit.

Cuffless Beanies

Traditionally, beanies fold up at the bottom. Sometimes the cuff is sewn into place to help the beanie keep its shape. If you’re looking to take a different approach to the classic beanie style, then the cuffless look might be the way to go.

Like the slouchy beanie, it tends to look a little more relaxed, but it’s a versatile and chic style that can help to bring your whole outfit together.

Fisherman Beanie

The fisherman beanie gets its name from the dockworkers who need to keep warm on chilly days. It sits higher on the head than other types of beanies and is fitted to keep in the warmth.

If you like leaving your ears exposed or you want to keep your head warm on cold days, the fisherman’s beanie is the perfect fit for you.

Athletic Beanie

If you love exercising outdoors, an athletic beanie can be a great addition to your wardrobe. Not only will it help to keep you warm on the colder days, but it also wicks sweat to prevent a chill from setting in. On hot days, an athletic beanie can help to protect your scalp from excess sun exposure and burning.

Pom Beanie

The pom beanie is a winter favorite. It’s typically woven from a thicker fabric, like wool to help keep your head and ears warm on chilly days. The defining feature of the pom beanie is the cute, large pom-pom that sits right on the top. Mix and match fabrics and pom colors to get a beanie look you really love.

Beanie Benefits

When it comes to versatile and stylish hats, the beanie delivers. While it’s known for its winter uses and ability to keep the head warm, it has many more uses and options. There are an almost infinite amount of ways to wear a beanie.

That’s why it’s a great choice all year round. After all, a beanie can add comfort to your outfit, provide a splash of color, or allow you to make a bold and exciting fashion statement.

And PixieLane has the beanies and fashion guides to help you get started. We carry pieces that can be worn with many different styles and outfits, and the beanie is no exception. Explore our growing collection of clothes and accessories and find the perfect beanie fit for your personal style today.



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