Best Gloves For Winter: Fashion & Practicality

Bridget Reed
Mon Jan 03, 2022

Best Gloves For Winter: Fashion & Practicality

Dressing for the chilly weather doesn’t have to mean giving up style for comfort. The truth is, you have lots of great winter glove options to pick from. It’s easy to find a pair you love that will keep your fingers warm all winter long. And, of course, you can match your favorite outerwear looks to the pieces you already have right in your closet. 

When you’re ready to find that perfect pair of winter gloves, trust PixieLane. Our clothing is the perfect combination of fashionable and functional. We deliver loveable pieces for the whole family all year long.

These are just some of your top options to pick from when it comes to new winter gloves:

What to Consider When Picking Winter Gloves 

Before you pick out your next pair of winter gloves, there are a few things you’ll want to consider. Answering these simple questions will help you find a pair of gloves you can rely on all winter long as your holiday season essentials.

How Cold is it?

It may seem obvious, but you always want to consider winter weather when picking out the perfect pair of winter gloves. If it’s below freezing and snowing where you live, it’s important to find high-grade gloves designed for the cold.

If you’re more likely to experience a slight chill, you can pick out gloves that breathe easily so that you don’t get too hot. You want to ensure that the gloves you wear really match the winter weather. 

How Long Will You Be Outside? 

Are you looking for a pair of gloves that will serve you on the walk from the car to the office? Or do you love going on long winter walks with the family? It’s critical to consider how cold the environment will be, but you also want to think about how long you’ll be exposed to the cold. 

What Will You Use Your Hands For?

Are you planning on playing sports, building snowmen, or decorating the house for the holidays? You’ll want a pair of gloves that allows for mobility and flexibility.

If you’re more interested in going for morning runs in the brisk air, you want to have a pair of breathable gloves. That will ensure you don’t get too warm. Always consider your preferred winter activities when purchasing new gloves.

What Do You Wear in the Winter?

Gloves keep your hands and fingers warm in the cold, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be cute. Consider matching your next pair of gloves to the outerwear you wear most. This can mean matching colors with your favorite coat or picking out similar materials.

A stylish outfit can help you feel confident and comfortable on even the coldest days. Gloves are the perfect accessory. 

Best Gloves for Winter

Once you’ve answered a few basic questions, you can begin picking out your next pair of gloves.

Here are some of your top options to choose from:

Waterproof Gloves 

Waterproof gloves are essential if you love spending time in the snow. They’ll help to keep your hands protected from melt and keep them warm while you’re making snow angels or building snowmen. It’s a bright idea to have a pair of waterproof gloves in the house in the event that you need to shovel or clear your vehicle. 

Fingerless Gloves 

Fingerless gloves serve many important functions. You can find true fingerless gloves or fingerless gloves with a mitten top. The added top can help to keep your hands warm when you’re not using your fingers for essential tasks.

We love a pair of fingerless gloves because it allows you to use your phone while still keeping your fingers warm and toasty. You can also take the mitten top off when you get too warm, without removing the gloves completely. 

Knitted Gloves 

Does it get any cozier than a pair of warm, knitted gloves? Knitted gloves can be very soft and are great for protecting your fingers against the cold. You may even want to wear them indoors; they’re so cozy! You can make your own knitted gloves at home or find pairs in all your favorite colors. 

Matching Hat and Glove Sets

When you want to look cute and stay warm in the winter, a matching hat and glove set is the way to go. The perfect matching set is available in the same materials, colors, or patterns, so you always know which pair is yours.

You can find a wide range of styles and colors of hats and gloves. Don’t forget to match your new set to your favorite winter coat. 

Leather Gloves

Leather gloves are a chic and classy way to protect your fingers from the cold. While they’re not warmer than other materials, they’re excellent at insulating. This means they’ll maintain your body heat and keep your fingers from getting chilly.

Typically, leather gloves are quite slim, so you can perform fine motor tasks with ease, all while staying warm. 

Cuffed Gloves

Another adorable winter look is the cuffed glove. The glove itself can be made out of many different types of materials. The cuffed glove is recognizable by the large, fluffy cuff that goes around the wrist of the glove.

It’s typically made of a felt or faux fur line. It can help to protect the skin at the wrist, which is often exposed when the coat sleeve rides up. Cuffed gloves are stylish and adorable but still do the job with ease. 


Of course, you can’t forget mittens. Mittens are a staple of any winter look, and it’s not hard to see why. You likely won’t have the same mobility and ease of movement with a pair of mittens as with other glove styles.

That said, mittens are perfect for keeping your hands warm all season long. Find them in all your favorite materials, colors, and patterns, and add a little something special to your next winter look. 

Pick Your Winter Gloves Today 

Gloves are essential for protecting our hands from the cold. They can help to keep us dry and warm when we perform winter tasks, from shoveling to skiing. You’ll also be able to protect your hands from getting dry and cracked when you wear gloves in the winter. The good news is that you have lots of glove options to pick from.

You can find fashionable and practical gloves with ease. Check out styles like fingerless gloves, leather gloves, mittens, and more. 

The winter looks you love, and a whole lot more are available here at PixieLane. We have the pieces that will help you embrace seasonal styles, even on the coldest days. We’re also sharing tips and tricks for picking out the very best looks, whether you’re staying in or headed out into the cold.

And, of course, you’ll find gloves you love right here at PixieLane. Pick up a few fun pairs so that you’re prepared and protected all winter long. 



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