Gloves: How To Protect Your Hand In Style

Bridget Reed
Wed Nov 10, 2021

Gloves: How To Protect Your Hand In Style

Gloves are a classic accessory for a reason. Not only can they help to keep your fingers and hands warm and toasty on chilly days, but they’re also versatile and stylish. The right gloves showcase your personal aesthetics and favorite fashions while making the most of your gloves’ use.

 And PixieLane is here to help you find that perfect pair every time. We carry a wide collection of clothing and accessories for the whole family and more. We also have the resources and guides that will help fashion lovers style their favorite looks every time.

Here’s what you’ll want to know about adding gloves to your next outfit:

Why Do We Wear Gloves?

Gloves are a multi-purpose accessory that can take your outfit to the next level.

Here are a few of the essential reasons you’ll always want to have a pair of gloves at your fingertips—literally!


The most basic function of gloves is to keep your hands warm. Whether you’re adventuring around a new city or building a snowman with the kids, the right pair of gloves makes it easy to stay out longer.

Avoid the chill and enjoy cool days out in the fresh air with a pair of comfortable and versatile gloves to keep your hands and fingers warm.


We've all seen medical gloves at doctor's offices, those disposable latex gloves (or latex-free ones) to keep out germs, viruses, and bacteria. But we're not here to talk about sterile gloves and personal protective equipment. We're here to talk about comfort and staying warm (but also fashion). 

Gloves are more than essentials for medical professionals, and gloves can do more than keep out the cold. Chilly weather, especially when it’s windy, can cause your hands to dry out and become cracked and blistered over the cold months.

A durable, high-quality pair of gloves will help to keep your skin protected from the elements, so you can focus on having a great time with friends and family.


Gloves aren’t just utilitarian. They also provide that little extra something to all your most beautiful cold-weather outfits, so you can look chic and sophisticated on even the coldest days.

You can find gloves in your favorite colors and materials to match your jackets and coats, and glove sets also come with matching hats and scarves. If you want to add a pop of color to your outside winter wardrobe, a cute and unique pair of gloves can be a great way to go.

What Are the Cutest Glove Styles? 

And with so many great colors and styles to pick from, it can be difficult to know where to start.

Keep reading for just a few of our favorite glove colors and styles that you can begin trying out today.

Fingerless Gloves

 If you've ever tried interacting with touchscreens while your index finger is sheathed in wool, you know the frustration of the phone not reading your movements. For those who like having full use of their fingers for delicate tasks, like using their phone or typing, or whose fingers often get too hot in gloves, consider a fingerless pair.

There are lots of cute and unique options when it comes to fingerless gloves. You can find ones that have merely had the tips removed to allow ample circulation and cooling while still protecting your skin against the elements.

Another good option for fingerless gloves are those with a mitten top. When you need dexterity or cooling, simply unbutton the mitten top and allow your fingers to break free. When your fingers get chilly again, or you need to protect them from the environment outside, pop the mitten top back on.

Colorful Gloves

Gloves come in so many colorful styles and designs; there’s a color to fit whatever your favorite outfit or winter coat might be.

If you can, consider adding a few different color pairs of gloves to your wardrobe. While gray and black are some of the typical chic glove colors, you can find gloves in a spectrum of trendy colors like navy, wine, lavender, and more.

Picking out that perfect color can help you to express your personal style and originality while still keeping your fingers and hands warm. When you purchase high-quality gloves, they can last for a long time to come. Consider adding colors over time, so you always have a pair in the perfect color or shade to match your next outfit. 

Cashmere Gloves

Another unique feature or choice for your next pair of gloves is the material. Before deciding what glove material is best, consider where you’ll be wearing your gloves next and what you’ll be using them for most often. A snowball fight glove will be different compared to the gloves you wear to tour fancy cities in the colder months.

And when it comes to fancy gloves, cashmere gloves are simply the best choice. They’re not only very warm, but they’re one of the softest fabrics available. That means you’ll always have a comfortable fit while looking chic and stylish every time you wear your cashmere gloves.

Cashmere gloves are typically high-quality and designed to last. Additionally, this fabric offers more flexibility to the wearer than the tighter fit associated with leather gloves or vinyl gloves. 

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There are many ways to take your outfit to the next level, but it can be more challenging to dress up your outerwear. One great way to add a little something special to your chilly outdoor look is with gloves.

Gloves are more than just practical garments. While they can help keep your hands warm and protected from the environment, they also serve as a unique fashion piece.

You can find gloves in many different styles, materials, and designs, like fingerless gloves, cashmere gloves, colorful gloves, and more. And when it comes to picking out the perfect pair, PixieLane is here to help you get started.

We’re the team you can rely on for a whole lot more than a family-friendly clothing collection. We also have a growing library of guides and resources that will help you to get the perfect look every time. Begin matching your favorite pair of gloves for the chilly season with PixieLane.



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