Arts and Crafts Ideas: Sewing, Tie Dye, Puzzles, & More!

Bridget Reed
Sun Jan 02, 2022

Arts and Crafts Ideas: Sewing, Tie Dye, Puzzles, & More!

Creative moms and kids are sure to love craft time. Crafts are a perfect way for kids to engage with their creativity and try something new. And there are fun craft projects for any age and any style. Making crafts or artwork with mom and dad will help your little ones make memories for a long time to come. 

PixieLane can get you started. We have the pieces perfect for cozy nights in building puzzles or adventure-ready nature craft scavenger hunts. No matter what your growing family’s needs might be, our team has you covered.

Need some inspiration? We have the fun arts and crafts project ideas plus all the resources for the best family time ever. 

Why DIY? 

Crafts can get messy from time to time, but they’re worth it (except for glitter, which will never truly disappear). The truth is, there are many benefits to crafting with kids of all ages.

Here are just a few. 

It Inspires Creative Thinking

Creative thinking is an essential tool for school, work, and play. The more you engage your family in easy crafts and art projects, the more you’ll encourage creative thinking. 

That means they’ll find unique solutions to challenging problems, new forms of self-expression and exploration, and better methods of communication. Creative thinking is a skill they can depend on for a long time to come. 

It Can be an Educational Tool 

Crafting is educational and informative at any age. It can be helpful for toddlers and small children who are learning patterns and shapes. Not to mention, when kids hold markers, mold clay, or cut with scissors (with supervision), they are building their fine motor skills.

Older kids are a fan of crafting to learn about history, animals, and different environments. They also learn how to follow a step-by-step tutorial and follow instructions. Yay for interactive learning!

It’s Fun for the Whole Family

We love quality time with the kids. But sometimes, it can be difficult to get everyone to settle and hang out. Crafting is the perfect way to bring the whole family together.

You can chat about your days, tell stories and jokes, and stay engaged and present. The kids will love spending time together when they get to do cool new projects. 

Arts and Crafts for the Whole Family

There are many benefits to family craft time, but where do you begin? You have lots of fun family craft options to pick from, so it’s a good idea to consider age, interests, and personality. 

Here are a few of the fun craft ideas you’ll want to share with your little ones:

Sewing & Knitting 

Paper crafts are the first that come to our mind, but let's start large:

Sewing isn’t just a great way to customize your denim jacket. It’s an important skill that can save your kids time and money in the long term. Show them all of the cool things you can make when you know how to sew and try out new patterns or templates together.

Start with simple projects, like blankets, and move up as they express interest. You’ll also want to integrate some skills, like sewing on buttons and attaching zippers. 

Knitting is another great textile art. Your little one can knit scarves, gloves, baby clothes, and a whole lot more. They can use all their favorite yarn color and texture and even add pom poms. No matter what, the kids will love seeing their projects come to life.      

Clothing Crafts

PixieLane is the team you can turn to for a great family outfit. We also have the clothes you’re sure to love for the next craft project. Tie-dye is one of our top picks. After all, what’s cuter than a tie-dye piece? You can make rainbow tie-dye shirts, tank tops, sweatpants, and hoodies.

Try out patterns in all your favorite colors and mix and match patterns to create something really unique. 

That’s not the only textile craft your kids will want to try out. Show them splatter outfits, embroidery, fabric painting, and more. 

Making Puzzles 

Puzzles are perfect for the family. And what’s better than making your own puzzle? The cool thing about making puzzles is that you can adjust the difficulty to fit your kids’ needs. Start with paper plate puzzles, then level up to cardboard/card stock and even wood.

You can grab printable templates for your kids or encourage them to paint their own puzzles. Once the puzzle is created, the whole family can work to put it back together.   

Create Jewelry

What little kid doesn’t love making jewelry? It’s not hard to see why this is a classic family craft. You can use any material you want to make age-appropriate jewelry, from bracelets to necklaces to earrings. Pick up beads, ribbons, baubles, and more.

Jewelry also makes for a great gift for grandma and other relatives. It’s particularly special when it comes from your little ones. Other great gifts include a custom frame or painted mini-pot. These can be complex creations for tweens or made more simple for preschoolers.

Make Friendship Bracelets

Friendship bracelets are another type of jewelry that the kids are sure to love. There’s a wide range of patterns and methods to pick from. And, of course, you can’t go wrong with all the wonderful color options. They can start with simple patterns and work their way up, sharing their loving creations as they learn.  

Holiday Crafts 

Get into the holiday spirit with seasonal crafts the whole family is sure to enjoy. There are crafts for every holiday, and you get to pick your favorite. Create spooky Halloween decor, an adorable Christmas village, or a Valentine box. It adds that little something special to the holiday season when you make the pieces together. 

Forge for Nature Crafts 

Mix outdoor adventure with your next big craft. Nature crafts are a fun and exciting way to get fresh air and teach your little one something new. They can make pinecone bird feeders, do bark rubbings, or even sit outside and draw.

Nature scavenger hunts are also a fun way to engage the kids with the world outside. 

Plan Your Next Craft Night 

Parents and kids alike will love creating something new, whether it’s for a gift, a holiday, or just because. Crafting has many wonderful benefits for little ones. It can be a form of self-expression, a way to learn, and a chance to spend time with loved ones.

And you have many exciting craft options to pick from. Let your kids pick between sewing, nature crafts, holiday décor, friendship bracelets, and a whole lot more. 

Looking to tie-dye or embroider? You’ll find the perfect clothes for the job right here at PixieLane. We have the best pieces for parents on the go.

That includes clothes for getting messy and for getting cozy after. That’s why we’re the lifestyle team you can rely on for more than just exciting new outfits.



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