Christmas Party Ideas: Games, Prizes, and More

Bridget Reed
Mon Nov 01, 2021

Christmas Party Ideas: Games, Prizes, and More

Christmas parties are a great way to bring the whole family together in celebration. It’s easy to make memories and share special moments with loved ones. Get the invite list together and think about all the great opportunities and possibilities when it comes to planning the next perfect holiday party. Whether you’re inviting friends, family, classmates, or colleagues, it's time to think about Christmas party themes that really stand out.

 And PixieLane is here to help. In addition to sharing our wide collection of clothing and accessories for the whole family, we have guides and resources for all your lifestyle needs. When it comes to the next Christmas party, trust PixieLane to help you pick out the perfect outfit—and a whole lot more.

Need inspiration? Continue reading below for the best Christmas party ideas.

What Games Should We Play at a Christmas Party?

You want to make sure your guests are entertained and happy at your holiday celebration, and there’s no better way to do so than with games and activities. Whether you’re hosting a party for kids, adults, or a mix of the whole family, these fun activities are sure to bring a smile to everyone... even the Grinch. 

Gingerbread House Building

Gingerbread house building is a classic Christmas DIY activity for a reason. These crafts are always festive. Plus, each person gets to bring their own unique style and personality to their edible ginger estate. 

You can pick up materials and ingredients or find gingerbread house-making kits to make the activity as easy as possible. Don’t forget to display all the finished houses and take lots of pictures. 

Secret Santa or White Elephant

It can be overwhelming to purchase a gift for everyone in the family or the office this holiday season. That’s why you may want to consider setting up a Secret Santa or White Elephant gift exchange. In a Secret Santa, everyone picks a name and finds something special for that person to be exchanged at the party.

A White Elephant is a little different. Each person brings a wrapped gift to the party, and everyone picks a number out of a hat. In order, guests can either choose to pull off the ribbon and unwrap a present or steal a gift from someone else.

If a gift gets stolen, that person can either steal from someone else—no steal backs—or pick another gift to unwrap. The game can be played with a budget, a theme, or with adjustments to fit your party.

Holiday Trivia

Who doesn’t love some good old-fashioned Christmas trivia? It’s easy to set up a holiday trivia game with questions about Christmas movies, songs, history, and more. 

You can have a host, play a board game, or set it up like Jeopardy for a little more drama, fun, and entertainment. No matter how you design your Christmas trivia game, your friends and family are sure to enjoy it.

End your holiday trivia with a movie marathon, complete with themed snacks or cocktails. 

What Are Good Christmas Party Game Prizes? 

Of course, you want to have Christmas party game prizes for all the winners.

Here are a few of our top picks for Christmas party prizes that anyone would want to win:

  • Hot Cocoa Kit: What’s cozier than making hot cocoa after hitting the slopes? Add in your favorite cocoa recipes, marshmallows, a cute mug set, and peppermint candy canes for wonderful seasonal treats. For extra fun, bake some Christmas cookies and or other seasonal desserts. 
  • Christmas Ornaments: Celebrate the season with a festive and unique Christmas ornament. Find something you know your family will love or pick a lovely holiday favorite like a snowflake, reindeer, or elf. These decorations look great on a Christmas tree or wreath. 
  • Fuzzy Blanket: You can’t go wrong with a warm and cozy Christmas blanket. Check out Christmas designs or a cute color scheme that’s all about the season.

What Should We Wear to a Christmas Party? 

Once you have your party all planned, you want to make sure you have the perfect outfit.

Here are a few of our top picks for the holiday party hostess with the mostess:

Mommy and Me Outfits

Celebrate family this season with adorable Mommy and Me outfits for parents and little ones. You’re sure to be the talk of the party in your cute matching looks. Mommy and Me sets are perfect for family photos by the fireplace or singing Christmas carols by the piano. 


When it comes to favorite Christmas dresses, you have lots of great options. Explore your family holiday patterns, fabrics, and styles to find a look perfect for the Christmas season.

Pair a cute, cozy dress with a fun pair of leggings and booties, and you’ll look put together and classy while still staying comfortable for the whole party. Sweater dresses are another great option for those chilly winter days. Bonus points for accessorizing with Santa hats!

Jumpsuits and Rompers

If you love a classy look, but you want to try something different than a dress, a jumpsuit or a romper is the way to go. They’re unique and stylish, and you’ll always look chic. But, they’re also very comfortable and easy to dress up or down for the next Christmas party. 

Jumpsuits and rompers have a top and bottom that are attached to create a pant leg. The only difference is that rompers have short pants (a great option if you’re hosting the holidays in warmer climates).

That's a Wrap: Christmas Party Spectacular

Christmas is a very special time of year. With a little bit of planning and creativity, you can help your friends and family to make Christmas memories they’ll never forget.

Try out unique themed party games and activities, like gingerbread house building, holiday trivia, and a White Elephant, so everyone goes home with a gift. And don’t forget the Christmas prizes for the winners, like hot chocolate kits and fuzzy blankets.

When it comes to looking your best at the next Christmas party, PixieLane has what you need. Check out our collection of Christmas party favorites, like Mommy and Me sets, festive dresses, and chic jumpsuits to find the look you really love.

Make your holiday style and your holiday party your own this year, and enjoy wonderful memories with the people you love. 



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