Youth Fashion: How To Stay Up To Date

Bridget Reed
Wed Jan 05, 2022

Youth Fashion: How To Stay Up To Date

Fashion is a wonderful way for children to express their creativity and personality. That’s why youth fashion has been growing in popularity over the years. There are more resources than ever for kids who want to learn about clothes.

If your little one is interested in developing a sense of style, there are many great ways to get started and embrace this exciting art form. 

Visiting PixieLane is just one of those options. PixieLane is a family-forward fashion-forward team. Not only do we carry a wide range of pieces, but we’re dedicated to putting fashion and style into your hands. That’s why our clothes and accessories are easy to mix and match.

It’s also why you’ll find a growing blog of fashion guides and tips for getting started or taking the next step. These are just a few of the things you’ll want to consider when it comes to youth fashion. 

What is Youth Fashion? 

The term youth fashion is fairly self-explanatory, but it has a long and exciting history. You can find fashion for everyone in the family, from really young kids to teens taking on the world. 

Over the years, youth fashion has influenced and been influenced by music, cultural and political revolutions, art movements, technology, and a whole lot more. It’s a lens through which we can understand history and society and a way to impact and change the world. 

Why Is It Important to Stay in the Loop? 

Whether your kids are engaging with cultural movements or simply want to express their personal styles, there are many benefits to staying in the loop on youth fashion.

Here are just a few:

It’s Easy To Find Good Pieces 

Not sure what to get your kids for birthdays or holidays? When you stay in the loop on youth fashion, you’ll have an in with all the looks they like most. Kids are sure to appreciate stylish new pieces and accessories, and you’ll walk away with the title of cool mom.  

It Gives Kids Confidence 

The right outfit can make all the difference. Kids who feel comfortable in and excited about their clothes will feel a sense of confidence as they go about their day.

This will help them to find good friend groups, excel in school, follow their passions, and step outside of their comfort zones. 

It Inspires Creativity 

Creative thinking can be useful in school, at work, or even when hanging out with friends. When your kids are inspired to think creatively, they’ll find new ways to give back to their community and perform well in their classes.

Creative thinking is a skill that can serve them for a long time to come, and following fashion can help inspire and support it. 

How Can I Stay Up to Date on Youth Fashion 

There are many benefits to embracing youth fashion trends and styles, but how do you really stay connected to what’s cool?

Here are a few of our PixieLane hacks for following youth fashion trends at home. 

Dress By Age 

Different ages of kids are going to have different looks they love. For instance, kids in the three to seven range are more likely to enjoy unicorns, rainbows, mermaids, and splatter styles.

Tweens ( the eight to 12 range) might prefer more toned-down colors, with statement pieces like liquid leggings and eye-catching graphic tees. You always want to consider the age range when it comes to picking out the best kid’s look. 

Consider the Event 

The outfit your little one wears to school will likely be different from special occasions or birthday parties. It’s a good idea to have options on hand! When picking out youth fashion pieces, consider whether they can be dressed up or down.

The right looks are versatile and comfortable because the perfect wardrobe doesn’t have to be huge. When you consider the occasion, your kids will show up looking stylish every time. 

Try Something New 

It’s natural for your kids to want to follow the coolest trends, but remind them that they can be trendsetters, too. Encourage your kids to step outside their fashion comfort zone to try a totally new and unique look.

They can mix and match patterns, add in a burst of color, or accessorize with a piece they’ve never tried before.

These steps can help them to really find their long-term style and encourage them to be bold and brave. That’s something that will help them when it comes to picking out the next lovely look—and a whole lot more.  

Follow Fashion Influencers 

One of the best ways to stay in the loop on exciting new kids' looks is to follow the trendsetters. There are many cool young fashionistas sharing their favorite pieces and styles today.

Thanks to social media, it’s all very accessible to find and follow their journeys. Of course, fashionistas are just a starting point, but if you and your kids combine trends from some of your favorite modern style influences, you can create trendy looks that are all your own. Who knows, your little ones might even set the next exciting fashion trends themselves. 

Look for Inspiration 

Fashion inspiration doesn’t just come from fashionistas. There are inspiring pieces and styles everywhere you look, from field trips to your local art museums to ballet performances to cool advertisements you pass on the street.

Exploring new places, trying out new restaurants, even switching up the shows and movies you watch can help inspire you and your kids to create some really exciting outfits. After all, you never know where the inspiration for the next timeless look will come from!

Where To Start for the Young and Young at Heart

Fashion can be extremely important to kids and adults. It’s a wonderful form of self-expression and can help young children showcase their personal style and identity in creative and exciting ways.

After all, youth fashion has been part of cultural movements for generations, and it will continue to be for many years into the future.

There are many benefits to staying in the loop on the latest youth fashion trends. It can help to inspire confidence and creativity in your young ones and give you a common ground between moms and growing kids. 

And learning about new and upcoming fashion trends is easy. You’ll want to consider things like children’s age ranges and what styles, patterns, and colors are appropriate for different age groups. Think about the type of event or activity your kids will be attending, and look for versatile pieces that can be dressed up or down. 

You also want to encourage your kids to try something new and to step outside of their fashion comfort zone. They can follow all their favorite fashion influencers and trendsetters and even work on becoming a trendsetter themselves. 

When it comes to kids’ fashion and timeless styles, PixieLane has what you need. We carry a wide range of pieces for kids of all ages, and it’s easy to begin mixing and matching cool new looks. Encourage your kids to set youth fashion trends and step out into the world with confidence. 



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