Six Ways PixieLane is Reinventing Direct Sales

Bridget Reed
Tue May 24, 2022

Six Ways PixieLane is Reinventing Direct Sales

Modern #momlife often involves a ton of research to figure out what’s best for your family—from safe sunscreens to the best babysitter to the perfect lunch box. So it makes sense that before signing on with a direct sales company, you might likewise feel compelled to head down an online research rabbit hole to determine if it’s going to be a good fit for you.

 And smartly so! But at PixieLane, we know moms like you are already juggling a ton—so we’ve put together a quick cheat sheet to help you understand what makes us different from your average direct sales company. 

PixieLane Founders started their  business out of their garage copy
This whole thing started with real moms like you. PixieLane has three female founders: Danit Benito, an elementary school teacher turned corporate brand builder; Lori Price, a fashion world veteran who was seeking a work-life balance; and Kristen Uppal, a community builder passionate about empowering moms to start businesses. The trio wanted to build a business created by moms for moms—one where that work-life balance we all dream of could actually be achieved.
    The clothes are really special (if we do say so ourselves). But seriously, since all of our  styles are designed by moms, every detail is chosen with parents and kids in mind. What does that mean IRL? The fabrics are buttery soft but super durable. They’re made with custom prints in limited runs, and new looks come out weekly. And everything is designed by age group, so you’re not trying to sell a pre-teen something princessy that a 5-year-old would love. And everything is made in Los Angeles.
      #PixieForPelo PixieLane Peloton Group copy 2
      PixieLane is all about women supporting women.
      The company’s culture is founded on collaboration, not competition. Our tight-knit community of consultants really bond and help each other, offering sales and life tips and a boost when needed—be that in the form of social media tips, mom hacks or exercise motivation.

      There’s no pressure to recruit other consultants. Some direct sales companies pay commissions to members who bring in new sellers, who in turn have to pay a percentage to the person who recruited them. It can get complicated. Unlike these multi-level marketing companies, at PixieLane, consultants are compensated when they sell clothes that makes their community happy. Period. We know that you’re already managing your kids and family life, no need to also juggle managing, motivating and coaching a direct sales team.

      Speaking of sales, the margins are among the highest in the industry. You pocket up to 42% for each item sold, which is nearly a full boutique mark-up and almost unheard of in other direct sales companies. You get an immediate return on investment when you just sell a little over half of what is included in your starter box. Cheers to more date nights, family vacays and splurges in the future.

      You curate your own selling experience. The setup is entirely flexible so you can do what works for you, from selling on social media to hosting parties to planning pop up events to offering personal shopping appointments. What’s more, you can stock your dream boutique: You can decide you only want to sell dresses, or toddler clothes, or sporty tween styles. You can order one or 100 items at a time, drop ship directly to your customer or carry a big inventory. We don’t have a one-size-fits-all approach at PixieLane, because we are all about empowering our community of moms to be their 

      PixieLane Consultant_ Holly poses with her at  home PixieLane c copy
      own bosses, serve their communities, and find joy in what they do. 

        Hope that helped clarify a few things. We’re always here to help if you have more questions. And if you want to learn more about what it’s like to be a PixieLane consultant, here’s a quick read about what our community did to  grow their businesses during the pandemic.

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