What To Wear on a Cruise

Bridget Reed
Mon May 09, 2022

What To Wear on a Cruise

A cruise is a special time for parents and kids alike. It’s an opportunity to meet new people, explore different climates and cultures, and enjoy the sunshine on the pool deck or by the Caribbean beaches. It’s easy to customize and tailor your cruise experience to fit your family’s personality and style, which means important memories for a long time to come.

Here at PixieLane, we’ll make sure you’re fashioned in top-of-the-line cruise outfits, so the whole family can look cute and feel comfortable on land and out at sea. We have the right pieces for any dress code, formal nights and casual nights, and excursions off the boat.

Explore our growing collection and begin packing for your next cruise ship adventure today.

How To Get Your Family Ready for a Cruise

There are many reasons to consider a cruise for your next family vacation. It’s easy to keep the kids happy and entertained, and there’s always a new activity or event for the whole family to try out. They have many different options for food and games, and you can still explore new cultures and meet new people.

Of course, you want to make sure that your kids feel their best throughout the trip. There’s one important thing you’ll want to keep in mind when it comes to cruise tips before you leave — packing the perfect wardrobe.

Comfortable, Stylish Vacation Clothes

One of the best ways to get ready for your family’s next cruise vacation is to pack accordingly. You want to make sure you have comfortable and stylish vacation clothes that match different occasions, from sea days to lounging by the pool.

Many cruises are in warm climates, so make sure to pick pieces that will keep the kids refreshed while still providing cover from excess sun exposure. Find outfits that allow for comfort, coolness, and mobility while still showcasing your family’s style and personality.

Cruise Vacation Clothes for Girls

Little girls have a lot of fabulous outfits to pick from for their first cruise. They can stay chic, relaxed, and stylish in some of these top choices.

Sleeveless Dresses for Little Fashionistas

You can’t go wrong with sleeveless dresses for your little fashionistas on the next cruise. Sleeveless dresses are key for hot climates but also offer unparalleled elegance and a fun pop of style.

Sleeveless dresses can transition to formalwear events on the ship or onshore excursions. Yet, they also serve as casual dress options for exploring new towns and playing games on the deck.

Stay Cool in Tank Tops and Tankinis

When it comes to cruise-ready bathing suits, tankinis are a perfect choice. They’re designed for movement and activities, so she can enjoy her time by the pool deck or floating in the glittery waters.

Tank tops are a versatile and reliable piece that should be a staple of any cool kid wardrobe. They’ll help to keep her feeling chill on the hottest days, and they layer well under cover-ups and light sweaters for any occasion.

Cruise-Ready Clothes for Women

Of course, mom deserves to look stylish on the next cruise, as well. That’s where the top cruise-ready clothes can come in handy.

Look Your Best in a Midi Dress

Midi dresses fall to mid-length, which is perfect for keeping cool on hot summer days while still sticking to the dress code. They can be dressed up for formal events with heels and nice jewelry or dressed down for time with the family with flip flops or reliable walking shoes.

Midi dresses are an evergreen fashion staple and don’t take up much space in the suitcase, making them the perfect addition to your cruise packing list.

Women’s Summer Tank Tops

Tank tops aren’t just for little kids. Moms are sure to love mixing and matching tank tops with skirts, shorts, and swimwear for a wide range of stylish outfits. They fit well under sundresses, t-shirts, cover-ups, and sweaters, and layering your tanks is a surefire way to stay comfortable on every expedition.

Summer Cruise Clothes for Tweens

Tweens can use summer cruise fashion as a way to express their personality and style. The right outfits can even help them to make friends on the ship.

Here are some can’t-miss pieces for different outfits that tweens will want to wear again and again.

Summer Skorts for Tweens

Skorts offer the same fashion and style vibes as skirts, but they’re even more comfortable. They have a pair of built-in shorts, allowing maximum mobility on even the hottest weather cruise. She’ll look cute and still get to enjoy all the excitement.

Fashion-forward teens can match summer skorts with long sleeve shirts, dress shirts, sun hats, and even swimsuits. All those creative options are just another reason that summer skorts are perfect for tweens.

Tween Girls’ Graphic Tees

Another way for tweens to express their styles and personalities is with graphic tees. They can find graphic tees with cruise vacation and ocean motifs or animals, song lyrics they love, or patterns that match their favorite bottoms and outerwear pieces.

Fashion is more than practical utility; it’s a healthy, fantastic method of self-expression that builds confidence and self-assuredness — critical for growing tweens.

Warm-Weather Vacation Clothes for Babies

You also want to make sure you have the right outfits for your baby on the next cruise. These picks are useful for busy parents on the go who want to make the most of the next sea voyage.

Baby Tank Tops and Tees

It’s helpful to pick out individual pieces that can be mixed and matched easily. That way, you don’t have to worry about bringing as many clothes for your little one. Tank tops and t-shirts are easy to get on and off if your baby gets wet or dirty. Plus, they can be used as cover-ups in the sun or paired with longer bottoms for more formal cruise events.

Baby Harem Shorts

One of the most fun and stylish bottom options for babies is harem shorts. They’re made with loose and breathable materials, which is why they’re a can’t miss for hot summer cruises. Typically, harem shorts come in many different funky patterns and designs, so you can pick out a pair that really makes your little one stand out.

Cruise in Style This Summer

From the stateroom to the pool deck to the main dining room, cruise vacations are a special time that parents and kids alike will cherish. They’ll make friends, explore new places, and enjoy all the fresh air and sunshine out at sea.

The right cruise wear can make all the difference when it comes to new climates and new adventures. You’ll want to pack pieces that are breezy, easy to move in, and able to be dressed up or down.

And you’ll find everything you need right here at PixieLane. We’re the team you can rely on for all the special occasions and everyday outfit needs, and we have the pieces that tweens, kids, parents, and babies will enjoy. Find everything from blouses to khakis to sundresses in our growing family-friendly collection, and start packing for the next cruise with your loved ones today.


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