The Best Kids' Rain Gear in 2022

Bridget Reed
Mon May 09, 2022

The Best Kids' Rain Gear in 2022

What’s better than dancing in the rain with the kids you love? It’s the perfect way to make the most of the rainy days and to show your kids that even dark clouds can make for treasured memories.

And, of course, you need the right outfit for the job. Whether you’re getting the little ones to school or you’re stepping in puddles and looking for frogs, kids rain gear is an essential piece of any wardrobe.

Find the best stormy weather rainsuits and kids’ raincoats, women’s outerwear, and accessories like backpacks and mittens right here at PixieLane.

How To Dress Your Kids for Rainy Days

Dressing kids for school or play can be difficult all on its own. Rainy weather can add its own challenges since you want to ensure they’ll be protected and comfortable all day long.

You'll want to take a few essential steps to properly prepare your kiddos for the wet weather. Hacks like layering, picking out the right clothes, and having waterproof accessories on hand can keep the rain from draining you.

Layering Options for Rainy Weather

Rainy days can be chilly, which often means the heat kicks on indoors. When you pick out layers for your toddler boys on rainy days, you’ll know they can take off extra layers or add on more when they get too warm or cool, to ensure maximum comfort.

On rainy days, it’s also helpful to have layers in case they get wet. They’ll be able to remove the wet rainwear or outer layers and still be warm and comfy below.

Stay Dry in Warm Hoodies

Of course, you want to make sure your little one is protected from the rain with warm and cozy outfit wardrobe staples. The best option for warm clothing that layers well and keeps your little one cozy is a hoodie.

Hoodies can be worn over jeans, leggings, and even dresses, which means they’re an awesome addition to a rainy weather wardrobe in any season.

Long-Sleeve Shirts To Wear Under a Raincoat

Since layering is such an essential element of the perfect rainy day outfit, you’ll want to have choices to pick from. A long-sleeve shirt can be another layer under a waterproof raincoat. It is useful for protecting kids from the cold and the rain, and it’s easy to get on and off if it gets too warm.

Long sleeve shirts also match well with unisex outfits for any season. They can be layered over dresses and skirts or paired with windbreakers, hoodies, and t-shirts for a versatile and comfortable piece that will keep them dry.

Long-Sleeve Crew Shirts for Rainy Summer Days

Did you know that crew shirts were actually designed for the water? Specifically, crewneck styles were created for rowers decades ago, and they have become a staple of athleticwear in the years since.

Long-sleeve crew neck shirts are looser than other long-sleeve shirts and are made with breathable materials, like cotton. That means they’ll keep your toddler girls and boys cool and comfortable even on the rainiest days, all while protecting them from the weather.

Long-sleeve crew neck shirts look cute paired over jeans or denim shorts and match well with different rain-ready outerwear, like kids' rain jackets, slickers, and rain ponchos.

The Best Kids’ Pants for Rainy Days

When it comes to rain-ready tops, it’s all about the layers. Layers make it easy to remove wet pieces and stay dry and comfortable below. With pants, however, layering isn’t always possible.

That’s why you’ll want to make sure you have the right rain pants on hand for all those rainy days.

Heavyweight Joggers for Boys

Joggers have been increasing in popularity and fashion in recent years, and their versatility, comfort, and style are just a few of the reasons they continue to be best sellers. You can find them in different materials and thicknesses, which means there’s a pair of joggers for rainy days in any season, including warm, humid sprinklings and chilly downpours.

Making a complete jogger outfit for your boy is easy, since joggers go well with t-shirts, hoodies, long-sleeve shirts, and even tank tops in the summer. And they’ll help to keep your young ones as warm and dry as possible on even the chilliest rainy day.

Another reason why joggers make such a fantastic rainy day piece is that they taper at the ankle. Enjoy a watertight fit into a cute pair of rain boots or winter boots, so you don’t need to worry about wet or dirty hems. They’re made of easy-to-wash materials and sure to be a wardrobe favorite.

Brushed Leggings for Girls

Leggings are a prime choice for social kids, athletes, and adventurers. And your girls can take it one step further on the next rainy day with a pair of brushed leggings. Like regular leggings, brushed leggings are versatile and fit under skirts, dresses, and even pants. They can help to keep her legs warm and dry and they slide easily into a pair of unique and personalized kid’s rain boots.

And brushed leggings really stand out. They’re made with exceptional materials and fabrics that give them a very soft and fuzzy texture. That fleece feel doesn’t only make them unique when it comes to comfort, but it will help to keep your girls warm on those cold and rainy days.

Kids’ Sweatpants for Rainy Weather

Your kids have many different loungewear outfits and pieces to pick from, including the classic sweatpants. Sweatpants are a cozy-weather staple, and you can find different fabric weights for comfort across the seasons.

One of the fun things about sweatpants is that they’re so easy to mix and match, for a wide spectrum of outfit ideas and styles. Kids can embrace the cozy with t-shirts and hoodies, or they can go for a street fashion look with bomber jackets and tennis shoes.

Sweatpants are effective at protecting the skin against cold rain, and will help to keep your angels as dry and comfortable as possible on every rainy day. And, of course, they’ll look cute every step of the way. Find sweatpants in camo, neon, buffalo check, and ombre shades at PixieLane today.

Create the Perfect Rain-Ready Wardrobe

Rainy days are the perfect opportunity to make memories with the ones you love. The whole family can plan a movie night, game night, or other exciting celebration, and there’s just nothing cozier than a rainy day with good snacks and good company.

Whether you’re sending your kids to school or you’re preparing game night with friends and family, the right outfit can keep your babes dry, warm, and comfortable. Now, they can feel confident all day long.

When it comes to rainy day outfits and rain sets, you have lots of exciting options to pick from for the whole family. Check out hoodies, long-sleeve shirts and crew neck shirts, joggers, and more. And they’re all available right here at PixieLane.

We’re the team you can turn to for all your family’s wardrobe needs, big and small, and we have you covered when it comes to waterproof rain outfits, baby bibs, tween fashions, and more. Explore our growing collection of gear for kids and parents alike, and start planning the next puddle jumping adventure in the bogs with your little ones today.


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