What Is a Swag Bag? — Giveaway Ideas for Small Businesses and Consultants

Bridget Reed
Fri Jan 07, 2022

What Is a Swag Bag? — Giveaway Ideas for Small Businesses and Consultants

Whether you’re building your business from the ground up or you’re looking to expand and grow, marketing is essential. Social media, online advertising, and word of mouth are all useful ways to spread the story of your business—and so is the swag bag.

A swag bag is a great tool for bringing in new customers and clients, sharing your products, and enticing potential buyers to check out your shop online or in person. 

PixieLane isn’t just the team you can turn to for high-quality professional outfits. We’re also here to help business-savvy parents build and grow their companies and follow their creative passions. That’s why we’re sharing a look at swag bags, and how you can use them to support your company today. 

What Is a Swag Bag? 

A swag bag is a way to introduce yourself to potential clients and customers at networking events and parties. It features around four to six items that promote or support your business and encourages potential buyers to check you out.

It can be a really useful way to draw in customers and to bring them back when it’s time for the next purchase. 

Swag Bag Uses and Benefits

Swag bags can be extremely versatile and easy to adjust for your business needs. The more you know about swag bags, the easier it will be to build the perfect one for your networking event.

Here are a few things to consider about company swag bags:

You Can Make Them at Any Budget 

Swag bags don’t have to break the bank. The important thing is that they leave potential customers feeling good about a company. This will encourage them to return when the time is right. Create a swag bag that meets your business’ needs, both in marketing and in financing. 

You Can Use Them for Many Events 

Swag bags can be a good addition to a wide range of professional events and activities. If your company is hosting a party, use swag bags as a thank you to those who attend.

If you’re looking to build your brand at a bigger event, swag bags can capture people’s attention and bring them over to your table or booth. You’ll want to make swag bags that fit the event or can be used for a wide variety of networking needs. 

Brand Yourself 

One of the biggest benefits of swag bags is that they give you an opportunity to market. You’ll want to brand the products that you can. This will help potential customers know where to find you.

It also means your name and logo will be out in the world when the products get used, and that’s another way to spread the word about your business. Make sure the branding is visible, appropriate, and aesthetically appealing, so customers will use the products you share. 

What Can I Put Into My Swag Bags? 

There are many uses for swag bags and reasons to integrate them into your marketing plan. 

But what actually goes into a swag bag?

Here are a few of our favorite pieces to add to your next company swag bag: 


If your business produces samples or samples that can be made of the existing products, add them to the swag bag. This will introduce your potential customers to the items you make and encourage them to come back for full-sized versions.

It will also save you money, as you won’t have to purchase many materials or products. You can just work with what you already have on hand. Make sure to label the samples properly, so customers can find the styles, scents, and pieces they really like. 

Products That Support Your Business

It’s a good idea to keep your swag bag items in the same family/category. Consider adding useful products to your swag bags related to your business or the samples you’ve already added. 

That may mean a cute set of matches for candles, a soap dish for artisan soaps, or a lovely basket for holding skincare products. This will help to reinforce the benefits of your products and give customers useful tools they can enjoy for a long time to come. 

Logoed Products 

You may also want to add some lifestyle products to your swag bag, like coffee mugs, water bottles, or phone chargers.

Lifestyle products can be labeled with your logo and essential company information. That means you’ll get the benefits of marketing and exposure with your logo every time a customer uses the product. 


Sweets are an inexpensive swag bag addition that everyone loves. You can purchase a large quantity of candy and add it to each bag, or you can partner with smaller companies for combined exposure.

Sweet treats, snacks, and even small drinks are all excellent options for swag bags that won’t cost a lot. They’re also easy to brand for added exposure

A Nice Bag 

Make the bag itself a keeper with cute décor or logos. Pick out bags in colors and patterns that match your company’s style. You have many different bag and container options to pick from, like gym bags, baskets, totes, and more.

Consider your audience and what they’re most likely to use the bag for, and pick out a bag your customers will want to use again and again.

Contact Info and Coupons 

You want to make sure your swag bags have the information customers need to find your business. Postcards with an introduction to the company, as well as your website, location, and social media handles are essential.

You may also want to include some coupons just for swag bag customers to encourage them to return to your business in the future. The more customers know about your company, the more likely they'll want to come back and purchase your great goods. 

Swag Bags at a Glance 

If you attend a lot of networking events, parties, and activities, swag bags are a must. They can help you to get the word out about your business and encourage customers to return for more exciting products. Plus, they’re an effective way to increase company exposure and to leave your customers feeling good about your business. 

The good news is, you have lots of options when it comes to swag bags. You can create them for any budget and use them at a wide variety of events and activities. The branding is sure to benefit your business for a long time to come. Have fun adding cool products and goodies, like samples, lifestyle products, coupons, snacks, and more. 

PixieLane is here to help you boost your business every step of the way. Not only do we carry the accessories perfect for swag bags, but we’re sharing tips and tricks for marketing your new company.

We’re a team of mom bosses who want to support and encourage our community members to follow their dreams, and swag bags are just the beginning. Take your business to the next level with swag bags and more from PixieLane today. 



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