Valentine’s Day Outfits That Look Fabulous

Bridget Reed
Sat Jan 08, 2022

Valentine’s Day Outfits That Look Fabulous

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and there’s no denying this February holiday is one of the best holidays to dress for. Kids are sure to love dressing up for Valentine’s Day, with the fun pops of color and whimsical shapes.

PixieLane has what you and your family members need to make that perfect Valentine’s Day look every time. We carry a wide range of styles and pieces, perfect for school parties, family dinners, and after-school dances that even Cupid himself would approve of. 

Continue reading below to find the cool kids' clothes worthy of all greeting cards and candy.

Valentine’s Day: The Incomplete History

This holiday associated with gifts and tokens of affection is a favorite topic of historians everywhere. Legend has it that our concept of Valentine’s Day started as a pagan festival celebrating fertility.

Others claim it was a Christian holiday in honor of the patron saint of the young lover. Specifically, in the third century, a martyr and priest named Valentine was executed by Roman Emperor Claudius II Gothicus.  

What about Valentine's Day Cards? Our best guess is that this started in the Middle Ages. The lovey-dovey stuff associated with Saint Valentine's Day is thanks to Geoffrey Chaucer

Valentine’s Day Capsule at PixieLane 

So, whether you are the recipient of a secret admirer letter or a lover of love, here are the top holiday pieces you’ll want to add to your cart. 

Long-Sleeve Ruffle Skirt Dress 

Valentine’s Day takes place in one of the chilliest months of the year. That’s where a long-sleeve ruffle skirt dress can come in handy.

Not only is it adorably in the spirit of the season, but it will help your little one to stay warm while they celebrate. You can add leggings under the dress, as well, for a little extra warmth on cold days. 

Long-Sleeve Twirl Dress 

A long-sleeve twirl dress is cute and comfortable. And those are just a few of the reasons your little one is sure to love a Valentine’s Day long-sleeve twirl dress. They provide plenty of mobility and ease of movement: perfect for dancing, crafting, and eating chocolate. 

Racerback Ruffle Skirt Dress

If your little girl loves the ruffle skirt dress look, but it’s just a little too warm for long sleeves, a racerback ruffle skirt dress is the perfect choice.

It has the same cute shape and style as the long-sleeve version, but it’s designed for warmer days. You can also add a cardigan in case your kids get cold after the perfect Valentine’s Day party

Short-Sleeve Ruffle Skirt Dress 

A short-sleeve ruffle skirt dress is another adorable option for the warmer weather. Lovers of the ruffle skirt claim it gives their outfits a sense of movement and style.

But you won’t have to worry about your kids getting too hot while they dance or party. The dress is cute with layers, like cardigans and leggings, but it also stands out all on its own. 

Balloon Sleeve Skimmer Sweatshirt 

What’s not to love about balloon sleeves? If your little one wants to get into the spirit of the season but they’re not into dresses, this balloon sleeve skimmer sweatshirt is perfect.

It has a cute shape and comes in many fun colors and designs. Kids can wear it over skirts, dresses, jeans, or leggings, to create a Valentine’s Day look they really love. 

High Shine Long Leggings 

High shine leggings really stand out, which makes them perfect for Valentine’s Day. They’re shiny and glossy and add a little something special and chic to any outfit. And your little one won’t have to worry about sacrificing mobility or comfort to look cute.

High shine leggings are available in lots of exciting colors, so you can find that perfect Valentine’s Day look for parties and celebrations with ease. 

Tiered Skirts 

What’s more festive than a tiered skirt? They’re perfect for dancing and getting into the holiday spirit. Their popularity is all thanks to the cute shape and lots of fun and exciting color and pattern options to pick from.

You can find tiered skirts in many unique styles, and they’re a celebratory piece for any Valentine’s Day kid.  

Lounge Sets 

Your kids don’t need to go out to have a great holiday celebration. Cute and cozy lounge sets are perfect for a fun Valentine’s Day party right from the comfort of home.

You’ll find them in a wide range of unique colors and patterns that kids will really love. Mix and match set pieces to create the perfect Valentine’s Day look. 

Valentine’s Day Patterns at PixieLane 

You can’t go wrong with Valentine’s Day designs and decals. Here are some of the cutest Valentine’s Day patterns you’ll find at PixieLane. 

Foil Rainbow Hearts 

Foil designs are metallic and festive, which makes them a perfect addition to any holiday look. At PixieLane, you’ll find foil rainbow hearts on a wide range of cute kid’s clothing. These pieces are ideal for parties, pictures, and making wonderful Valentine’s Day memories. 

Hologram Hearts 

We love a shiny heart decal. And there’s no better time to wear it than for the holiday of love. Hologram hearts are shiny and adorable, and you can find them on all your favorite pieces. 

Interlinked Foil Hearts 

Another cute heart design your little ones can wear for the holiday is the interlinked foil heart style. It’s a cool and fun way to represent your favorite holiday. It can also be worn all year long, which makes it a great addition to any kid's wardrobe.  

Candy Hearts

Nothing says Valentine’s Day more than candy hearts! Pick out cute and festive outfits for Valentine’s Day with your favorite candy heart sayings. And don’t forget to snag a box or two of the real thing. 

Neon Pink 

We love neon pink. It’s a bold and exciting color for the coolest kids and definitely screams Valentine’s Day celebration. The nice part is, your kids can wear it all year long since there’s nothing specific to the holiday about bright pink. It pairs well with lots of colors and styles and gives your kids plenty of wardrobe versatility. 

Black and Pink Splatter Heart

Embrace a little underground style this Valentine’s Day with a black and pink splatter heart look. It’s bold and stylish and a little different from other holiday outfits. Edgy and fashionable kids are sure to love a splatter outfit style. 

Heartbreaker Graphic Screen Tee 

Another cool and stylish way to embrace the holiday is with a heartbreaker graphic tee. It’s just a little bit unique and bold, and you can continue to wear it all year long. Your kid will love standing out with a celebratory and stylish new Valentine’s Day look. 

Love at First Sight 

Get into the spirit of romance and love this Valentine’s Day with beautiful new holiday looks from PixieLane.

We carry a wide inventory of unique and stylish looks for every occasion, including the next Valentine’s Day party. Fashion-forward kids are sure to find looks they love, like foil and hologram hearts, interlocking candy hearts, splatter styles, and a whole lot more. 

We also have guides and resources that make it easy to style and accessorize the pieces they love. It’s all right here at PixieLane. The only question is, which Valentine’s Day style does your family like best? 



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