Types of Outfits Every Tween Should Have

Bridget Reed
Mon May 09, 2022

Types of Outfits Every Tween Should Have

Fashion has long been used as a form of self-expression and creativity. It’s a way for individuals of every age to show their personality, highlight their favorite things, and find communities and cultures with others who share their interests.

This is just one of the reasons tweens are so drawn to unique fashions, from grunge to Bohemian style to tomboy fashion to streetwear. The more outlets your tween has for that self-expression, the easier it will be for them to explore their identity and forge lifelong friendships.

For pieces from different types of fashion styles for every occasion, trust PixieLane to steer your tween right. We’ll put them in the chic style, prep school classics, or casual wear that fits their personal style, so they can find the best methods for self-expression as they grow.

Explore the best in fashion trends and clothing styles for tweens at PixieLane today.

Must-Have Outfits for Tweens

When it comes to finding the perfect outfits for your tweens, the only limit is their imagination. Modern fashion trends are often inspired by vintage looks, which is why you’ll see familiar pieces like leather jackets, classic style Oxfords, and a whole lot more.

Tweens may also take inspiration from online and popular culture. Some of the trendy looks tweens are loving today are inspired by geeky fashion influencers, Kawaii culture, Japanese anime media, and more. Tweens can mix and match pieces from the past and present to create styles all their own.

Leggings and Sweatpants for Tweens

Of course, you want to make sure that your tween has the wardrobe staples to create a wide mix of outfits and styles. That all starts with the right bottoms.

These can’t-miss pieces are sure to be hits with your fashion-forward tween:

What Are Flare Leggings?

Leggings are a staple of any tween or grown-up wardrobe due to their versatility, comfort, and wide range of styles. Flare leggings are inspired by the vintage looks of the 1960s and 1970s. They are form-fitting at the waist and hips and wider and loose-fitting at the ankle to imitate the bell-bottom styles of the Flower Power movement.

Tweens can dress up their flare leggings with cap shoulder tops, plaid vests, or flowy blouses, in the true hippie style, or they can go for a more casual fashion approach with crop tops, t-shirts, and button-downs.

What Are Liquid Leggings?

Liquid leggings are another creative take on the legging style. They’re made with a chic and shiny material that gives off a flamboyant rocker vibe that tweens will really dig.

This chic style can be dressed down for edgy goth looks and accessories like chunky boots or elevated with blazers for a business casual style approach. The complete look is sure to be stand-out every time.

Comfy Flare Sweatpants

If your tween is on the search for something even more comfortable, try out a pair of comfy flare sweatpants instead. Like flare leggings, they’re a little more tapered at the top, with wider bottoms that give the piece its name. The flare is vintage-inspired with a modern twist perfect for your tweens.

High-Waisted Leggings for Tweens

You just can’t go wrong with high-waisted pants. After all, this vintage clothing style is a beloved classic for a reason. High-waisted leggings typically fall mid-torso, giving your tween lots of chic top options to pick from. They’re a good choice for events with dress codes since she won’t need to worry about the leggings riding low.

Your tween can pair high-waisted leggings with retro tees, bold flannel shirts, and girl-next-door pastel blouses. She’ll have lots of different options for expressing her personality and staying cute and comfortable.

Printed Girls’ Leggings

Another cool way to change up the bottoms in your tween’s wardrobe is to check out printed leggings rather than neutral or black leggings. Leggings are available in many different patterns, including plaid, floral, and marble.

The different options of plaid leggings mean she’ll be able to come up with many different outfits and styles using the pieces already in her wardrobe. She can try out grunge style, sportswear, gothic fashion, and more today.

Essential Tops for Tweens

Of course, the perfect top can make all the difference in your tween’s wardrobe, as well.

Whether she’s into vintage or modern styles, she’ll have plenty of different shirts and sweaters to pick from, including some of the following.

Oversized Skimmer Hoodies

Hoodies are a staple of tween fashion. You’ll find variations on hoodies like the oversized skimmer hoodies in many different cultures and genres, from hip hop fashion to emo and edgy styles to everything in-between. Baggy silhouettes are especially chic to pair with tighter-fitting leggings.

These sweatshirts are available in different patterns and colors, many inspired by vintage looks, song lyrics, characters from their favorite video games and anime shows, and more. Hoodies are just another way for cool tweens to really express their personal styles.

With hoodies, you’ll be confident she’s staying warm, and she’ll be confident she looks oh-so-fashionable. You might still be able to choose clothes for her little brother, but your girl is growing and has her own unique style now!

Jumpsuits for Girls

Jumpsuits are a dress-like option for girls who don’t want to wear dresses all the time. Like dresses, jumpsuits have connected top and bottom pieces, so she doesn’t have to worry about mixing and matching the perfect pieces.

Jumpsuits also make for good neutral and baseline pieces. She can accessorize and personalize her jumpsuit with jewelry, hairpieces, and cool shoes, like combat boots, tennis shoes, high heels, and more.

Girls’ Smocked Shirts

Smocked shirts are another hippie-inspired vintage piece that continues to come back into style. The individuality of smocked shirts, as well as their comfort and flowy fit, make them a favorite for fashionista tweens who can recognize a stand-out piece when they see it.

Smocked shirts have a cascading appearance, with ruffles, flounces, and layers of fabric essentially flowing into one another. They are often made with an amalgam of patterns and fabrics for a Boho chic, hippie style shirt that’s truly timeless.

Tweens can pair their favorite smocked shirt with leggings, dresses, denim shorts, and more. And they can also check out smocked skirts and dresses for even more fabric flow.

Give Your Tween the Wardrobe of Their Dreams

Your tweens are at the all-important age where they’re learning new forms of self-expression and creativity. They’re on the journey to find out who they are as individuals and to form friendships within their community and with friends who share their interests.

The right outfits and pieces can help them express their personalities and feel confident in this new stage of life as they explore and learn who they truly are.

Whether your tween is inspired by vintage styles of the past, from the hippie movement of the 1970s to the rockers of the 1980s, or they love modern casual clothing, there are pieces available to them. They can mix and match styles and eras to create a look entirely their own.

And it all starts right here at PixieLane. We carry pieces the whole family is sure to love, with vintage and modern inspiration and plenty of wardrobe staples. Tweens can explore everything from minimalist styles to preppy ones. They can take their favorite looks to the next level with eye-catching accessories like artsy style chokers, skater studs, girly hair accessories, etc.

Find the perfect pieces and outfits for your tweens right here at PixieLane today.


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