How To Wear Leggings for Every Occasion

Bridget Reed
Mon May 09, 2022

How To Wear Leggings for Every Occasion

Leggings are one of the most useful and versatile pieces for any wardrobe, and no matter what your personal style may be, there’s a way to fit leggings into your next look.

You can pair neutral or colored leggings with the most comfortable pieces you own or enjoy a good sweat in your favorite pair of workout leggings. Leggings have a long history, including jeggings, faux leather leggings, patterned leggings, and many more, and you have many exciting options for creating a stand-out look.

When it’s time to pick out the next pair of leggings, turn to PixieLane for the looks and pieces you know you can rely on. We carry clothes and accessories for every family member for every occasion.

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How To Wear Leggings When Working Out

If you’re headed to yoga class or going out for a run with friends, the right pair of leggings can make you feel comfortable, capable, and confident with every workout. You can find the right pair of leggings for your body type, from curvy to thin, so you can get your sweat on without having to worry about your pants.

These are some fun and eye-catching ways to style your sporty leggings when you work out:

1. Leggings With Sports Bra

Bra and legging sets have become more popular in recent years, and this classic look is here to stay. You’ll stay cool and look chic in a matching bra and leggings outfit.

This is a good option for home workouts or if you feel comfortable at the gym. Find a sports bra that meets your workout needs and match it with your favorite pair of leggings today.

2. Leggings With T-Shirt

If you’re looking for a little more coverage when working out in your leggings, consider pairing them with a t-shirt, instead. You can even pick a t-shirt that really expresses your personality to help you feel encouraged and excited to take on the next workout. Motivation is half the battle!

T-shirts also layer well if you’re working out outside, so you can stay as warm or cool as needed for you to see the activity through to the end.

3. Leggings With Tank Top

For hotter workouts on warmer days, you may want to consider pairing your high waist or cropped leggings with a tank top. It will still give you some coverage and protection from the sun, but you’ll feel the breeze on your skin — or at least be able to enjoy the gym’s air conditioning.

Pick up workout tank tops in different colors and silhouettes, like high necks or with thicker sleeves. You can vary your workout outfit, which will help you to stay inspired and ready to sweat.

4. Leggings With Sweatshirt

Of course, you want to be prepared for chilly day workouts, as well. That’s why it’s so useful to have a sweatshirt on hand to stay protected from the elements while you work out.

Many different types of sweatshirts pair well with leggings. Just check out crop top sweatshirts and hoodies for stylish and comfy athleisurewear.

How To Wear Leggings for Casual Days

Leggings are often considered loungewear, partially because they’re so comfortable and easy to move around in. If you’re enjoying your day off or home sick from school, you won’t want to worry about complex styling techniques.

Instead, create these comfortable and sleek leggings outfits that allow you to make the most of casual days.

1. Leggings With Cute T-Shirt

Cute t-shirts aren’t just for working out. Fashion has long been a form of self-expression, even when you’re the only one around to see it. Pair your most darling pair of leggings with a soft and creative shirt you really love and enter your day with confidence and comfort.

Want to take it to the next level? Consider adding a denim jacket or long sweater as an outer layer over your leggings and tee. If you work from home or have a casual office dress code, you can even pair dark leggings with a blazer for a dashing twist on casual workwear.

2. Leggings With Oversized Top

One vintage-inspired aesthetic growing in popularity is the oversized top and legging look. A long top is super comfortable and allows for complete mobility and ease of movement, so you can keep up with the kids and still look fashionable.

The best part about the long shirt style is that you can put it together with the pieces you already have in your wardrobe. Just grab your comfiest vintage tees or tunic top to get started on this casual look. (Don’t forget your scrunchie.)

3. Leggings With Duster Cardigan

What’s cozier than a duster cardigan? You can pair a long cardigan over a tank top or t-shirt and drape it elegantly over your best leggings. It can be knee-length or longer, depending on your preference.

You can dress this look up with iconic shoes like loafers or ballet flats or simply enjoy the ease of movement and coziness of a duster cardigan right at home. Chilly nights don’t stand a chance.

4. Leggings with Fashionable Zip Hoodie

Hoodies are often best for working out, but if you want to add a touch of the cool loungewear look to your outfit ideas, consider pairing leggings with a fashionable zip hoodie.

The zip hoodies available here at PixieLane have different decals and patterns, so you can find a way to express yourself through comfort and class.

How To Wear Leggings for an Evening Out

Leggings aren’t just for casual days in or the next workout. They can even be elevated for date night or a night on the town with friends.

Here are just a few ways you can style leggings for those special occasions:

1. Leggings With Oversized Cashmere Sweater

Leggings essentially work as a neutral piece in your outfit, especially when you pick out black leggings or other neutral colors. That means you can dress them up or down, depending on what you pair them with, and that there are many ways to create an outfit you love.

Cashmere sweaters are always a lovely option to implement into your capsule wardrobe. Match a high-quality and well-cared-for pair of leggings with a cashmere top. Top off the ensemble with your favorite accessories for a polished and finished look.

2. Liquid Leggings With Booties or Boots

Liquid leggings are sleek and glamorous leggings that give off the appearance of leather leggings. They’re smooth and form-fitting and look truly elevated with the right pair of shoes.

Add something special to your night out with a pair of chic booties, suede ankle boots, or knee-high boots and liquid leggings you like best. This classic ensemble is sure to make you stand out.

Leggings Anytime and Anywhere

Leggings are a truly lovely and versatile staple that can be used for many different lifestyles and fashion needs. They can be dressed up or down and pair well with elegant shirts, button-downs, and crop tops, alike.

Don’t forget to accessorize with shoes and jewelry to take your leggings to the next level. When it comes to creating leggings looks, the only limit is your imagination.

You’ll find all the pieces you need for new leggings outfits right here at PixieLane. We believe in providing the pieces that fashion-forward parents need in order to make truly unique garments for the whole family.

Whether you’re searching for athleisure pieces, casual loungewear, or a chic date night look, you’ll find what you need in our growing collection. We also have fashion guides and style tips for creating looks that you can always rely on. Explore our leggings and other staples and start creating stand-out looks for yourself today.


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