The Best Tropical Outfits

Bridget Reed
Mon May 09, 2022

The Best Tropical Outfits

When you’re headed out on the next tropical vacation or warm-weather adventure with loved ones, you want to bring the right clothes for the job. The perfect tropical outfits will help to keep you refreshed and comfortable while embracing the colors, styles, and themes of the natural beauty in the area.

And when it’s time to find the perfect tropical outfit or tropical print look, you can trust PixieLane to help do the job right. We’re here for every special occasion, adventure, and event, and we have the perfect clothing for parents, tweens, teens, and kids. You can begin planning warm weather summer outfits today.

What Is a Tropical Climate?

If you associate tropical weather with the heat, there’s a good reason for it. Tropical climates are known for being hot and often extremely wet or rainy. To be classified as a tropical environment, the average temperature for the year must exceed 64.4 degrees Fahrenheit or 18 degrees Celsius.

The hot and wet conditions of tropical environments mean it’s imperative to dress for coolness and comfort. But with inspiration from so many unique natural beauties and places to see, from palm trees to the beaches of Hawaii, it’s easy to find a cute and comfortable look you really love.

Tropical Outfits for Girls

Girls have many dynamic and exciting vacation outfits to pick from, and there are many different ways for them to express their style and personality in the warm weather.

These are just a few of our top picks for tropical outfits for girls:


Rompers are similar to sundresses in that the top and bottom pieces are connected. This is true of jumpsuits, but jumpsuits have long pants, whereas rompers have shorts set on the bottom.

You can find rompers with short sleeve tops, sleeveless tops, v-neck styles, and halter tops. The most important thing is to pick out a breathable fabric for maximum comfort.

Tank Tops and Skimmer Tops

It’s a good idea to pair tank tops with skimmer tops for your little one. Tank tops will keep them cool on hot days, but long sleeve skimmer tops can protect their skin from excess sun exposure during the day's heat.

Skimmer and tank tops are both available in many different colors and styles, like tie-dye and tropical print, and they’re an excellent addition to any tropical vacation.

Safe in the Sun: Beach Cover Ups and Sunglasses

Of course, you want to make sure she has at least one beach coverup for those hot tropical days. Sunburns are no fun on vacation, and excess exposure can be damaging over time, so it’s vital to apply sunscreen regularly and wear coverups when possible. They’re available in many cute styles and designs, so it’s a good chance for her to show off her fashion sense.

Of Course, she’ll want to protect her eyes from the sun, and that’s where the perfect pair of sunglasses can make all the difference. Sunglasses are an accessory that can elevate any outfit, and she has lots of creative and stand-out options to pick from this vacay.

Tropical Outfits for Women

Moms deserve to look good on vacation, and they can with these fun and creative styles and designs.

Which of these cute pieces will you pack for your next trip?

Midi Dresses and Smocked Tiered Skirts

Midi dresses fall to mid-length, which allows for mobility, comfort, and ease of movement. Gorgeous, lightweight dresses keep you feeling fresh on those hot tropical days. Match your print to your environment for an Instagram-ready look.

Midi dresses are casual dresses, so they pair well with sneakers for long walks and reduce the risk of excess sun exposure when you pair them with a jacket or cardigan.

If you’re looking for the perfect date night or special occasion outfit, the smocked-tiered skirt is the way to go. It looks like a series of falling ruffles, which gives it the boho appearance of movement and motion. It’s available in long and short styles to fit your evening out fashion needs.

You can also wear your swimsuit under a lace-up tropical dress or skirt set for easy access to the pool or ocean.

Biker Shorts

Say “no sweat” to rising humidity levels on your trip with a pair of bike shorts. They tuck well under a skirt or maxi dress, and they make it easy to adventure, climb, hike, and explore.

Tropical Outfits for Tweens

Tweens are sure to love the wide variety of tropical outfits and accessories, including some of the following.

Smocked Skirts

Smocked skirts are a fashion-forward and trendy new piece that will make tweens feel confident and chic. They can pick out their favorite colors and styles today.

Must-Have Accessories

You’ll want to be able to keep your hair out of your eyes on the next tropical vacation. Cute hair accessories for tweens, like scrunchies and pins, can really help. Not only are scrunchies practical, but they keep long hair off the back of the neck when the weather heats up.

Retro looks are back in style, which is why tweens will love beaded phone bracelet accessories. They can find cute and colorful charms for their bracelets and really express their styles.

Tropical Outfits for Boys

Of course, you’ll want to find the perfect beachwear outfit for your little guys, as well. The right pieces make it easy to explore, stay comfortable, and look fantastic on every tropical trip.

Shirts for Adventures

What’s better than a graphic t-shirt designed for adventure? Find a short sleeve shirt they love with pictures of maps, pirate flags, tie-dye, and a whole lot more. They’ll stay cool on toasty days, while still embracing the theme of the trip.

Board Shorts

Board shorts are a little different from swim trunks in that they’re designed for physical activity and athletic use. In fact, they were originally created by surfers for ease of movement. And, of course, with the right pair of shorts, he can swim and explore without worrying about getting wet.

Tropical Outfits for Babies

You want to make sure your baby is prepared for the weather on the next tropical vacation. These can’t-miss pieces will keep them cool and provide mobility on the beach or by the pool.

Here are our baby outfit recommendations:

Best Vacation Apparel

Onesies are always a good option for busy babies on the go. They’re useful for tropical weather since they come in breathable fabrics, like cotton, and have short, relaxed sleeves.

Another option for easy dress and movement is a two-piece lounge set. It helps mom and dad make quick changes for the little one, and it’s easy to swap out pieces if they get wet on your travels.


You’ll also want to protect the little one’s eyes with a pair of cute sunglasses or a hat to match. Sunglasses are a fun accessory that gets into the spirit of vacation, and they’ll help to keep baby safe from excess sun exposure, so you can all have a wonderful trip.

Vacay Today

Family vacations are a special and important time for kids and parents, alike. You can make lifelong memories, explore new places, and learn new things. And you want to have the right outfits for the job!

If you’re headed to a tropical location, comfort is key. That’s why kids and parents alike will like breathable fabrics, beach dresses, swimwear, and beach cover-ups for maximum protection.

Find the perfect pieces for your next tropical vacation and a whole lot more right here at PixieLane.



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