Country Outfits For Girls at Country Concerts

Bridget Reed
Mon May 09, 2022

Country Outfits For Girls at Country Concerts

Country girls love outdoor adventures and concerts with friends and family—and it’s not hard to see why. The country music community is full of passion, romance, and wonderful culture, and it’s a rite of passage for young girls to want to attend a new concert for their favorite artist.

Of course, you want to make sure you have the right country-style outfit for the next exciting concert. And there are lots of unique pieces to pick from. From cowboy hats to denim jackets to bell bottoms, PixieLane has you covered. Find the perfect look for the next country concert in our collection today.

Why We Love Country Concerts

There are many reasons to love a night out at a country concert. They’re full of community and values, and it’s a chance to embrace the music that makes you happy with other fans. And, of course, many country songs are coming-of-age stories that young tweens and teens can really relate to.

Who Is the Country Girl?

There are many incredible female country musicians and artists, and it’s easy to see why young women are often drawn to the genre. They can see role models and inspiring artists singing about the things that affect their life and influence them every day. That can make them feel supported and encouraged through any challenge.

Typically, country girls come from rural, hardworking backgrounds, emphasizing land and community. They develop important relationships with their parents and are often soft-spoken and kind. But don’t let that fool you. When a country girl has something to say — or someone to tell off — she won’t hold back.

The Best Country Clothing Concert Outfit Ideas

With all that country girl sass to dress up, the right country concert outfit is a necessity. And there are many retro and modern Western-style looks that she can pick from, depending on her favorite artists and what genre of country music she likes the most.

Here are some of our favorite country concert outfits and new arrivals that she’ll want to try out first:

Smocked Skirts

Smocked skirts are a sort of a tiered skirt style that is crafted with hanging or bunching textures for the look of clothing in movement. They can be found in long and short lengths and are reminiscent of patchwork quilts and the fluffier dresses of older Western styles.

Smocked skirts can be very versatile and pair exceptionally well with cowboy boots for a true country look. You can wear a touch of lace on the top or a short sleeve shirt with a ruffle design to get that complete country look you love.

Solid Leggings

Solid leggings are a good option for those chilly outdoor concerts you won’t want to miss. Leggings are available in a lot of different patterns, but they’re most versatile in solid colors, where you can match them with t-shirts and denim jackets.

You can also wear a large plaid shirt over a pair of solid leggings to really get into the spirit of the concert. Graphic tees or hoodies with the band or artist logo are incredible for creating that picture-perfect Instagram picture.

Twirl Dresses

Of course, there will be plenty of opportunities to dance to the music at your next country concert — and that’s where a twirl dress can come in. As the name would indicate, twirl dresses move when you dance, which can add a little something festive and special to your concert experience. They look particularly cute when you’re doing a line dance to your favorite artist.

Twirl dresses are available in a wide range of colors and styles and can be dressed up or down with a jacket or a cardigan to really make the look your own. Don’t forget to accessorize with boots and a hat for the final country girl style.

Be Happy Dresses

The Be Happy dresses available here at PixieLane are flouncy and fun, which is the perfect vibe for a country concert. They’re available in many different styles, like tank tops or tee-shirt straps, and are often adorned with sequins, glitter, or creative designs.

Find your next Be Happy Dress in tie-dye, mermaid pattern, ice cream print, or another chic style that really represents your personality and the concert venue.


Skorts are fantastic when you want to be comfortable and cute in your Western wear. They’re shaped like skirts, which means you can pair them with t-shirts, denim jackets, button-downs, and more, but they have a pair of built-in shorts.

That means you can easily dance and move to the music without having to worry about the length of your skirt or the spring breeze. Find your next skirt with a ruffle bottom, retro style, or other stand-out looks. They’re the ultimate marriage of function and fun.

Jumpsuits and Rompers

If you love bell bottoms and big buckles, but you don’t want to have to worry about matching pieces for a complete outfit, a jumpsuit or romper might be the right pick for you. The top and bottom pieces are connected, so you have a built-in look from the start, and you can accessorize and dress up the style to fit your concert fashion needs.

Jumpsuits have long pants, which is a good option for those chillier nights out on the town, whereas rompers have shorts on the bottom, ideal for keeping cool in the summer. Find them in different materials and patterns, like denim, paisley, and more.

The Ultimate Accessory: Cowboy Boots and Hats

The right accessories can really make the outfit, and this is especially true when it comes to country music concerts. That’s because you can elevate your look with one or two simple accessories, like cowboy boots and cowboy hats.

Cowboy boots look stylish, retro, and oh-so-cool when paired with a lace dress or dance-ready skirt. And you can complete the look with a cute and comfortable cowboy hat that fully embraces the country community. Look for roper-style cowboy boots if you favor a lower heel.

It even helps to keep the sun out of your eyes on those hot festival days, so there are many reasons to consider adding boots and hats to your next country concert look.

Not Our First Rodeo

A country music concert can be a rite of passage for a young girl. She’ll get to see her favorite musician perform the songs she loves, and she’ll get to connect with other fans in her community. Country music has lots of strong and creative women for her to look up to and take inspiration from, and there are many chances to dance and have the best time ever.

And, of course, she’ll need the ultimate outfit for it. For country music concerts, that can be anything from a twirly dress to a denim jacket. But it’s always topped off with a pair of cowboy boots and a stylish cowboy hat.

You’ll find the perfect pieces for your next country music concert and all the rest to come right here at PixieLane. We’re here to help you create outfits that make you feel cool and confident for all the special events and everyday moments. Find summer concert outfits and more in our collection today.


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