Picture Day Outfits: Making Cute Memories

Bridget Reed
Fri Oct 22, 2021

Picture Day Outfits: Making Cute Memories

Our little ones grow up so fast; it’s important to capture smiles and special memories while we have the chance. That’s why picture day can be so important for busy parents and why you’ll want to take the chance to pick out a cute and festive outfit that they’ll really love.

PixieLane can help you find what you need for picture day and more special occasions to come. We carry a wide inventory of clothing for kids, babies, and even parents, and with cute and comfortable outfits to pick from, you’re sure to find that perfect fit every time.

Here’s what you’ll want to consider when picking out picture day styles and looks:

What Makes a Perfect Picture Day Outfit? 

You’re going to love your little one’s smile no matter what, but when they feel cute and comfortable in their picture day outfit, the photos will come out more joyful and genuine. Who doesn’t want to hang that on the fridge?

Here are some things to keep in mind when picking great picture day outfits:

Solid Prints

Solids are always a good idea when it comes to picture day or even family photos. Solids are less likely to clash with the background. Your child will more easily stand out when they’re not competing against bold patterns.

You also don’t have to worry as much about whether the shirt or dress is properly situated and ironed since there’s no pattern that has to line up. Plus, your kids get to pick out their favorite colors for picture day.

Bright or Dark Prints

Solid prints don’t have to be boring. You have lots of great colors and hues to pick from, and this is a great way to involve your kids in the picture day outfit-picking experience.

They can choose between bright or dark prints or any shade in between. If you’re not sure where to start, consider the undertone, seasonal palette, and complementing colors for the hair and eyes.

Simple Silhouettes

Younger kids may have full-body picture day photos, but older kids are more likely to be photographed from the waist up. This is critical to keep in mind when picking out the perfect silhouette for your kids’ picture day.

Think about the shape of their straps and how the dress, skirt, or shirt sits on the body. Ensure that nothing essential to the overall look will be hidden or cut off in the shot.

Simple silhouettes leave less room for complication and wardrobe malfunctions, so consider silhouettes like A-line, empire, or princess dress cuts.

What Cute Picture Day Outfits Will Look Great on Camera?

Still not sure where to start? PixieLane has you covered.

Here are some of the cutest and easiest picture day outfits that you can pick out for your kid’s next picture day that they’ll want to wear again and again.

Flounce Jumpsuits

A flounce jumpsuit is great for kids of every age, and it’s so easy to dress up and dress down. This unique garment can really represent their favorite styles and personality on picture day. A flounce jumpsuit is comfortable, mobile, and versatile, but the large flouncy sleeve additions give it a chic and stylish look without adding any itching or irritations.

You can find many different necklines and strap styles, and flounce jumpsuits often come with cute lace or eyelet embroidery to really make them pop. Plus, they’re available in a wide range of colors, from more subdued neutrals to the brights and bolds that little kids are sure to love. 

Accessorize with hairpieces, scarves, or jewelry to complete the look. Jumpsuits are always a great choice.

Cozy Sweatshirts

What’s cuter than a kid in a cozy sweatshirt? It’s more important that your kids are comfortable and at ease than wearing something fancy for picture day: that’s where a cozy sweatshirt can come in.

There are tons of great options to pick from. It’s easy to find a neckline, color, and material that really represents your little one’s personality and puts them at ease for memory-making photos.

Additionally, you can find lots of cute and cozy sweatshirts with designs they love for another chance to let their individuality and style really shine through. Cozy sweatshirts are available in many great color palettes, including neutrals, which means they’re easy to accessorize and match.

Long Sleeve Dresses

Dresses are a great option for making your little one look a little fancy while still allowing them complete comfort and mobility. We love a long sleeve dress because they look glam and chic. Look for dresses made from comfortable material options, like cotton, polyester, rayon, or nylon. Your kids are sure to smile big for every shot.

For full-body shots, you can add cute leggings in matching or complementing colors and fun shoes to complete the look. And, of course, you don’t want to forget about hair accessories or festive jewelry, to add that little extra bling of color and shine.

Cute long-sleeve dresses can have ruffle or lace edges and may even come with a touch of embroidery, for a look that’s really special. Check them out in jewel tones, neutrals, pastels, and more, and find the look your little girl really adores.

Picture Day Outfits at a Glance

You’re going to want to hang onto those picture day shoots for a long time to come, which means finding that perfect outfit is really important.

Here at PixieLane, we make it easy to explore all the best options when it comes to style, design, material, and more. School picture day is a breeze when you can pick out a piece or outfit that allows your child to be totally comfortable—while still looking cute and chic in front of the camera.

Consider mixing your solid prints and checking out pieces like a flounce jumpsuit, a cozy sweatshirt, or a cute and comfortable long-sleeve dress. Don’t forget to share your favorite picture day looks for the whole family.



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