Middle School Girl Outfits That Rock in 2021

Bridget Reed
Thu Oct 21, 2021

Middle School Girl Outfits That Rock in 2021

Back to school shopping is one of the most exciting times of the year. The perfect outfit can make any girl excited to start a brand new school year.

Middle school is full of exciting changes that she might not have experienced yet! Middle school might bring new, shiny metal lockers, changing classes, and a whole new group of friends to meet. 

As parents, it’s our job to help prepare our daughters for middle school.

Get her started on the right foot with the perfect back to school outfit. Grab some of your favorite snacks, pull her up a chair next to your laptop, and get ready for some bonding online shopping time!

How Do I Help My Middle Schooler Pick Outfits?

The most important fashion tip when looking for a new ensemble is to make sure your daughter is comfortable in what she wears. Look for fabrics that will keep up with her changing life. Avoid tricky ones like linen or silk. Instead, opt for some (big) kid-friendly fabrics like mixes of cotton, nylon, rayon, and polyester. 

Also, keep in mind that your school may have an individual dress code. Look this up ahead of time. If your daughter’s school provides uniforms, look for approved ways to add some individuality, like with some fun accessories

Listen to Her Opinions

We may think of ourselves as “cool moms,” but our kids probably have a better idea of what fashion is trending right now than we do (at least for their age group anyway!). 

Part of growing up is forming your own opinions. Listening to what she wants to wear can improve her confidence, give her a feeling of agency, and strengthen the already unbreakable bond you two share. 

Look at Popular Trends

This is the fun part. Grab some magazines at the grocery store checkout counter or hit up your favorite websites and get scrolling. You can even watch her favorite TV shows with her to see if there is a character with a sense of style she is inspired by. 

Which Looks Will My Middle Schooler Love?

At PixieLane, we know that fashion is all about self-expression. Let your daughter run wild with creativity. You never know; you may have the next Coco Chanel on your hands!

Keep in mind that even the most dramatic fashionista has to keep her particular “runway” in mind. So, while some outfits are super cute for the weekend, not everything will work for school.

Think about her day-to-day—is she moving around a lot? Will she need to carry a heavy backpack?

This is especially important to consider when you factor gym class into the equation. If she needs to change for gym class, she’ll need to wear an outfit that she can easily take on and off. If she doesn’t have a locker, keep in mind that she’ll need to wear suitable footwear to run around and play sports. 

After discussing those nitty-gritty details, it’s time to talk about trends. 

Every little girl is unique, but these trends are guaranteed to make her smile:

Colorful Leggings

Leggings are a staple nowadays. These aren’t just for working out anymore: not at all. Leggings work as pants or even to stay warm under jeans or a skirt in the winter.

The top trend for leggings right now is bright, bold, and colorful leggings. These bright pops of color can work as pants or, for a super fun twist, under a pair of denim shorts. 

Make sure you grab a pair of leggings that are durable. Our growing girls are still exploring and learning; they need their leggings to be strong and beautiful (just like them). 

Skater Dresses

Skater dresses are a super popular look right now: no skateboard required. This look melds perfectly with the younger generation’s obsession for the ‘90s grunge aesthetic.

This look has a million different options when it comes to styling:

  • Skater dresses can be worn with sneakers to give a cute casual look.
  • Pull her hair up in an oversized scrunchie for the perfect side-ponytail.
  • Pair with combat boots for an edgy, empowered vibe.

Mix and Match Sets

Mix and match sets are the parent’s secret weapon. With pieces that were created to go together, you can end every late-morning meltdown over having “nothing to wear” with matching sets. 

These specific garments eliminate the stress and frustration around creating a cohesive look. It’s super easy to create a flawless look every time. Plus, matching sets for her and her friends are the perfect addition to any slumber party!

Oversized Hoodies

Oversized hoodies are the look most favored by the hottest pop stars and most chic celebrities. This look hits every style checklist while also being super cozy for the sleepy mornings after she was up too late the night before on the phone with her friends. 

Finding Fashion, Finding Herself

Overall, your middle school girl should be able to express herself in her wardrobe. So listen to what she likes, and help choose the outfits that best reflect her personality.

It is understandable that middle school can be overwhelming, but their clothing shouldn’t have to be. As parents, we can help our growing girls find confidence and grow to be amazing women. 

Showing your daughter how to have a positive relationship with her mind and body when looking for the perfect outfit can be an attitude she takes with her all throughout her life. 



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