Oversized Hoodies: Greatest Invention Ever?

Bridget Reed
Thu Oct 28, 2021

Young girl wearing a white oversized hoodie.

Hoodies have been one of the more popular fashion trends throughout history. The oversized hoodie is one of the more recent and very popular new arrivals to the fashion industry. With an oversized hoodie, you get a comfortable fit, a hoodie that feels like a blanket, and a whole new meaning to clothes with an oversized fit. 

Look to PixieLane to satisfy all of your hoodie needs and wants. Find out why everyone is hopping on the oversized hoodie trend. 

Why Do We Love Oversized Hoodies So Much?

One of the best things about a hoodie is how comfortable they are. Well, oversized hoodies take comfort to an entirely new level. This large hoodie feels like a blanket, making you feel like you’re in your prime cozy state every time you wear it. They have the most comfortable feel due to their oversized fit. 

Oversized hoodies are also so easy to pair with other parts of an outfit. You can wear them with jeans, leggings, joggers, and shorts. They are the epitome of comfort and style. 

They’re Comfy

Comfy levels have reached an all-time high with oversized hoodies. With the right fabric blend and oversized fit, you are sure to feel like you are wrapped up in a blanket.

If it’s the dead of winter, you’ll be warm. When you go to the gym, you will be completely cozy as you get a workout in. If you are relaxing around the house, you’ll feel serene and safe in an oversized hoodie.

They’re Big

Their size makes oversized hoodies perfect for layering! They fit over every layer you could want to wear underneath your hoodie. They go with bottoms that are on the tighter end, such as leggings and biker shorts.

The size of oversized hoodies adds to their unique design. They are larger than your average oversized sweatshirt, making them so big and cozy.

They’re Cozy

Coziness has reached an all-time high when you put on an oversized hoodie. The size itself makes you feel like you are wrapped up in a big hug. Loungewear is perfect to wear all day or wear out and still look cute and comfy. 

They’re Like a Blanket

To be honest, lounging around in clothes that feel like a blanket sounds like one of the best ways to spend a day. Oversized hoodies are large and cozy, giving you that cuddled-up feeling. Wrapping yourself in clothes that feel like a blanket is sure to make you feel comforted all day long. 

You Can Layer Them Like a Jacket

Oversized hoodies aren’t just about comfort. They are used as a fashion statement and for practical function. Wearing your oversized hoodie when you’re cold makes it the easiest jacket to slide into. Layering is so simple because all of your layers will easily fit underneath their oversized fit.

There are so many ways to layer a hoodie like a star. We’re fond of this one: A super popular trend is layering a comfy hoodie under a jean jacket, pulling the hood out, and letting it rest over the back of the jean jacket. 

The Whole Family Can Match

A great idea with oversized hoodies can be finding brands that the whole family can wear together. Matching as a family is a great way to collaborate and look your best. With hoodies that match, your family also has an easy way to bond with stylish Mommy and Me looks.

Investing in the bonds you make with your family will go a long way. Never stop thinking of ways to bond with your children and create memories that last. Shop the perfect hoodie collection so the whole family can match and have something to bond over.

What Hoodie Styles Are Trending?

So many different hoodie styles are trending right now. Among many styles also come different designs and patterns. An oversized hoodie comes in a variety of styles with unique designs and graphics. 

Here are some of the coolest styles out there:


Patterns are one of the most popular designs for a hoodie. You can have all the patterns you could want on a hoodie when you’re shopping for an oversized hoodie. Look for designers who create clothes that speak for your personality. 

Graphics and Slogans

Another common trait consumers look for in hoodies are the graphics and iconic slogans printed on the clothes. Graphics and slogans are a great way to personalize your wardrobe to express yourself and your unique worldview. Choose the graphics that best describe you and rock that one-of-a-kind look. 

Solid Basics

Solid colors are a go-to design for hoodie styles. Hoodies come in a wide variety of colors and patterns, but some of the best brands know how to stick to the basics

A solid basic is an essential part of a successfully assembled capsule wardrobe. Classic colors make completing the rest of your outfit so easy. Try pairing a classic hoodie color with jeans or any color of leggings. If you want to experience maximum comfort and style, grab a classically designed hoodie that you know will match any and everything. 

Where Can I Find the Coziest Oversized Hoodies?

The coziest oversized hoodies can be found with PixieLane. We prioritize comfort, durability, as well as style. Oversized hoodies are your next go-to clothing item for all of your comfort needs. 

Go for a marriage of style and comfort when you choose an oversized hoodie from a selection that will have the patterns, graphics, basic colors, and designs that suit your exact style. Add an oversized hoodie to your wardrobe and discover why they are the coziest fashion statement. 

A Big Trend

There are so many options when it comes to oversized hoodie shopping. If you are looking for comfort, you will find it in an oversized hoodie. There are options for matching sets so the entire family can participate. Let your whole family join in on the fun and comfort of an oversized hoodie. 



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