Cozy Sweatshirts: Our Top Picks of 2021

Bridget Reed
Thu Oct 28, 2021

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There are so many reasons to get cozy this year. From weather that keeps you indoors to stressful days at work that merit a little extra TLC, cozying up in the perfect sweatshirt or hoodie is just what you need.

Find all the best options for comfort and style, and get cozy in your favorite sweatshirt.

Why Do I Need a Cozy Sweatshirt?

Sweatshirts, hoodies, and sweaters are the definition of relaxation and comfort—and you deserve a little R&R. 

If you’re looking for a new sweatshirt this year, look for something soft and cozy that you can layer with ease.

They’re Soft

The perfect cozy sweatshirt is super soft. You want to feel like you’re being hugged by your favorite blanket when you’re wearing your favorite sweatshirt.  

For ultimate comfort, you need to pick sweatshirts made with the right fabrics. Cotton is known for being super soft and breathable, while fleece-lined picks offer added warmth during the fall and winter months. 

They’re Comfortable

There isn’t a one size fits all solution for comfort. Some people may prefer oversized sweatshirts with room to spare, while others prefer a tighter fit. Additions like pockets and hoods may be a make or break element for moms on the go, while kids may find comfort in simplicity. 

Of course, seasonality is a factor as well—it’s never comfortable being overheated in the summer or chilly in the winter—and we can’t forget personal style. You’ll never be comfortable in something that doesn’t make you feel confident.

Still, despite all of the different ways you can define comfort, one thing is for sure—itchy fabrics are an instant veto.

They’re the Perfect Item to Snuggle at Home

A cozy sweatshirt is just the ticket to get you into maximum comfort mode at home.

Here are some great ideas for the perfect cozy day in your favorite sweatshirts:

  • Enjoy a movie day
  • Create a fun indoor tent in your living room and make s’mores
  • Cook up your favorite comfort foods
  • Drink coffee and read your favorite book
  • Vibe out to a chill playlist with all the best music
  • Invite your friends over for a relaxing but fun game night
  • Have fun with some DIY projects

No matter what your favorite activity is for staying in, a cozy sweatshirt is the self-care uniform of choice.

They’re Great for Layering

During transitional months like spring and fall when the weather changes from chilly to warm on a dime, layers are a must-have. Cozy sweatshirts are both cute and practical, giving you extra warmth for chilly days and the option to cool down when you get too hot. Sweatshirts can be layered over dresses, jumpsuits, rompers, or t-shirts to create a versatile and adorable look.

What Are the Top Cozy Sweatshirts This Year?

The coziest sweatshirts have a few things in common.

We’ve compiled a simple checklist of cozy sweatshirt qualities you should keep in mind:

  • Is the fabric comfortable?
  • Does it have everything I need, like hoods, pockets, and thumbholes?
  • Does it match my personal style?

If you’re on the hunt for a perfect new sweatshirt or two, consider popular trends like hoodies, tie-dye, graphics, and zip-up styles. 


This fashion staple has been around for decades. The hoodie has been one of the most popular items of clothing since its invention in the 1930s, and it has evolved from an easy way to stay warm to a way to express yourself in ultimate comfort. 

You can’t go wrong with a hoodie layered over leggings, a dress, or a nice pair of jeans!

Zip Hoodies

Take your hoodies to the next level with a cozy zip-up hoodie. While pull-over hoodies deserve a special place in your wardrobe, zip-up hoodies offer the same style and flair as a classic pullover hoodie while letting other elements of your outfit shine through.

Not only are zip-up hoodies extremely practical for layering, but they provide the opportunity to show off a fun graphic tee, your favorite dress, or a cute romper, all while staying warm.


Sometimes, you’ll want the sleek and upscale style of a pocket-less sweatshirt, but let’s be honest—life is easier with pockets. Pockets can help you keep your hands warm in the winter or make it easier to carry your phone around. 

Fleece-lined pockets are a cozy element for any winter sweater or hoodie, but the convenience they offer is the most comfortable element of all. 


Tie-dye is taking the world by storm. Maybe it’s because of the plethora of tie-dye colors and patterns on the market, or perhaps it’s because tie-dye is so easy to style. Regardless, tie-dye is one of the most popular trends in loungewear and basics. 

To really make the most out of your tie-dye sweatshirt, pair it with a matching sweatpant or short. Add classic white sneakers, a dainty chain, and a pair of tiny hoop earrings, and you’ll be the most fashionable person in town! 


The most popular sweatshirts have a variety of fun graphics and slogans. Express yourself with a cozy sweatshirt that matches your style and personality!

Cozy it Up With the Best Sweatshirt Today

Cozy sweatshirts are a must-have addition to any wardrobe. Stay home and snuggle up in your favorite cozy gear, or dress them up for a comfortable night on the town. Look for softness and style when shopping for your new favorite sweatshirt on PixieLane, where comfort meets fashion. 



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