Joggers vs. Sweatpants: Which Is Better?

Bridget Reed
Mon Oct 18, 2021

Joggers vs. Sweatpants: Which Is Better?

Even identical twins have some differences in their faces, but their mother can tell them apart instantly no matter what. Well, at PixieLane, we know the differences between these two amazing items of clothing. Just call it mothers’ intuition

A lot of us may assume that joggers and sweatpants are just the same. But there is a difference between the two styles. First off, sweatpants are made from getting a good workout in. However, these are the outfits we often select on chilly, relaxed days (or laundry days). 

On the other hand, Joggers are great for a workout outfit but are mostly regarded as an athleisure staple. Joggers are typically made of a much more lightweight material that facilitates a person on the move.

All facets of successful loungewear should be comfortable and relaxing to wear while doing our house chores or relaxing in front of the TV after a long day. 

So, which is better for you: joggers or sweatpants? Either choice is valid since they are both comfortable and trendy.

Read on to find some helpful tips on different joggers and sweatpants styles.

What’s the Difference Between Joggers and Sweatpants?

As mentioned above, joggers are made of lightweight material, and sweatpants are thicker. Both styles have a sense of comfort for you. It is all about your preferences.

Sweatpants and sweatshirts are made for extreme physical activities. Sweatpants are what the name suggests: they are made to sweat in when working out. Recently, sweatpants have pivoted into a more chill and relaxed type of garment. 

Joggers are athletic wear as well, especially when you want to hit the pavement. Like sweatpants, joggers and great for both men and women (and children too!). While sweatpants can often help keep you warm as you make those gains, joggers are best when you need to stay cool while picking up your kids from school.


Having the perfect pair of thick clothing is essential in the colder months of the year. Sweatshirts, sweatpants, and hoodies are the go-to apparel when the seasons grow chilly. 

Joggers are usually made with a breathable material that allows you mobility. If your mornings in joggers start out a little cold, throw a thick sweatshirt on that you can peel off as you warm up. Layering is a key skill (and a good one to keep our kiddos safe and feeling good as they play).


If you like to go on long walks, runs, or work out at the gym, you’ll want to have different materials of clothing.

Joggers are lighter than their cousin, the sweatpants. However, like many family members, they have many similar aspects. Quality joggers and sweatpants are often made with a combination of fabrics.

A carefully curated mixture of nylon, spandex, polyester, cotton, or rayon allows for the best of everything: they are easy to wear and easy to wash. 


What are the different purposes of joggers and sweatpants? Indicating what your use is with either style predicts the functionality of each outfit. 

Sweatpants used to just be associated with getting your sweat on at the gym, and while that’s still true, we now know that they’re amazing for pretty much everything.

Sweatpants are all about comfort. However, joggers can definitely give off that warm and cozy vibes as well. Loungewear is all about self-care (whether that be working out or cuddling up with a good book).

If you are running around town, shopping, or simply having coffee with a friend, joggers are your friend. You can style a pair of drawstring-waisted joggers and a crop top under a bomber jacket and sneakers. 

Is One Better Than the Other?

Although, joggers and sweatpants have major differences. They are both functional and part of a complete wardrobe.  Both of these garments can be paired with a fun graphic top, sweatshirt, or crop top: the possibilities are endless. Whether you choose to wear jogger bottoms or sweatpants, you are fit for the runway (and your local coffee shop).

Ultimately, it comes down to a few main points:

Sweatpants are known for being:

  • Thicker
  • Warmer
  • Having wider silhouettes
  • Generally more fit for a range of exercise activities

Joggers are known for being:

  • Made from thinner fabrics
  • Generally having a slimmer cut
  • More often made from different materials (including denim or chambray)
  • More so for an athleisure fashion moment than athletic purposes

What Are the Cutest Jogger and Sweatpants Trends?

Some of the hottest trends right now involve matching outfits. You can never have enough outfits that are twinning with your BFF (best friends forever). From exciting prints to lush fabrics and unique patterns, there are a multitude of styles for joggers and sweatpants that you are sure to enjoy.

Consider some of these elite trends:

Matching Sets

Sweatpants are easy to come by when you are looking for matching sets. Joggers usually have a jacket and pants that go together. 

The matching set is basically a fashion tradition at this point. But, do you know the saying “double the trouble, double the fun?” You can max out even more matching by getting your whole family involved.

With stylish Mommy and Me loungewear, you can match your little one for a day full of family fun (and endless cute pictures). 

Classy Basics

You can easily dress up in joggers and make them look more trendy than you ever thought. Slipping on a silky top with an ankle-length jogger is the newest style hitting the market.

Keep the attention on your edgy joggers with the help of simple accessories like small gold hoops. Throw on a leather jacket to bring a hint of 1950s motorcycle style to an iconic athleisure look.

Fun Prints

When it comes to prints, the world is your oyster. Whether you love groovy tie-dye or ferocious animal print, these prints are eye-catching on joggers and sweats. 

The majority of matching sets have fun prints. However, whoever said you couldn’t mix them? Have fun with finding the right combos that show who you are. 

Rants on Pants

No matter the occasion, sweatpants and joggers are a go-to fashion category. These thick or lightweight materials are comfortable and functional. 

Whether you are hitting the pavement or running at the gym, PixieLane can help with your outfit choices. Joggers or sweatpants both have a multipurpose in fashion and physical exertion. Not to mention, they are the perfect garment to take a minute for the relaxation you deserve!



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