Girls Night Out Outfits For Memorable Evenings

Bridget Reed
Sat Oct 16, 2021

Girls Night Out Outfits For Memorable Evenings

There’s nothing like a girls’ night out. Quality time with our BFFs is a self-care must, and we know it can be difficult to make time for a “GNO” with the besties. Whether you’re heading to a fancy dinner or going out for a night on the town, what you wear sets the tone for this momentous occasion.

PixieLane is here to help you pick the perfect outfit for your GNO so that you can paint the town red in style! 

How Do I Create the Perfect Outfit for GNO?

Half the fun of going out is getting ready. There’s something so empowering about looking and feeling your best. The first step is finding an outfit that makes you feel confident, cool, and ready to take on the world.  

When you’re shopping for your next girls’ night, remember to choose something comfortable and chic. There are so many fun girls’ night out ideas, and there is a perfect outfit for each!


For some reason, we’ve started associating dressing up with discomfort. High heels that make our feet sore, tight dresses we can’t walk in, and shapewear that makes it hard to breathe do not have to be part of your wardrobe. 

Your GNO outfit should be both stylish and comfortable so that you can dance all night without pesky pains and pinches. Soft fabrics and stretchy styles are a key part of having fun and staying relaxed.

Beyond physical comfort, your GNO outfit should also make you feel comfortable in your own skin. Honor your personal style, and choose a look that makes you feel powerful. Confidence is key. 


Chic is in the eye of the beholder. Just like you should feel comfortable in your clothing, you should also feel effortlessly stylish. 

When you refresh your going-out wardrobe, invest in high-quality, classic pieces that you know you’ll love, and mix in new and trendy items that you’re excited to take for a spin. This balance of classic fashion and fun, bold elements will make any bar, restaurant, or club your personal runway.

What Are the Trendiest Going Out Clothes?

Whether girls’ night out is a monthly event or a rare occasion, every season brings cool new styles you can try. You can elevate your favorite outfit that always makes you feel amazing, or you can start from scratch to build a new look with the year’s hottest trends.

Below, we’re breaking down this season’s trendiest going-out clothes, so you can find the style that’s perfect for you.

Liquid Leggings

All moms are rockstars—and nothing says “rock and roll” like a pair of leather pants. Of course, leather pants aren’t the most comfortable option for a night on the town. Anyone who’s tried to go out in leather pants knows they can be squeaky, sweaty, and impossible to sit down in. 

Instead of channeling your inner Janis Joplin with an uncomfortable pair of pants that you just want to trade in for sweatpants, try this comfortable and stylish alternative. Liquid leggings from PixieLane combine nylon and spandex for a stretchy, comfortable piece with a lustrous shine. They’ll fit you like a second skin so that you can take center stage.

Pair these leggings with any v-neck ruffle sleeve tops or sweatshirts for a simple Saturday night at a wine bar, or mix it up with a glittery tank top for a special occasion.


The beauty of a jumpsuit is that it’s an entire outfit in just one piece. This staple item seamlessly goes from day to night, making it a must-have outfit for moms on the go. Dress it up with a leather jacket and a pair of heels for a chic touch, or wear it with a blazer and loafers for a day at the office.

With these jumpsuits, you can easily make this night out with your girlfriends one to remember. 


What is it about bodysuits that feel so effortlessly gorgeous? A bodysuit can make any outfit feel flawless and chic, whether you’re rocking denim jeans, a midi skirt, or a sophisticated pair of shorts—or your favorite liquid leggings, of course.  

Best of all, bodysuits are great when paired with expert layering techniques. Wear them under a button-down, a t-shirt, or even a tank top for warmth during the colder months, then let them become the main attraction as the weather starts to heat up. 

Midi Dresses

Midi dresses are versatile for any girls’ night outing, from wine and paint nights to rooftop bars. You can dress them up with a skinny belt and booties or add a light coat and a textured clutch for an edgy touch.

Like jumpsuits, midi dresses are a great standalone outfit. Just don’t forget to accessorize—a simple piece of jewelry is all it takes to take your outfit from ordinary to extraordinary.

Fashion That’s “In” For a Night Out

From your weekly night out with the ladies to a special Saturday night, we’ve you covered with these simple style tips. These comfortable, chic, and versatile looks make girls’ night out a breeze so that you can start your night off with confidence and class.

Mix and match PixieLane’s midi dresses, liquid leggings, jumpsuits, and more to stock your wardrobe with options for any occasion.

Keep in mind, girls’ night out isn’t just about what you wear—it’s about spending quality time with the people you love. No matter your style, it’s you and your ladies that make GNO a night to remember! 



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