Holiday Party Games That Everyone Loves

Bridget Reed
Tue Mar 15, 2022

Holiday Party Games That Everyone Loves

When it comes to planning the perfect holiday party, the right activity can make all the difference. The good news is that you have lots of holiday party games to pick from! There’s something for participants of all ages: parents, teens, and kids. With these cool and unique holiday games, you’re guaranteed to make memories the whole family will cherish for a long time to come. 

And PixieLane has the instructions (both for games and style). You may know us as the team you can trust for the perfect outfit for every occasion.

But we don’t just have the wardrobe staples for everyone in the family. We also carry the lifestyle support and resources to help you pick great gifts, create timeless outfits, and plan unforgettable holiday parties. 

When it comes to games and ideas, these are all winners...

What Are the Most Fun Holiday Party Games?

When it comes to fun holiday party games, you’ll want to consider age, space, interests, and more. 

The best holiday party games are perfect for a wide range of family members and guests, easy to explain, and fun to play for hours.

Grab your mug and spoon and fill up the hot chocolate and discover a few of our favorite game ideas and activities for holiday parties for the whole family: 


Rummikub is a game that combines the play of both rummy and mahjong. It’s a strategy game that is easy to explain to parents and kids alike. It can also be played in teams, which is another reason it’s such a good option for holiday parties. We love a good opportunity for team building.

It consists of 106 tiles with two jokes and 104 numeral tiles up to the number 13. Tiles come in four colors. On a player’s turn, they will lay their tiles down in sets, which are known as runs or groups. 

To create a run, you’ll want to lay three or more same-color tiles in consecutive numerical order. To make a group, place down at least three different-colored tiles of the same number.  In addition to laying down runs and sets, you can also place tiles on existing runs and sets on the table and move tiles around. 

Rummikub requires strategy, but the turns move quickly and feature fun and exciting moves. 


If you prefer word games to number games, Scrabble is the way to go. It’s a four-player game but can be played in teams, which makes it a good option for parties. For a little extra holiday cheer, name the teams after winter festivity items. Think "Team Elf" or "Team Ornaments."

Scrabble is played by placing words down on the board. The words must be connected to existing words. You’ll want to try to place as many tiles as possible on advantage spaces, which include increased word and letter scores. 

Scrabble is a calm, cerebral game, which makes it a good choice for after dinner or dessert time.  

Cookie Decorating

One holiday party activity that will never steer you wrong is cookie decorating. Parents and kids of all ages are sure to love decorating cookies, and you can find the best materials for the job at your local grocery store. 

Holiday cookie decorating is wonderful for many reasons, but its versatility and ease make it a good choice for busy parties. You can bake cookies with the little ones or plan them out in advance. Gingerbread makes for a good choice, but you can’t go wrong with sugar cookies. And then it’s a matter of finding the best kit of frosting, sprinkles, and cookie décor to fit your family’s style. 

You can even make this a type of virtual party with family members who live far away. Your kids can be chatting away on the call while their grandparents instruct them on how to best crack an egg and put on a pipette. 

White Elephant Gift Exchange

Another party activity that works for a larger group is the white elephant. It also helps to replace a classic gift exchange, which can get a little overwhelming for big families. 

White elephant gift exchanges can be classy, with gift standards. It can also have a silly twist, with pranks and gag gifts like rolls of toilet paper, guaranteed to make people laugh. You’ll plan the white elephant in advance by ensuring that everyone coming knows to bring a wrapped gift. 

To play, have everyone pick a number out of a hat. This is the order they’ll open the gifts in. You can either open a wrapped gift or steal a gift from someone else. They can open or steal, and so on. The first person to open gets to go one last time at the end. 

Holiday Trivia

This holiday, test your family’s smarts! Make a fun and festive holiday game show with trivia questions to fit the season. It can be written down on flashcards or a whiteboard or put into a multimedia presentation. 

Ask questions related to the holiday like Christmas movies and Christmas carols. Pair teammates that will work well together, and maybe even offer prizes, like Santa hats or candy canes for the champions of the trivia game.

In search of other reindeer games? Try riddles, a relay race, or Christmas charades. 

What Should My Family Wear to Holiday Game Night?

When it comes to the perfect holiday celebration, you want to make sure you have the right outfit for the job. 

We put together a few of our favorite picks that will leave you and your little ones in the holiday spirit until Santa comes down the chimney.

Festive Velvet Clothes

Velvet is a classic for a reason — several, in fact. It looks lovely and put together and is easy to pair with the pieces you and the kids already own. But it’s also warm and comfortable, so you can stay cozy on even the chilliest winter days. Find festive velvet outfits like skirts, dresses, and jumpsuits right here in our collection. 

Cozy Sweatsuits

When it comes to comfortable holiday outfits, cozy sweatsuits are the way to go. You can find them in a wide variety of patterns and styles, which means it’s easy to match the theme and décor. 

The whole family can match, as well. Pick out matching sweatsuits for kids and parents, and take those super cute family photos this holiday season. 


Loungewear is increasing in popularity, and it’s not hard to see why. It’s comfortable, breathable, and classy, and you can elevate it to fit your needs with ease. Match your favorite loungewear with elegant shoes and jewelry to take it to the next level. 

Loungewear will allow you to stay cozy all day long and focus on the things that really matter most (like watching Home Alone on repeat after an epic snowball fight).

Slogan Tees

What’s cuter than a holiday-themed tee? You have so many options to pick from; you’re sure to find a festive slogan tee that fits your style. They pair and layer well with many different pieces and looks. Add them to jeans, skirts, dresses, and more to create the perfect holiday party outfit you can always rely on.

The same goes for kids of all ages. Add a slogan tee to your daughter’s favorite dress, or pair it with cute camo pants for your son.  

Let’s Wrap It Up (No Wrapping Paper Needed)

Planning out holiday parties is always a good time, and you can take your next celebration up a notch with games for the whole family. Try out table games like Rummikub and Scrabble, or opt for a more quick-paced activity, like decorating cookies or leaving clues for holiday scavenger hunts. 

When picking out the perfect activity for family celebrations, consider age, time limits, space, and how many people are playing. 

And you’ll want to consider outfit, as well. Because, after all, the hostess with the mostess wears an outfit that makes her feel confident and comfortable. Velvet jumpsuits, cozy lounge sets, and cute slogan tees are all options you won’t want to miss. 

You’ll find those pieces and a whole lot more available right here at PixieLane. Turn to us for all your family fashion and lifestyle needs. We carry pieces for the whole family and the guides that will help you create outfits they love. Begin planning your next holiday party with the support of PixieLane today. 



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