When Were Hoodies Invented?

Bridget Reed
Tue Mar 15, 2022

When Were Hoodies Invented?

Hoodies are one of the most comfortable and versatile pieces for parents and kids alike. It’s no wonder they’ve been a favorite for generations. In fact, the history of hoodies dates back many decades and has been a staple of subcultures and haute couture design houses for a long time. 

Understanding the history and origin of the humble hoodie can help you to create truly unique and dynamic outfits for everyone in the family. And PixieLane has you covered. We carry a wide inventory of hoodies for girls, boys, and parents alike, and we’re sharing all our favorite parts of hoodie history with you. 

What Is the History of the Hoodie?

Hoodies may seem like relatively modern garments, but the truth is that they can actually be traced back hundreds of years. They have been used for religious purposes, as protection against freezing temperatures, as a class uniform, and a whole lot more. Here’s a look at some of the most important points in hoodie history.  

The 12th Century

One of the earliest versions of the hoodie, as we know it today, can be found as far back as the 12th century in England. Monks traditionally wore this early version of hoodies, though laborers and fieldworkers also used them as protection against the cold. 

The iconic hood was actually referred to as a “cowl.” It was attached to tunics or robes with capes. These cowls were made of warm and simple materials like wool and cinched at the waist. The term “hood” is actually a word derived from Old English, with the meaning “covering,” though the hoodie as we know it would not come by for many years to follow. 

The Early 1900s

New fashion styles and pieces were developed and popularized in the early 1900s. They were supported by advances in technology and access to materials. One such material was the hoodie. 

The modern version of the hoodie was designed to protect factory workers in the cold cities of New York and Chicago in the 1930s. They were produced by the company Champion, who soon began marketing their hoodies to soldiers and athletes. 

The 1970s

The hoodie continued to be used for utilitarian purposes for many decades. But fashion and other art forms have long been interconnected. The popularity and versatility of the hoodie began to grow and change in the 1970s as hip hop culture took root in major cities across the United States. 

In addition to the influence from hip hop and other subcultures, hoodies took root in Hollywood. Specifically, the iconic film Rocky showcases the titular character training in hoodies. Around the same time, universities and fashion designers, starting with Norma Kamali, were also beginning to embrace the simple hoodie for everything from branding to haute couture. 

The 1990s to Today

The hoodie has continued to evolve and grow, finding purchase on the catwalk and in classrooms around the world. 

In the 1990s, it would become an iconic element of California beachwear for the surfer and skateboarder subcultures, which remains true today. In the UK, it also represented certain social classes and became a type of streetwear associated with rowdy youth demographics. 

At the same time, hoodies were a symbol of academia, a modern take on classical styles, with easy branding for universities. And, of course, it grew in popularity among major fashion houses. Designers from Tommy Hilfiger to Ralph Lauren were adding hoodies to their lines. 

Today, hoodies can be found in stores, boutiques, and runways across the country. They are worn by celebrities from art, music, and fashion and are available in more styles and designs than ever before. 

Why Are Hoodies So Beloved?

There are many reasons why hoodies have withstood the test of time and continued to serve as an iconic favorite for many fashion lovers.

Here are just a few:

The Coziest Item in Your Closet

There’s just no denying that hoodies are one of the coziest pieces you can buy. They were originally designed to protect against the elements. That essential purpose hasn’t changed in all the years of hoodie evolution. Hoodies are still made with warm and soft materials that will keep you cozy on even the chilliest winter night. 

The Best Year-Round Layering Item 

Hoodies have been used for a wide range of needs and purposes throughout the years. They served as worker wear, uniforms for men of religion, athleticwear, and a whole lot more. And that versatility is just one of the reasons hoodies are so popular. 

The versatility of the hoodie isn’t limited to style, however. They’re also a perfect piece for layering, which means you can continue to wear your favorite hoodie all year long. 

Pair them with your favorite cozy leggings in the winter, or add them to the beach kit on the next family vacation. No matter what you layer your favorite hoodie with, it’s sure to be cute, comfortable, and stylish every time.

The Ultimate Closet Staple

Parents and kids of all ages are sure to love styling new hoodies. They’re available in a wide range of styles and designs and match many different types of fashion needs. You can embrace a haunt couture style with your hoodie or try out a cool streetwear approach. 

Hoodies are easy to dress up or wear casually, and they fit your fashion needs all year long. That makes them the ultimate closet staple for everyone in the family. 

Where Can I Buy the Cutest Hoodies for the Whole Family?

Here at PixieLane, we’re dedicated to helping you find the right-fit hoodie for everyone in the family. That’s why we carry a wide inventory of hoodie styles and designs. 

Check out girls’ hoodies with designs like ice cream, heats, and tie-dye patterns, and boys’ hoodies featuring camo, lightning bolts, and smiley faces. 

And we didn’t forget about moms! At PixieLane, you’ll find the perfect hoodie for all your fashion needs. Check out women’s hoodies in neutral shades, rainbow designs, and even candy cane designs. You’re sure to find a look you love right here in our collection. 

Hoodie History at a Glance

Hoodies have been an essential piece of fashion for many centuries. They have served many different purposes, both as utilitarian wardrobe essentials, and as staples of the hottest fashion houses. 

They have represented countercultures and subcultures, and come in a wide range of styles and designs. Hoodies were first recorded as far back as the 12th century and were reintroduced in the early 1900s for workers, soldiers, and athletes. Over the years, they were influenced by and influenced music, subcultures, movies, and high fashion. 

Today, you can find hoodies everywhere, from the classroom to the beach to the catwalk, and it’s not hard to see why. Hoodies are cozy, perfect for layering, and a versatile wardrobe essential that matches many of the pieces you already own. 

And you can find the perfect new hoodie right here at PixieLane. We’re the team you can trust for all your family fashion needs. We’re guaranteed to deliver on the long legacy of the hoodie with pieces for parents and kids. Explore our wide collection of hoodies for moms, boys, and girls here at PixieLane, and begin making your own fashion statement today.  


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