Five Ways These Cool Moms Grew Businesses During a Pandemic

Bridget Reed
Fri Oct 29, 2021

Five Ways These Cool Moms Grew Businesses During a Pandemic

No two ways about it: Covid has brought new realities for all of us. Who could’ve imagined in 2020 that we’d be sanitizing doorknobs, homeschooling our kids, and going makeup-less for weeks? 

Of course, if that was the worst of it we have reason to be grateful. We all know how difficult the physical, emotional, and financial toll of the virus has been for many. 

That’s why the successes of one particular crew of moms are so very remarkable.

Meet the women of PixieLane: an awesome children’s clothing retailer that empowers mom entrepreneurs to build their own boutiques. PixieLane provides its members with adorable apparel and smart selling tactics, and the women—known as consultants—run their personal fashion businesses on their own terms. The proof that it’s so doable? Even during the biggest health crisis in a century, PixieLane consultants and their businesses thrived. Here’s how they did it:

They tried new tactics. No in-person sales? No problem! PixieLane consultants got super creative. Amanda Forte from New Jersey sent out weekly marketing emails to grow her business online, while Julie Ingegno of New York hosted a virtual PixieLane party for the gals in her neighborhood.


They tapped into the community. More than ever, the consultants relied on each other for inspo and motivation. Lauren Hozumi of New Jersey joined other PixieLane moms—most of whom she’d never met—for invigorating virtual workouts (#pelopixies). And Michelle Delaney from North Carolina gained from the business experiences shared by her fellow consultants. She loves how that reinforces what parents teach their kids: that being kind is key to success.

They took to social media. To drum up business, many of the fashionistas turned to social media. Erica Paul of Florida, for one, built a significant following with her expanded online presence and photo stream. And get a load of this cool stat: After getting social media help from the PixieLane team, Ali Cantor in Ohio has earned more than half of what she made in all of 2020 in just the first three months of 2021.

They nurtured new relationships. Like many PixieLane consultants, Lisa Tekula of Florida at first sold only to her friends. But when her group began saving more and shopping less during the pandemic, she started connecting with other locals. Similarly, two of Jenn Popolo-Le Piane from New York’s best customers are from outside her social circle. Aside from the business they bring in, she’s really glad to have gotten to know them. 

They practiced patience. Getting a business off the ground takes time. Not surprisingly, that’s even truer in a pandemic. So for PixieLane moms, the mantra has been: patience, patience, patience. In the beginning, Ali’s PixieLane gig took time and energy and with consistent effort, her business has really grown. That’s a story that many PixieLane consultants tell about their own experiences.

Consultant Polaroid StringGrit, spunk, and a little ingenuity. That’s what helped the moms of PixieLane keep business booming despite once-in-a-lifetime challenges. But even once the pandemic is just a memory, these tactics will still serve them and their businesses well. And the perks they enjoy—extra income, flexibility, work-life balance, community—will continue to be there for them too.

Interested in starting your own boutique business with PixieLane? Get more information here.

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