Why More Stay-At-Home-Moms Are Turning to Flexible Entrepreneurship

Bridget Reed
Fri Oct 29, 2021

Why More Stay-At-Home-Moms Are Turning to Flexible Entrepreneurship

...and Why You Might Want to Jump on the Bandwagon.

As awesome as it can be to stay home with your kids full-time, you might be among the moms who’ve noticed that SAHM life 24/7 isn't your jam. 

Maybe you find you don’t have enough adult time, or you worry that your remaining brain cells will atrophy, or you simply want to find purpose outside of parenting. Whatever it is, trust us—you’re not alone. In fact, it was thoughts like these that spurred three moms to create PixieLane. They wanted to help other mothers build something satisfying for themselves and rediscover who they were without the demands of a corporate boss or a 9-5 timetable.

Their solution: flexible entrepreneurship, which essentially means you run your own business when and how you want. With this model, moms can truly have it all—and that's why so many SAHMs are happy, successful PixieLane consultants on the side. Below, we explore five reasons it works so well:

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1. You’re instantly part of a community.
As anyone who’s spent all day managing a baby knows, being a SAHM can feel lonely and the conversation is somewhat one-sided. Even if you find your mom crew, endless potty training talk gets old quick. But with PixieLane, you connect with other SAHM moms who relate to the daily ups and downs of meal prep and tantrums, but are also eager to engage with you on the topics of money-making, skill development, and business-building.

2. Speaking of making money—it feels really good to earn some again.


A lot of moms miss bringing in their own cash and don’t want to have to ask about every purchase or justify every decision. Also, life is expensive! With the flexible entrepreneurship offered by PixieLane, you can make enough to pay for "extras"—think a date night with the gals, or a handbag splurge— without thinking twice.

3. And it all happens on your own schedule.
Here’s the genius part: you decide when, where and how much time to put into your PixieLane venture. During naptime, while the kids are at preschool, in the gymnastics class waiting room, even on playdates—anything goes! You can truly structure it around the demands of your hectic #momlife and still keep family as #1.


4. The recognition is really nice.
SAHMs put in a ton of work—from folding laundry to managing diaper crises —but let’s face it, most of those tasks go unheralded. When you build a business with PixieLane, you’ll find your effort appreciated by your customers, community, fellow consultants, your partner, and most importantly, yourself! 

5. You keep a toe in the professional world.
One major—and valid—concern of many SAHMs is that they’ll have a child-bearing-and-rearing-sized gap in their resumes should they want to return to work. Once again, PixieLane’s flexible entrepreneurship comes to the rescue: it allows you to stay sharp on skills, grow professionally, and have a powerful success story to tell any recruiter down the line. 

Intrigued? We can help you take the first steps toward flexible entrepreneurship and teach you all you need to know. Learn more here.

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