First Day of School Outfits That Are Memorable

Back To School Shopping! Parents, it’s understandable that every child wants to wear the newest trends. Even if they’re nervous about their first day, they’re probably excited about back-to-school shopping. We’ve compiled this guide to helping your kid look stylish while staying comfortable. 

It’s your child’s first day on campus, and they want to stand out of the crowd. How can they make an impression on the first day of school? Clothes are a fun way to help even the shyest children have the confidence they need to jump on the jungle gym and raise their hand in class.

Select pieces that complement their personality. For instance, if your little one is a music fanatic with a sense of personal style, start with some casual denim jeans and a band t-shirt. You can layer their look with a light leather jacket and rockin’ new boots to keep them warm and protected. Try completing the outfit with some comeback-style bracelets.

It’s a new school year; it’s a new outfit. It’s time for all new teachers, classrooms, and backpacks.

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What Should My Child Wear on the First Day of School?

Every little girl is different (some girls like bows, while others prefer overalls). Include their unique personalities in their outfits. 

Animal print and fruit-printed jumpsuits call out for a lot of fun with some new friends. Your son loves the color blue and wants to match his whole outfit with everything. A color-coordinated wardrobe from head to toe can be a “wow” factor. 

You can never go wrong with what styles you choose to dress your child. As long as their outfits match their personalities, they will have a great first day of school.

Something Comfortable

When it comes to comfort versus fashion, you’ll want to keep in mind the amount of time they’ll be in their classrooms. Make sure not to forget about the activities they will be doing during their time in school. There are many combinations of casual, comfortable clothes that are also very stylish.

Here are some things to remember while choosing a great school outfit:

Most children in their preschool ages will likely be on their feet for the greater part of the day. Consider comfortable shoes, as some little princesses will likely want to wear their shiny pink dress shoes.

Dresses and button-ups are adorable get-ups. These are great clothing choices as long as they’re machine washable. It’s safe to assume your little one will likely be playing on the grass and running around the swingset. Pair the cute dresses with colorful leggings and doll shoes. This way, they can feel pretty and be comfortable throughout the day.

Something Durable

Durability is essential for all ages. Children like to run around and make messes. Assure that the material of clothing you choose to dress them fits well. Double-check all the sizing charts. It might even help to measure your kid at the end of summer: They grow like beans!

They likely come home with a stained shirt or paint on their sleeves. They might trip and fall once in a while. Make sure those denim jeans can take a scrape or two and not rip easily. 

Ask your child’s teacher what the rules are about gym class and recess, especially for your tween’s clothing. They might need to bring running sneakers or other athletic gear to get the most out of their scheduled physical activities. 

Something That Makes Them Feel Confident

Every child is unique in their own way. Letting them feel confident in what they wear can take out the stress and anxiety of the first day of school. 

Whether it’s a new school or a new classroom, the first day of school is always a mix of emotions for the children. If they feel comfortable and confident in their clothing, the better they feel about going to school on the first day.

What Are the Coolest Styles for Back To School?

There are so many great fashions and styles right now, particularly cool throwback and retro styles like tie-dye. No matter what style your child loves, there is one that will stick out to them. 

Crop tops and denim jackets are in, along with chunky boots and sneakers. Accessories, such as hair bows and fingerless gloves, can add a hint of glamour or edge to any look. 

Jumpsuits and Rompers

Can’t get enough of rompers and jumpsuits for your daughter? This look is perfect for both a relaxed Saturday afternoon at the park or a rushed moment when your little one is dragging their feet on getting ready for school. 

Have a little fun picking out different patterns and textures; the options are seemingly endless. Rompers are perfect for the warmer months, and jumpsuits are ideal for when the weather turns. 

One of our children’s favorite times is when we chaperone their field trip. Really make the most of this moment with Mommy and Me outfits.

Matching Sets

The best matching sets are the ones that compliment your child’s personality. Pink floral skirts with a pink laced shirt are great for a feminine look. Matching sweatsuits have always been a classic, and adding a cool camo element to this is sure to delight your child. 

Tie-dye outfits usually come in a set, which can be a great choice for the first day of school. It is comfortable, in style, and effortless.

Bold Patterns

Choosing bold patterns can have heads turning and can even be a unique conversation starter.

From animal prints to geometric patterns, your child will be the light of the lunchroom. Multi-colored outfits are very appealing and can be well-paired with a flashy new leather jacket. Bright colors and bold patterns send a statement.

Bold patterns and bright colors give an impression of confidence and comfort. Go on, let your child express their creativity!

Learning and Growing

No matter what outfit you choose to dress your child for the first day of school, keep in mind the basic essentials of their clothing.

Take a look at our Back to School collection for everything your little one needs to create lasting friendships and enjoy the learning process.  Let their personalities show in their outfits. Children are more likely to feel confident when they are comfortable in their clothing. 



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