Fashion Ideas For Women in the Workplace

Bridget Reed
Tue Oct 12, 2021

Fashion Ideas For Women in the Workplace

From the first initial interview to the first day of your career, dressing to impress is key. Dress codes can be intimidating when you are unsure of the support of the company. There are ways to retain dress codes with your fashion influences.

Unless you are lucky enough to work from home, you will probably run into a dress code or two in your time. 

Read on to discover some outfit inspiration for the professional woman: 

What Are Common Workplace Dress Codes?

Naturally, when we think of workplace dress codes, we think of a dress suit with tights and closed-toe pumps. Maybe we think of a flattering blouse and an appealing jacket. However, these days it’s not quite as straightforward. Dress codes usually depend on your workplace culture.


Casual dress codes typically suggest jeans, a white T-shirt, and sneakers. For some companies, the “casual” dress code refers to slacks, dress shirts, blouses, and skirts. 

If you do prefer your comfortable pair of blue jeans, inspect that it is the appropriate attire for your workplace. Consider cuts and tears and the length of your mom jeans. Wearing sneakers or flats are common in “casual” dress codes. 

To elevate casual looks, the trick is to involve more formal but still relaxed textures, like lace statement sleeves or similar content. 

Business Casual

Being in a “business casual” workplace may seem confusing on what to wear. But, it doesn’t have to be. It can be the most versatile line of fashion. You can look like a professional wearing a little black dress with ankle boots. Send a statement with an elegant bright-colored necklace, and so on.

Other acceptable “business casual” staples are boot-legged jeans paired with a chiffon flowing blouse. A wrap-around maxi dress is a fashion trend in a business casual workplace. So play along with it.

For a complete expression on your apparel, layer it with a blazer-like jacket. 

Business Professional

It’s time to get down to business! A “professional” attire usually requires certain looks. A seamless blouse puts out a good impression. Tidy pants or skirts with a blazer stand out.

Florals and other colorful prints (like animal prints) stand out as well. Be sure to wear proper footwear. Steer away from high heels that are more than three inches high.

Business Formal

Business Formal (aka Black Tie) attire is the red carpet runway of business apparel with a sense of professionalism. We typically wear “business formal” clothing when attending a ceremonial event —for instance, a company award ceremony. You want to look your best when you’re called up on stage in front of your coworkers. 

Long evening dresses are essential when going to a formal event. Suit dresses and suit skirt outfits are more appropriate in a workplace. Accessorize with a dash of bling desired.

How Can I Bring My Style Into the Workplace?

Bringing your trendy style into the workplace can be tricky but not impossible. Combining your professionalism and vogue ensemble can be done. Propose elegance and vision.

Bring brightness into the workplace with these well-suited outfit ideas:

Black Jumpsuits

Let’s get to the point; sometimes, you just don’t have the time to plan out your outfit. On these occasions, the best result is a staple jumpsuit.

Accessorize with a dark leather belt and minimal statement jewelry to achieve a trendy yet professional sophistication. You can take this black outfit up a notch by adding outerwear, like sweaters in bright colors or stripes.

Colorful Leggings

When you think of leggings for proper work clothing, you might assume that it’s casual. Let alone colorful selections of leggings. However, if you coordinate the right pieces together, you can pull off a great look. 

Consider wearing layers: a suede leather jacket or floral print blazer can give a sense of expertise to every successful woman.

What about shoes? Select a pair of high heels or flats that give a “wow” factor. In general, it is best to stay away from sandals, which are best pulled out for the weekend. 

Tie-Dye Dresses

Tie-dye dresses are so versatile nowadays. Similar to colorful leggings, we assume tie-dye clothing is a free Friday, aka Casual Friday. Orchestrate a flair into your wardrobe with a two-piece dress. Pair it with booties that accent the color choices of your tie-dye influence.

A tie-dye garb risks being too casual in a high-stress, high-performance field. By minimizing your accessories and statement features, you can express a fashionable impression of respectability. 

Neutral Basics

You want to dress to impress: Dress for the job you want. We’ve heard it all before. So, what do you need?

Neutral basics include a simple black dress that presents a competent individual. You want to feel confident in what you wear and dress to inspire your colleagues.

Designers have made it easy for women to grasp a fashion statement with staple pieces. Something you can have all year round, but ensemble a different look each time you wear it. Suits and blazers are timeless outfits that can be worn in a professional office setting or customer service station.

Managing your wardrobe with neutral staple pieces and executing the feel of sophistication is key to bringing your style to the workplace.

Work It

Gathering the right pieces together can bring that professionalism to life. Setting a tone with your two-piece tie-dye dress, booties, and a long coat displays a strong, confident woman. 

At PixieLane, we know a thing or two about the perfect outfit for working women. A great workplace recognizes fashion and professionalism can coexist and leads to happier, more productive workers. 

Thus, bring your A-game to that job interview. Be the bold fashionista with skinny jeans, a long flowy blouse, strappy pumps, and a pressed blazer. There’s nothing better than making a first impression with a wardrobe that shouts “WOW!”



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