Fashion Babies: Starting Them Off Trendy

Bridget Reed
Thu Oct 28, 2021

Young girl and a baby girl wearing matching outfit.

Do you want your newborn or toddler to look their absolute trendiest? Well, there are so many different fashionable options when it comes to dressing your baby. Most of the trendiest babies wear several must-have clothing items.

Start here for a sneak peek at all the best fashion tips for dressing your adorable baby in the most stylish clothes. 

How Should I Dress My Baby?

Maybe you got a baby shower gift or two for apparel that is not something you'd normally put in your cart. That's ok!

There are many other places where you can select styles for a wide range of your favorite baby boy and baby girl clothes. You should choose styles for your baby that speak to you. There is nothing sweeter than showing your grown child pictures of them as a baby in the cutest t-shirts, bibs, and baby socks.

Our kids might not all grow up to be fashion designers, but that doesn't mean we can't teach them to dress with confidence and (and never to buy fashion at the retail price!). After all, healthy habits start when our little ones are still in diapers.

Keep reading for all the info on how to dress your babe in style. 

Matching with Mommy

Go for the matching route! Everyone loves the look of an adorable baby dressed up just like mom. Look for all the best matching harem sets, matching tops, hoodies, and more when deciding how to dress your little one. If you are having a hard time deciding, go off of your own style. If you like bright colors, find the color scheme that fits both you and your baby. 

Bonding with your child is the most important thing you can do as a mom. It fosters healthy development and gives your child a heightened sense of belonging and safety. Mommy and Me outfits are a great way to let your little one know that they're part of the club.

Create memories by bonding with your child over matching outfits. Photograph the occasion and experience the meaningful fun of matching Mommy and Me outfits.

Follow Your Style

You don't have to match exactly to coordinate seamlessly. If you are all going out as a family, let your individual aesthetic inform your choices for the whole family.

For example, if your favorite season is the holidays and the New Year, show up at family festivities, all wearing a similar item or color. Your parents will love to see their granddaughter or grandson dressed all to the nines in the latest trends or from a new collection.

Go for Comfort and Durability

It is so important to choose baby clothes that prioritize comfort and durability. Comfort is crucial for keeping a baby happy in their clothes. What’s the point of adorable baby styles if your baby is itchy or irritated?

The best baby clothes are made of a variety of blends. Look for clothes made out of varying blends of cotton, polyester, rayon, nylon, and more.

Also, here’s a little secret: baby’s make messes! Is that a shock? Okay, it’s not. So, because of this, when shopping for baby clothes, you need to choose the options that are the most durable for those tough baby messes and stains. 

Go For Ease

As a parent of a newborn or toddler, you want fashion choices that are not super difficult to put on your squirming baby. There are several go-to baby clothing items that make dressing your fashionable baby a little easier.

There are also tips and tricks to aid in the ease of dressing your little one:

  • Choose items that require little time to put on.
  • Lightweight fabrics can make for an easy dressing experience.
  • Have multiple types of the same outfit so that you can easily change in and out of a new one when accidents happen.
  • Find the balance between keeping your cool and warm. Long sleeves or long skirts can also protect against sun exposure (as well as the cold).
  • Comfort is key for a happy baby.

The processing of dressing your baby can feel like a difficult experience, especially with multiple diaper changes happening. Choose clothing items that make it easier. If you can dress your little one with minimal difficulty, that makes the fashion experience much more fun. 

What Baby Clothes Are Trending Now?

There are so many different types of baby clothes that are trending today. Find some of the cutest styles to dress your little girl in. From jumpers to rompers to sundresses, you can turn your little princess into a fashion icon in no time.

Have a little boy that you wanna dress to impress? Style options are endless for him too.


Jumpsuits are some of the cutest and easiest outfits to put your little girl in. They give a complete head-to-toe look in no time.  The jumpsuit is the first item we needed to list because, with just one piece, you can have a total look: an additional item or snazzy extra is nice but totally not needed. 


You will be hard-pressed to find a baby fashion trend that is more popular than a romper. Rompers are so easy to put on your little one and are always a cute look.

From colors, patterns, and styles, you will find a romper that expresses the personality of your baby. Accessorize this adorable fashion statement easily, and your little girl will look and feel as adorable as can be.

Matching Sweatshirts and Harem Pants

There is nothing cuter than a perfectly coordinated baby outfit. Grab a matching sweatshirt with a pair of harem pants and get your little man looking as cute as ever. Find the perfect selection of colorful matching harem sets for your little girl, too! This is an iconic look for the most fashionable baby trends.

A quick bonus note: you can switch up matching sets from the same manufacturer, and the look will always be cohesive.

Adorable Headbands

Accessorizing is the best way to complete a look. Find all the cutest prints and patterns to give your baby’s outfit that finishing touch. From flowers to bows, an adorable headband is sure to give your little one that fashionable edge. 

Best Fashion Foot Forward

Starting off your baby with these show-stopping fashion looks will put your baby on the right track for being the most adorable and trendy child. 

At PixieLane, browsing our entire site for fashion classics and continual new arrivals is a breeze. For everything from colorful jumpsuits to cute dresses to shorts, our mission is to help families look and feel their best. 



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