Girls Christmas and Holiday Dresses: Picking the Right One

Bridget Reed
Thu Oct 28, 2021

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Holidays are typically known for being the best time of the year. So many different traditions, meals, and festive outings make everything surrounding the holidays so special. Find the right outfit for your little girl to make the season even more full of magic.

With the perfect Christmas dress, she will feel the cheer of the holiday season and shine brighter than the lights on the Christmas tree. 

When Can My Little Girl Wear Her Holiday Outfit?

There are so many reasons and occasions to dress up for the holiday season. The right holiday outfit will set the Christmas festivities up for success. Your little girl can wear her Christmas dress for so many holiday traditions.

Some of the best reasons to dress up are for those special holiday moments such as:

  • A family photoshoot
  • Those iconic family dinners
  • Caroling
  • Christmas recitals

These are just some of the places for your little girl to wear her best holiday outfit. There are many more things you can come up with that are sure to make Christmas special.

Holidays are one of the most significant times adults look back on with nostalgia. So many of us remember the unique moments that we treasure. Whether you are carrying on the traditions of a movie marathon, baking sugar cookies, or opening one present together on Christmas Eve, you are sure to create memories that your daughter will cherish forever. 

Holiday Photos

Holiday photos are the perfect excuse to get the entire family dressed up. Find your little girl the perfect holiday dress and coordinate with the rest of the family for a holiday photo. With that festive look, each and every one of your family members will be in the Christmas spirit in no time.

Some of the best Christmas photoshoot ideas include:

  • Matching or coordinating holiday outfits
  • Ugly Christmas sweaters
  • Bundled up at a Christmas tree lot
  • Decorating the tree together
  • Including the pets
  • Playing in the snow

The ideas for the perfect Christmas photos are only limited by your creativity. Choose the location and the wardrobe, and you will capture the most important memories you could make.  Don’t be afraid to coordinate the whole shoot around your kids’ favorite books or movies!

Holiday Dinners

Everyone wants to show up to a holiday dinner dressed to impress. But, most importantly, it is important that every member of your family is fashionable and comfortable. Holiday dinners shouldn’t feel so stuffy that you can’t wait to get out of your best clothes. Let your holiday wardrobe be comfortable, too.

Dress up your little girl in the most adorable holiday dress. One that she wants to cook in, set up the table in, and enjoy what could possibly be her favorite meal of the year.

Show up with a meal and the best holiday dress and create memories that last.

Holiday Recitals

Another great place to dress up your little girl is for holiday recitals. Who doesn’t love seeing their adorable child up on stage singing, dancing, or putting on a play? Take it a step further by getting her the perfect outfit. Dress your little girl up in her new favorite Christmas dress. Photograph the event to always remember one of the sweetest moments in the most adorable holiday outfit.

What Should I Look for in a Holiday Dress?

When shopping for a holiday dress, there is so much to consider. It is important that the style fits the look you are going for. But what is also important is that your daughter feels relaxed and confident in the winter season.

Many holiday outfits are itchy and scratchy. Kids are often more sensitive to fabrics than adults, so sticking with soft fabric is a must. 

Coordination with the Family

Coordination with the family is so fun. It is so nice to enter into the holiday season knowing that every member of the family coordinates well. Choose a holiday dress that coordinates with everyone in the family — don’t be afraid to get the pets in on the matching outfits with a coordinating bandana or collar. 

Festive Patterns

If it is the holiday season, you are going to want to dress up your little girl in the cutest, trendiest festive patterns. Choose the best colors, patterns, textures, and style for the right holiday dress. 

There are many routes to go, but picking what is best for your little girl is worth the effort in finding just the right fit. Whether you go with red and green plaid or snowflakes, the winter season inspires beautiful fashion moments.

Sparkles and Glitter

Every little girl loves sparkles and glitter. Brighten up her Christmas dress with sparkles galore. A shining dress will be sure to make your little girl stand out in the crowd. What better way to help her stand out than by giving her a dress that sparkles and shines?

For a smaller accent of sparkles, go for a bright bow or glittery shoes: accessories are an essential part of any outfit.

Let Her Style Shine

For every fashion statement, regardless of age, it is important for the person’s personality to shine through. Your little girl is no exception. For Christmas time, it is so crucial that your daughter feels and looks her best.

Let her be a part of the selection process. Help her develop her own sense of style and be part of her fashion journey with her. These moments are amazing at cementing her confidence and your bond.

Warm Looks for the Winter Season

Christmas is one of the best times of the year. You can create fun memories, attend special holiday events, bond with family from near and far, and dress in your favorite holiday outfits. The entire family is a part of the most special Christmas moments. That is what makes it so magical. 

Give your girl another reason to love Christmas by dressing her in the most beautiful holiday dress from PixieLane.



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