Easter Shirts For a Kids’ Easter Egg Hunt

Bridget Reed
Sun Nov 07, 2021

Easter Shirts For a Kids’ Easter Egg Hunt

Easter is a special time for both parents and kids that is full of fascinating traditions. It’s a chance to go on Easter egg hunts, exchange chocolate and other sweet treats, and spend time with friends and loved ones.

Easter can make for some special memories, which is why you’ll want to make sure you have some great Easter outfits picked out for your little ones. You’ll be able to enjoy the Easter photos for years to come!

And PixieLane has you covered.

Here at PixieLane, we have the comfortable, reliable, and absolutely adorable pieces that will match every special occasion, including Easter. Whether you and the kids are hanging out in the backyard and enjoying the Easter basket, or you need stylish and crisp outfits for Easter Sunday service, turn to the team at PixieLane to get started.  

What Do You Wear to an Easter Egg Hunt? 

Dressing nice for the holiday isn’t limited to the little ones. There are many great ways for mom to stay cute and comfortable while still keeping up with busy kids and toddlers.

Here are a few of our top picks for you and the kids to check out this Easter:

Matching Sets

You can’t go wrong with matching Mommy and Me sets for the next exciting Easter egg hunt, and as a fashion brand owned by moms, we have the looks you need. We carry Mommy and Me sets in different Easter-themed colors, patterns, and styles, so you’re sure to find a look you really love that sets all those adorable family photos apart.


Dresses are another great option for Easter egg hunts. After all, an Easter dress is a classic for a reason. You can find Easter dresses in lots of different styles, but little ones and older kids alike are sure to look fun and festive in pastels, florals, and other fun spring designs.

There are even great options for moms looking to stay comfortable and chic this Easter. A lace or scalloped bottom hem is a great way to add a little something special to your Easter dress.


The perfect Easter outfit needs the perfect accessories, and you have lots of great options to pick from. The kids will love the funny and festive accessories, like a bunny ear headband, but hair bows, jewelry, and even a great pair of shoes can really help to make an Easter outfit pop.

What Shirts Should I Wear to a Kids Easter Egg Hunt? 

Of course, you and the kids want comfort and mobility when it comes to the next Easter egg hunt. Easter can also vary when it comes to temperature, so it’s a good idea to have layering options.

Here are some of our favorite Easter shirts for the whole family:

Graphic T-Shirts

Parents and kids alike are sure to find graphic t-shirts they love for the Easter holiday. You can find funny Easter shirts with bunnies, carrots, eggs, or other holiday images. Or maybe cute is more your style and speed.

With spring floral vibes, there’s a classy and comfortable t-shirt to match your wardrobe favorites. Graphic t-shirts make for great gift ideas and can even be added to an Easter basket to get into the spirit of the season.

Cozy Sweaters

And for those Easter hunts that are just a little too chilly for t-shirts, cozy sweaters are the way to go. They’re easy to match, comfortable, and versatile, and they’re sure to make every family photo festive and adorable. You can layer a cozy sweater over a dress or skirt for girls or khakis or jeans for boys.

They can help to make any outfit classy and stylish without sacrificing comfort, and you can find them in lots of fun colors and styles. Sweaters are easy to dress up or down, depending on the occasion, so you’ll be able to enjoy wearing your favorite Easter sweater for a long time to come.

Colorful Crew Tops

Crew tops add a little something special to the classic t-shirt, and they can really make you stand out. They’re very similar to tees, but they don’t have a collar, and the fabric goes up to the neck, which means they’ll keep you warm and comfortable all Easter egg hunt long. You can find crew neck long-sleeves, short sleeves, sweaters, and sweatshirts, so explore your options and pick out the look you really love.

One of the reasons we can’t get enough of crew necks is that they come in lots of great color options, and that’s just perfect for Easter. Embrace pastels and spring colors in your cute crew top, and keep it on hand for when spring days get a little chilly.

And it’s easy to find matching crew tops for the whole family, so you know every Easter family photoshoot is sure to be fun and festive without the fuss.

On the Hunt for Fashion

PixieLane was developed by busy moms, for busy moms. That’s why we understand all too well just how exciting the holidays and special occasions can be. So, we’re dedicated to sharing the tools and resources that will help you every step of the way.

Easter can be a very special holiday and a great opportunity to make memories with kids old and young—and the right outfit can make all the difference. And since mobility is essential to winning every Easter egg hunt, we also carry clothes that allow you and the kids to run far and climb high in search of chocolate and cottontails.

With our growing catalog, you’ll find clothes and accessories that make it easy to stay creative with every new outfit without sacrificing comfort. Plan your next Easter egg hunt and your next perfect outfit to create memories that will last a lifetime. 



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