Easter Egg Hunt: How To Plan a Good Easter

Bridget Reed
Sat Nov 06, 2021

Easter Egg Hunt: How To Plan a Good Easter

Easter is a special time to spend with loved ones, and little kids are sure to love all the wonderful Easter memories. It can feel overwhelming to plan a good Easter, especially when it comes to the all-important Easter egg hunt, but don’t worry.

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Here’s a look at the best way to plan an Easter egg hunt that everyone will remember:

How Do You Organize an Outdoor Easter Egg Hunt?

The Easter egg hunt is a holiday classic that originated in Germany and quickly spread all over the world. There are many great ways to make your Easter egg hunt really stand out. Creating a hunt in your own backyard or neighborhood is a great way to bring the family or community together on a special day.

Here are a few things you’ll want to add to your checklist when it comes to planning the next Easter egg hunt:

Pick a Theme

Of course, Easter already counts as a theme, but you can take it a step further. Pick out your kids’ favorite parts of the holidays, like the bunnies, the chocolate eggs, spring florals, or similar content, and design your hunt around that. That makes it easy to find and design décor, decorate the eggs, and fill your Easter eggs with treasures perfect for the theme.

For example, you can also make the Easter egg hunt into more of a scavenger hunt, with Easter egg hunt clues and riddles for any type of theme or style.

Looking for something unique? Bring Easter-themed arts and crafts into this holiday. Painting eggs is a classic, but what about decorating their Easter bag? Everyone from toddlers to big kids will love to decorate the buckets or Easter baskets they use to collect their prizes and trinkets. 

Let's hop to it and look at the top creative Easter egg hunt ideas.

Fill the Eggs

What’s more fun than filling the Easter eggs for the hunt? Candies are a traditional prize for Easter, but you have more great options to pick from. Consider mini prizes like toys, inflatables, tiny puzzles, and more.

Older kids and teens will appreciate change or dollar bills for the really well-hidden eggs. And if you want to make the Easter egg hunt extra special, you can also include a golden ticket, which participants can redeem at the prize tent for balloons or toys.

With Easter, there is no need for specific trophies! Each plastic egg is its own prize. Scatter these eggs and fill them with candy or even shiny coins.

Hide the Eggs

Once the eggs are all filled, it’s time to hide! Gather up a partner in crime, if you can, to help you place the eggs around the backyard or the park. This is best done late Saturday night after your kids' bedtime so that they are fully surprised come Easter Sunday.

Make a Map

While you’re hiding your eggs, you’ll also want to keep a record of where you’ve tucked them away. Once you have the map made for yourself, you can also make a different version for the kids to follow, with a few clues and secrets, so they can follow the steps to find all the eggs.

Additionally, it’s a good idea to count all the eggs once or twice before you hide them. That will make it easy to determine when all of the eggs have been collected back up. You can also "register" the eggs with a number written in Sharpie so you can make sure they all come back.

Have Fun!

Easter egg hunts are a great way for friends and family members to bond. No matter how you plan your Easter egg hunt, what theme you pick, or prizes you add, your community is sure to appreciate the special day.

And now that you’ve done the work, you can sit back and enjoy the holiday fun!

What Do You Wear To an Easter Egg Hunt?

Easter is a time for making special memories, and that means you’ll want to take plenty of pictures.

Here are a few fashion and outfit ideas the whole family will enjoy wearing on the day of the next Easter egg hunt:

Graphic Tees

What’s not to love about a holiday-themed graphic tee? You can find cute and colorful graphic tees with Easter bunnies, carrots, Easter eggs, and more. There are lots of styles and designs for the spring season that can match many holiday events.

Easter can be warm or cool, depending on how early it falls (March to April, usually). It’s easy to add a sweater or sweatshirt to a graphic tee, as the weather calls for.

Matching Sets

You can’t go wrong with a fun and festive matching set—and you have lots of great options to pick from. Matching sets are typically made up of top and bottom pieces in the same color, pattern, or theme.

They’re a great option for the busy mom on the go because you don’t have to worry about finding more pieces for the wardrobe. A matching set matches itself. If you have kids close in age, you can put them in similar matching sets, which is perfect for getting great holiday photos.

Adorable Dresses

When it comes to Easter, the spring dress is a classic—and it’s not hard to see why. You can dress your little one up in pastels and spring shades or find a dress with lots of cute flowery patterns.

No matter what adorable dress you pick out, your kids are sure to be comfortable and cute for the Easter egg hunt ahead.

The Easter Bunny: The Hunt Is Afoot

Easter is a very special time, especially for growing families, and there’s no better way to make holiday memories than with creative Easter egg hunts.

Follow your themes, add cute and fun prizes, and make maps or write riddles to add that little something special to your Easter egg hunt. The whole family is sure to appreciate it.

 And they’re sure to appreciate the cute spring outfits available here at PixieLane, as well. Pick out the next Easter egg hunt outfit from our collection of graphic tees, matching sets, adorable dresses, and more, and get ready for memory-making moments this Easter.



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