Easter Outfits: What To Wear to the Egg Hunt

Bridget Reed
Mon May 09, 2022

Easter Outfits: What To Wear to the Egg Hunt

What’s more fun than going on an Easter egg hunt with the whole family? It’s the perfect opportunity for them to spend time with friends from the community, and they get to enjoy the fresh spring weather while getting into the spirit of the search. Egg hunts are even fun for parents, who get to encourage their little ones to try, play, and explore.

You’ll want to remember all the special memories of your family’s Easter egg hunt, and that means picking out the perfect outfit. PixieLane is here to help you find the pieces you’re sure to love for all those important holidays and everyday events. Find the best outfits and Easter basket stuffers for kids of all ages this season.

The Best Easter Outfits for Girls

The top Easter outfits for egg hunts are cute and comfortable. After all, she’ll need to be able to run around and find the hidden eggs.

Here are some of the top kids’ Easter outfits for this spring-time holiday.

Tulle Dresses for Easter

You can’t go wrong with a colorful tulle ensemble. Your toddler girls will feel like princesses on this sunny day with a tulle skirt, tutu, or smocked dress. Tulle is festive and appropriate for the holiday but still comfortable for them to move around in. They can collect eggs and spring flowers with ease.

Pastel-Colored Spring Clothes for Girls

Pastels are truly iconic for the springtime fashion season. You can find many one-piece sets and girls’ Easter styles in pastels, making it easy for your girls to pick out Easter clothes, tees, and outfit sets that fit their style and fashion sense.

Want to take pastel looks to the next level? Consider adding a touch of floral print applique design to their Easter dress. A floral dress or t-shirt is a lovely way to get into the spirit of the egg hunt.

Sleeveless Dresses for Easter Sunday

Easter can be warm or cool, which is why you always want to check the weather before dressing your baby girls. On toasty spring days, a sleeveless dress is a wonderful party dress outfit for staying cool and still looking chic.

Mix and match sleeveless Easter dress styles with thick or thin straps, lace or scalloped necklines, long and short hems, and more. They accessorize well with a wide range of shoes, from sneakers to sandals, and the versatility makes them the ideal option for a warm Easter Sunday. Pop a pair of leggings on for added mobility.

Stylish Accessories for Springtime

Of course, the right accessories can make all the difference. You can even add cute accessories to your girls' and boys’ Easter baskets. This will make their hunt more magical and infuse the gift with sentimental value.

Consider chic Easter accessories like bunny ears in their favorite colors, bright jewelry, or hair accessories that keep the hair out of their face while they search for eggs.

Jumpsuits and Rompers for Warm Spring Days

If your girls like dresses but want a little more mobility on the day of the egg hunt, a jumpsuit or romper might be the right option for them. Jumpsuits and rompers also have the top and bottom pieces connected, so you don’t need to worry about finding matching pieces on a busy morning.

Jumpsuits have long pants, and rompers have shorts on the bottom, which means you can find a jumpsuit or romper option for any weather. You can also find them with long sleeve and short sleeve designs. This look is a staple of fashion history.

Pair jumpsuits and rompers with jackets, sweaters, and cardigans on chilly days, or cute sandals and sneakers for quick egg-hunting ability. Your little one is sure to love her romper and jumpsuit Easter outfits, no matter how they’re styled.

Easter Basket Stuffers for Kids

Of course, Easter isn’t complete without a magical Easter basket from the Easter Bunny. Easter baskets can be a joy for parents to put together, and they’re a chance to share treats and goodies that your little ones will really enjoy.

One of the best options for festive Easter baskets is accessories or jewelry that they can wear to their next Easter egg hunt, including some of the following.

Kids’ Sunglasses

You want to ensure that your kids’ eyes are protected when they’re out on the lawn or in the garden collecting Easter eggs. That’s where the brightest pair of kids’ sunglasses can come in. You can pick sunglasses in a wide range of pastel, bright, or neutral colors, and there are many different shape options and styles to gift, as well.

Add a pair of kids’ sunglasses to their Easter basket that they can wear on the day of the Easter egg hunt and for many sunshiny spring adventures to follow.

Hair Clips and Resin Elastics for Kids

You can’t go wrong with hair clips and hair accessories. Kids have a lot of fun yet practical hairstyle options to pick from; you’ll want to be able to keep their hair out of their eyes on the day of the Easter egg hunt.

One of the best ways to style and personalize your little girl’s hair is with hair clips and hair accessories. Claw clips and scrunchies are fantastic for busy day hairstyles, and headbands and glitter clips add a little something special to any look. Don’t forget to check out resin hair elastics with adornments like hearts, splatter circles, and bunnies, perfect for Easter.

Kids’ Purses and Keychains

Kids appreciate a good accessory, and purses and keychains are a guaranteed win every time. There are styles to fit every age, and the usefulness of the gifts means that your little girls will really use them. Hide small accessories like keychains in large plastic Easter eggs for an exciting surprise.

They can add keychains to the matching purse or use them on backpacks, luggage, and even jackets. You can find them in rainbows, butterflies, unicorns, and other eye-catching styles. It’s a little something special that will make them think of Easter memories with loved ones every time.

Celebrate Easter in Style

What’s better than Easter egg hunts and celebrations with loved ones? Your little girl is sure to remember the holiday festivities for years to come — which means you’ll want to find the optimal outfit for the occasion. From gingham and floral dresses to boys' Easter outfits with suspenders and bowties, there’s a cute and comfortable outfit perfect for picking out eggs.

You also want to add memorable and unique pieces to those morning Easter baskets. Accessories, key chains, and sunglasses are Easter gifts they’re sure to use again and again.

These are just a few of the unique and personalized gifts you can find here at PixieLane. We’re the lifestyle team you can turn to for those special occasions and everyday ones, and we have Easter clothes the whole family will want to wear. You can even pick out gifts for Easter baskets that kids of every age will enjoy.

Turn to PixieLane for a wide range of clothes and accessories for parents and kids, as well as style guides to elevate every look. Begin picking out the next Easter egg hunt outfit for your little ones with our team today.


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