Backpacking Outfits: What To Wear Hiking

Bridget Reed
Mon May 09, 2022

Backpacking Outfits: What To Wear Hiking

There are many reasons to head off the beaten path with the whole family. Backpacking and hiking are opportunities to learn about nature, try new things, and make memories with the little ones. They can learn to spot new plants and animals on every outdoor research expedition, and physical activity is excellent for the health and wellness of parents and kids.

When it comes to the next outdoor adventure or backpacking trip, you want to make sure you have the best outfits for the job. That means clothes that provide sun protection, protection from cold weather and hot weather, and anything else your next day's hike might hold.

PixieLane has the pieces you need to get started. From outfits for beginners to expert hikers, we make it easy to find the clothes and create the outfits that will keep you and your family safe with every ride.

Check out our backpacking and hiking packing list suggestions today:

What To Pack for a Hiking Trip

When it comes to the next outdoor adventure, protection from the elements is essential. That’s why you always want to check the weather and the trail information and bring the pieces and resources that will serve you in a pinch.

Take a look at just a few of our favorite clothing and accessory suggestions that you’ll want to wear hiking.

Trucker Hats for You and Your Kids

It can get sunny and hot out on the trails, which is why it’s important to pack trucker hats for yourself and the little ones. The brims will help keep the sun out of your face, which will protect your family’s skin from excess sun exposure.

This means you’ll have fewer sunburns to worry about and that the kids will be able to keep cool for longer, so you can head up to the next mountain peak with ease. When it comes to sun exposure, you always want to pair hats and ultra-light sun-protective backpacking clothing with sunscreen and shade coverage whenever possible.

Hoodies and Sweatshirts To Stay Warm

Whether you’re hiking in the hot weather or heading out into the backcountry as the cold weather is approaching, it’s a smart idea to bring a hoodie or sweatshirt to keep you warm. This is especially true if you’re trekking up a mountain or hiking to a higher elevation; the temperature can drop quite rapidly.

Make sure you look for specific materials for hiking and backpacking clothing for cold weather. You want them to be moisture-wicking and breathable, so they can dry quickly in case you get wet and so you don’t overheat. Consider outer layer options like fleece jackets, down jackets, and hoodies with zippers for easy on and off layering when you’re out trekking.

You may also want to look for hiking clothes that help to keep you and your little ones dry in the event of rain or if you need to forge rivers or streams. The best hiking gear for rainy areas includes rain gear like rain jackets and water-resistant and quick-drying pieces that will allow you to continue on your journey with ease.

Leggings and Sweatpants

While you want to make sure that you and the kids are dressed for mobility when out hiking, leggings and sweatpants are sometimes a better option than hiking shorts. This is because longer pants can help to keep you warm and dry in the event of rain or a sudden drop in temperature, so they’re more versatile and can be used on a greater number of hikes and adventures.

It's also because leggings and sweatpants can help to protect your skin. They’ll reduce excess exposure to the sun, which means you won’t need to worry about sunburns or irritation. And you can avoid rashes from plants or itching from bugs that you meet along the path because most of your skin will be covered.

If you have sensitive skin or are prone to irritation from plants and insects, leggings and sweatpants are good options for your next journey out into the wilderness.

Layering Pieces: Tanks and Tops

Longer pants are often a reliable choice for the bottom half of your hiking outfit, but when it comes to the top half, you want to consider layers. This is because you will likely be passing through several different environments, and you’re going to build up a sweat while you hike.

Tank tops and t-shirts are good choices for base layers because they’re typically made of breathable and relaxed materials, like cotton, and they’re comfortable over sports bras. They also pair easily under a wide variety of hiking clothes for varying environments or conditions. Whether you need a t-shirt under your rain jacket or the clothing items for cold weather coats, short sleeve t-shirts and tank tops are a must-have addition to your packing list.

Long-Sleeve Shirts and Sweatshirts

You want to pack hoodies and sweatshirts for keeping warm when out on the trails, but they have other benefits, as well. If you know the trail will be relatively comfortable, temperature-wise, it can be useful to bring long-sleeve shirts or lightweight backpacking sweatshirts. Protecting your skin from excess sun exposure is at the top of parents’ to-do lists.

Light-weight long sleeve shirts and sweatshirts should be made of quick-drying, soft materials so that you don’t have to worry about getting too hot. They’ll also keep the skin on your arms and shoulders protected from the sun. This means you and your loved ones can continue heading out on hikes all year long in safety, feeling refreshed.

Fanny Packs for Hiking Gear

Like the perfect pair of hiking boots and hiking socks, fanny packs and hiking outfits are an iconic combination. Fanny packs are lightweight and perfect for carrying all your hiking gear essentials.

You can find large and smaller fanny packs, so it’s easy to carry everything you need for your next adventure. Protect yourself in the cold with beanies and gloves, and don’t forget to pack your water bottle and a collection of trail snacks. You can also store your phone, wallet, and keys with peace of mind, so you have both hands free to navigate the trail and climb the next peak.

Look Your Best on the Trail

When it comes to lifelong adventures and the beauty of nature, hiking is a crowd favorite for a reason. You can customize and personalize your hiking style, and find hikes perfect for families, so the little ones can explore new places and learn all about the natural world around us.

And, of course, you’ll want to make sure they have the perfect outfit for the job. The ultimate hiking looks keep you cool, dry, comfortable, and protected on every journey, no matter where the trail might lead.

That’s why our team at PixieLane has you covered for outdoor research and exploration. We carry a wide and growing collection of pieces for different terrains and environments, and we’re here to help you plan the perfect outfit for the whole family. Pick out reliable hiking pieces for kids and parents with PixieLane today and begin exploring the great outdoors tomorrow.


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