Date Night Outfits That Will Make Heads Turn

Bridget Reed
Tue Oct 05, 2021

Date Night Outfits That Will Make Heads Turn

Whether you are going out on a first date or a date night with your long-term partner, you might be questioning what the perfect date night out is. 

Our first tip is a pretty basic one: simplify. Coco Chanel herself to look in the mirror before you leave your house and take one thing off. We all love a perfectly put-together ensemble, but the key to date night fashion is to let you shine. No matter what you wear, your personality is the key attraction.

That being said, there are actually quite a few things to consider when putting together the perfect date night outfit. Location, time of day, and the weather forecast are all just some of the things we need to consider.

Depending on where you will be going on your date, you should always bring your personal style. 

Read on for the best tips and tricks to creating a look that is memorable and makes you feel ready to take on the world. 

What Is the Key To a Great Date Night Outfit?

There are a million articles on the internet about what silhouette flatters what body types. Respectfully, delete those articles from your inbox: they don’t matter.

What matters most is that you feel good about yourself. You can technically look amazing in a bodycon dress, but if you feel self-conscious or stifled, you won’t be able to enjoy your time. 

Feeling good is the key to looking good, not the other way around. If you’re on a first date, there are many ways to feel confident

Choose one thing to emphasize. If your favorite feature are your legs, wearing a short tiered skirt with long boots is a show stopper. If you love your hair, try that new braiding tutorial you saw last week!

Another thing to consider is the fabrics you pick out. Wearing soft materials, like a mix of cotton, rayon, polyester, and nylon, are soft and flattering. They can create a variety of shapes as well. They can hug your curves or hang loosely, manifesting an elusive sense of mystery.  


One of the most important things to keep in mind when putting an outfit together is comfort. For example, take a sweatshirt or cardigan with you during those chilly nights. Try to avoid stilettoes at a concert, and make sure to bring proper sun protection with you to the beach or park.  

You want to look for a partner who makes you feel comfortable and secure: they are there to support you no matter what happens. The right outfit should also offer you those things. Comfort doesn’t just mean soft fabrics (but that is a critical part of it!).

Look for clothes that are machine washable. If you are worried all night about what a nightmare it will be to get that white pantsuit dry cleaned if you spill your drink, then you probably aren’t focused on the person sitting across from you. 


It’s important to understand that you feel comfortable in what you wear. Be yourself without overthinking it (this can definitely be harder than it sounds).

Remember, your date is also human. They are probably more interested in finding out more about you than the outfit you wear. So, put your personality in it! 

Showcase yourself. If you have a lucky bracelet or a favorite makeup look that you execute perfectly every time, now is the perfect time to use these. It’s not playing it safe; no, rather, this is playing to your strengths, which is totally different. 


Everyone has a personality worth celebrating, and one of the best ways to go about showing off your uniqueness is through your wardrobe. We should always dress in a way that supports our true selves. 

This is especially critical for a first date. You want your date to fall in love with who you truly are, not a false image of you. While the “fake me” trope can work cutely in rom coms, we say that is a story better saved for the big screen than real life. 

Which New Trends Should I Try for Date Night?

The trend you choose often depends on when and where you are going. There are so many date ideas, and each offers an exciting new outfit to choose from. 

If you are cuddling up with a long-term partner, then slip into your favorite cozy clothes. However, if you are going to a more upscale restaurant, it’s time to break out the fancier clothes.

Here are some of our favorite trends to try on a special night:

Sleek Jumpsuits and Rompers

Similar to the daytime date outfits, the goal with any look is adding a dash of versatility. A sleek jumpsuit with clean lines has a way to accentuate your silhouette and comfort. 

Jumpsuits and rompers are such a huge trend nowadays. You can escalate the whole look by putting your personal touch to it. Accessorize it with a stylish belt that accents your waist or add in a leather jacket to bring an unexpected edge. 

Tiered Skirts

Feeling boxed in by seasonal wear? Missing those flouncy, floating skirts of summer? Don’t let the winter give you fashion chills.

Tiered skirts can be made to fit any climate or event. If you are heading out into a winter wonderland, throw some thick leggings under your favorite skirt. Pair it with sturdy boots and a matching scarf for head-to-toe cohesion. 

V-Neck Tops

V-neck tops are the triple threat of fashion. They are soft, fashionable, and offer the best way to show off a dramatic necklace. A v-neck or even a scoop neck offers a great way to allow your favorite glittery pieces to shine! They can also be worn over a black turtleneck to create a color-blocking moment.


Tie-dye apparel has a long and fascinating history. It’s moved from being an essential part of hippie and alternative culture to being a mainstream staple. 

Tie-dye is a great choice for any outfit. You can throw on a tie-dye romper for an absolute show-stopper of a moment. Keep it casual with a denim jacket, or dress it up with a pair of sky-high heels.

A Night To Remember

Going on dates can bring on a rush of emotions. You could feel calm, nervous, or thrilled... or a combination of all three! No matter how long you and your date have been together, dating is always an adventure. 

So whether you are going to an amusement park, eating at the finest restaurant in town, or cuddling up and binging your favorite TV show, PixieLane has everything you need for comfort, style, and that undeniable essence of “you” that attracted your date in the first place. 



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