Christmas Outfits That Will Look Great in a Holiday Photo

Bridget Reed
Mon Oct 04, 2021

Christmas Outfits That Will Look Great in a Holiday Photo

It’s that wonderful time of the year: Matching family outfits and perfect holiday photos by the Christmas tree. Whether you’re into Christmas costumes or formal Christmas outfits, PixieLane has an assortment of pieces for your family. 

How do you get the perfect holiday portraits for your family and still look amazing? Matching outfits and coordinating colors are basic essentials for creating a divine photo. 

Explore with colors and patterns that have your family smiling big in your photos.

Here you will find helpful tips to a complete holiday look, and don’t forget to leave cookies out for you know who!

How Do I Make My Outfits Picture-Perfect?

It’s the day of your photoshoot, and you’ve laid out dozens of outfits to choose from. You still can’t decide, and time is running. No worries! One of the first things to have in mind is what highlights your best assets. 

Feeling comfortable and confident in your holiday outfit is essential to a “picture-perfect” photo. So, play around with it. There’s a chance you might create something amazing.


Your outfits will set the tone for your portraits. Look for complementary colors for your family and your scenery. It can help to use the color wheel. Opposites attract. Don’t necessarily match outfits; coordinate. Adopt colors, patterns, and outfit styles that match.

Christmas dresses and trousers are very common in holiday cards. Determine what colors work well to complement each family member. Be mindful of background colors when choosing a backdrop you like. Make sure your outfit doesn’t blend in too much with the backdrop.

Mixing Patterns and Solids

When mixing patterns with patterns, make sure each one has a distinct pattern. You might want to blend polka dots with florals or tie-dye with solids. Try to avoid patterns that could confuse the eye and distort your photos.

Solid colors are easy to match, but go for some extra creativity and think about textures and shades that evoke the holiday season. To make a fashion statement, pair patterns with solids. 

Take advantage of the color palette. Get a sense of what holiday colors work with your burgundy pants by using contrast colors. Usually, matching is easier when you shop in the same store for the whole family.

Consider Your Background

When choosing a background for your family Christmas portraits, it’s fairly easy. You’ve got choices from the traditional Christmas scene to the winter wonderland scenery. Select a background that reflects on your family’s take on the season. 

When you have your portraits taken at a studio, you have plenty of backdrops to choose from, especially for the Christmas holiday. It can become overwhelming because of beautiful fantasy choices. That doesn’t necessarily have to be the case for your family. 

Choose a style that best represents your family’s traditions. Whether it’s an indoor fireplace, a colorfully lit Christmas tree, or an outdoor snowman backdrop. Whatever version of the season you decide on, it is bound to be a great holiday portrait.

Which Styles Should I Consider in My Family Photos?

There are many styles of outfits you can coordinate with your family photos. We love seeing matching pajama outfits in Christmas photos. 

It is so cute and adorable when the parents match the children’s outfits. It just melts your heart during the holiday season. Try mixing patterns and colors to add some charm to your portraits. Every family member will shine brightly in their own unique looks.

There are so many ways to make the best holiday card ever: the outfits can really make this loving card shine.

Slogan Tees

We all love a fun slogan or graphic hoodie. Less is more when adding stand out clothing: A simple “Merry Christmas” or “Deck the Halls” tee can go a long way. You can also try shirts that say “Big Brother” or “Mom” to add a humorous charm.

Print that is too small or print with a difficult to read font can lead family members to squint at the card, trying to decipher the words. You want to focus on each family member in the photo rather than all the focus on that slogan tee.


You’ve got to love the idea of tie-dye Christmas outfits. It’s all about the colors you choose and what piece of clothing it is. Focus on warm and cozy apparel for the holiday. Tie-dye is a nostalgic way to bring a bit of the hippie past to our present.

Don’t forget to consider mixing and matching patterns and solids if you go this route. What would be cuter than a family in black leggings or joggers with each a different colored tie-dye top? Pretty much nothing!

Matching Sets

Reflecting back to what your version of a perfect holiday portrait is, choosing outfits that best represent you and your family. Check out our Mommy and Me collection so that you and your little one can match in style.

Which matching set carries out the best photo for your family? Sometimes, the most simple one can bring out the personalities of each family member in the photos. 

This can be an exciting time to bring your child into the conversation and ask for their help in picking the holiday photo outfits. Kids love being able to make big decisions. This will make them even more excited to unpack their new clothes when the box arrives at their doorstep.

Animal Print

Animal prints are chic and stylish. During the holiday season, it can be tough to find an outfit with this style. Ask your child what their favorite jungle animal is, and then surprise them with an outfit in that print.

An animal printed jumpsuit for girls is so cute when paired with a solid red sweater and snow boots in an outdoor setting photo. 

Fun Accessories

The Christmas season is when we like to accessorize a lot. From themed jewelry to funky hats, we love these little extra fashion moments

Include your personalities when accessorizing. It’s great to see photos that have elements of fashion, sass, and character. Don’t be afraid to bring your family pet into the photo. You can even give them a bandana or sweater that matches your family’s outfits. 

The Perfect Snapshot

Getting the perfect holiday portrait is exciting for the whole family. Be creative with your wardrobe from PixieLane with colors, patterns, themes, and accessories.

Once you have your assortment put together, you can enjoy taking photos for the Christmas season. These pictures (and warm holiday memories) will last a lifetime.



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