Chubby Babies and What Makes Them So Adorable

Bridget Reed
Tue Mar 15, 2022

Chubby Babies and What Makes Them So Adorable

There are many reasons to fall in love with new babies. They’re warm, adorable, and armed with the cutest cheeks and smiles. Whether you’re caring for your own infants or children of family members and friends, you’re sure to fall for those adorable grins. And the only thing that can make them even cuter is the perfect outfit. 

You’ll find that perfect outfit for your favorite newborns here at PixieLane. We carry clothing and accessories for everyone in your family, from the littlest baby to tweens and teens.

Let’s explore our growing collection of clothes for chubby babies. 

Why Are Chubby Babies So Adorable?

From the rolls in the thighs to the apples of the cheeks, chubby babies just can’t get more adorable. Whether you are breastfeeding or formula-feeding, your chubby baby is sure to add a little something special to the world and to your family.

These are just a few (of the million) reasons why chubby babies are so cute:

Their Squishy Cheeks

No matter the average birth weight, most babies are born with full, squishy cheeks. Over time, those lovely cheeks will smooth out, and the facial features will become more defined. But in the first year, their cheeks are round, smooth, and perfect for kissing. It’s impossible not to fall in love with your favorite big baby. 

Their Jolly Nature

Babies are so typically joyful by nature. They take in the world around them with wonder and curiosity. It’s hard not to be inspired to do the same in their presence.

In fact, happy babies can color our view of the world, adding light and joy to every day. Even smaller or skinny babies look around with wonder that keeps all the adults in their lives happy, as well. After all, is there anything more precious than a baby waving at you in line at the grocery store?

Their Warm Smiles

The cream on the cake of cute babies is always the smile. It’s an age group quick to smile — even without any teeth! What’s not to love about a gummy, toothless smile?

Babies will smile at many new things, like cute animals, silly sounds, or the faces of their mom and dad. And every time you see that smile, you’re sure to smile in return. 

What Are the Cutest Outfits for My Chubby Baby?

Of course, cute babies deserve cute outfits. And you have a wide range of options to pick from. It’s a breeze to dress up your little one in looks that fit the season while still ensuring their comfort and mobility. (And providing you convenient access!)

Take a lot at some of our favorite outfits for cute, chubby babies to try out today: 


Coveralls are the perfect addition to any infant wardrobe. They provide complete coverage on the arms and legs. This helps to keep your little one protected from the cold and excess sun exposure. They’re also comfortable and easy to move around in, so your baby can continue to take in the world around them, unimpeded. 

Coveralls are available in many unique colors, styles, and designs. Here at PixieLane, you’ll find coveralls with fun sayings and patterns, like hearts, smiley faces, and lightning bolts. A cute baby in a cute coverall set is really something to smile about. 


Rompers are versatile, comfortable, and unique pieces. There are many reasons for moms to fall in love with adult and baby rompers alike. Look for long-sleeve rompers for those chilly days, or check out tank strap rompers for when the weather gets warm. You can also find jumpsuit variations, with long pants, rather than shorts on the bottom. 

Rompers are a single-piece outfit which means you never need to worry about matching pieces or styles. They’re made in movable and comfortable materials for busy babies on the go. And you’re sure to find a pattern or design you love for your little one, like leopard print, tie-dye, or stars. 

Halter Rompers

Another precious and chic option is the halter romper. You’ll enjoy all the benefits of a traditional romper design, like the ease of movement and comfort. The halter top will add a little something special. Halter rompers connect around the neck and are a snap to put on and off, which is a good option for busy babies. 

Halter rompers also layer well with cardigans, hoodies, sweaters, and more. No matter what, your little one is sure to look lovely in her halter romper. 


Onesies are a baby classic for a reason. They’re adorable, utilitarian, and you can find many ways to style them. The versatility means there are onesie options for different needs and occasions. 

You can find them for all seasons, with long-sleeve and short-sleeve onesies, as well as onesies that come with hoods. Hoodies are available with zippers and snaps, both of which make it simple to get your little one dressed, even when in a hurry. 

Check out the wide range of patterns and designs for your next baby onesie and enjoy candy canes, tie-dye in different shades, ice cream patterns, and more. 


Baby sweatsuits are just about the cutest outfits available. They’re incredibly useful pieces, a joy to mix and match, and comfortable on even the chilliest of days. You can find them in neutral, pastel, and bold colors, as well as many different patterns and designs. 

Sweatsuits also layer well for fall and spring days. You can layer them over graphic tee shirts, tank tops, and onesies to keep your little one safe and protected from the elements. With matching sets, you can create many different outfits. Plus, you also never need to worry about finding the perfect piece for the next lovely look. There’s a reason sweatsuits have such an impressive history.


Fashion-forward kids have lots of fun options for hats. Hats aren’t just a wonderful way to protect your little one from excess sun or exposure to the cold. They’re also unique and colorful accessories that can add a little something special to any outfit. 

You can find a wide range of adorable hats for any type of baby. No matter what pattern or style of hat you pick for your baby, it’s sure to make parents and newborns smile every day. 

Find the Perfect Wardrobe for Your Chubby Baby 

Babies are wonderful and exciting additions to any family. They’re sure to make you and your loved ones smile every day, thanks to their chubby cheeks, joyful natures, and lovely smiles. After all, there’s nothing more lovely than the look of joy and happiness on a curious child’s face as they explore the world. 

And you can find clothes almost as cute as they are right here at PixieLane. We have hats, rompers, accessories, and more for babies. But we also have lots of ways for parents to get in on the fashion fun. Besides our collections of clothing for men and women, check out Mommy and Me outfits so that you can match the coolest kid in town (that’s your baby!).

Parents and little ones are sure to be smiling big with every adorable new look. 

Here at PixieLane, we know that navigating parenthood can be overwhelming at times. That’s why we carry comfortable, high-quality, and easy-to-wash pieces for the whole family. It’s also why we’re sharing tips and advice for every stage of parenting and childhood.

Explore our collection of clothes and growing library of guides, and find the perfect new outfit for your adorable baby today. 


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