Party Theme Ideas

Bridget Reed
Tue Mar 15, 2022

Party Theme Ideas

A themed party can be fun and festive for many reasons. It’s perfect for birthday celebrations, holidays, special events, and more. And you have many exciting and creative party theme options to pick from, depending on your event needs. 

No matter what theme you pick, PixieLane has the outfit for the job. We’re a company built by moms, for moms, which is why we know all the ins and outs of throwing an excellent party. Explore our guides and outfit ideas for the next family, neighborhood, or friend party today. 

Get ready, party planners. Here is your invitation to the party idea inspiration station.

What Are the Cutest Party Theme Ideas?

One of the best ways to put together a memorable party is to pick out a really unique party theme. This will help you when it comes to picking out décor, food, venue, and more. 

Check out some of our top picks for theme ideas that guarantee plenty of party fun. 

Slumber Party

The slumber party is a classic party theme for a reason. Girls have used slumber parties to bond and tell stories for generations, and there are many unique ways to make your next slumber party stand out. 

You can mix and match a sleepover party with other themes and styles. For instance, sleepover parties go well with movies. Consider adding in Oscar or Hollywood-inspired decorations and sharing popcorn and movie candies. A DIY red carpet is sure to take your little one’s slumber party to the next level. 

You can make the slumber party a camping theme with tents right in your own backyard. Or, create a "casino night" theme full of all the board games they love (no trip to Vegas required!).

Slumber parties are also the perfect place for your kids to show off their favorite cozy loungewear. It even makes a great gift for guests! 

Fancy Dress Party

You can take that Hollywood theme up a notch with a fancy dress party. Because who doesn’t love adding a little bit of glitter and shine to their celebration? Create cocktails without alcohol and serve sparkling juice as champagne to add an air of classiness to your themed fancy dress party. 

You can even make your fancy dress-themed event into a masquerade type of party. Encourage guests to come in their favorite fancy dresses and hand out masks when they arrive. 

Tea Party

What’s more fun than a backyard tea party? Encourage your guests to wear their favorite spring dresses and set up lovely picnic and tea sets in the backyard, the park, or the garden. 

Tea parties are particularly fun when it comes to the dessert menu. You can serve cupcakes, scones, cookies, and cakes and pair them all with sweet or fruity teas. 

One way to really make a birthday party tea party special is to pick out unique tea cups or 1950s era cloth napkins from the market or thrift store. Allow each guest to pick out their favorite to take home at the end of the party. These are the ultimate throwback favors that will want the guests to keep on coming back for more.

Rainbow Party

A rainbow party is one of the most bright and festive parties you can throw, which makes it the perfect option for kids of all ages. You have lots of choices when it comes to decorating for your rainbow party. You can DIY much of the décor and desserts, like rainbow colors of ice cream. Neon lights, confetti, sparkles — what's a kid not to love?

The pops of bright colors make it perfect for birthday parties, and kids are sure to love picking out cute rainbow outfits for all the party fun.  

Unicorn Party

Kids who like rainbow parties and rainbow outfits are sure to appreciate unicorn parties, as well! You can make cute unicorn cupcakes with simple ingredients or play pin the horn on the unicorn. 

Unicorn headbands are an excellent addition to any unicorn party and can make a lovely gift for guests. You can even make a headband decorating station for a party activity. 

What Should My Kids Wear To a Themed Party?

Whether you’re hosting or attending a themed party, you want to make sure you have the perfect outfit for everyone in the family. Here are some top pick outfits for the next themed party. 


Dresses are always a good option when it comes to festive dressing. You can start with a brightly-colored dress for a rainbow or tea party and add a little something special with stylish accessories or nail colors. 

For fancy parties, pair your little one’s favorite dress with shiny jewelry, costume gloves, and fancy shoes. She’s sure to love dressing up, and you’ll be able to use that classic dress for many different themes and parties. 

Matching Sets

Matching sets are festive and celebratory and make for excellent party photographs. You can find matching dresses in bright colors for festive themed parties. They’re also available in cool patterns to fit anything from the 80s to rock star to red carpet themes. 

Matching sets come in a wide range of designs, which makes them appropriate for different seasons, backyard parties, pool parties, and more. 

Mommy and Me Outfits

And if you just can’t get enough matching, Mommy and Me outfits are the way to go. They’re fun for holiday and birthday events. Family photos are sure to look extra special with matching outfits. 

You can find Mommy and Me outfits in a wide range of patterns and styles, from tie-dye to stars and hearts. They’re an excellent addition to rainbow and unicorn parties, fun for backyard tea parties, and a whole lot more. 

Slogan Tees

Slogan tees can add a little something extra special to your themed party. That’s because they’re available in so many unique colors and designs, and you’re sure to find that perfect shirt for the next exciting party. Slogan tees are comfortable and easy to wash, so they can get messy during cake decorating or water balloon fights. 

Loungewear and Athleisure

Loungewear and athleisure wear are perfect for slumber parties and movie nights. It’s cozy and comfortable, and your little one can pick out sets in their favorite colors. 

If you’re looking to stay cozy and comfortable throughout the party, loungewear and athleisure wear are excellent options. You can find them in classy, chic colors and styles, and you’ll have a full range of mobility all day long. 

Theme Party Ideas (with a Twist)

When it comes to the next theme party, your family and guests are sure to have a blast. Themed parties are festive, memorable, and unique, and you can put on a truly unforgettable event without breaking the bank. 

With so many different theme ideas to pick from, you’re sure to find a party style that the birthday kid, guests, and family are sure to love. Try out themes like a fancy dress party, a tea party, or a rainbow party with plenty of bright colors. 

And you’ll want to make sure you have the perfect outfits to fit the theme. That’s where PixieLane can help. We carry a wide range of outfits and accessories to match all your party and dancing needs, and parents and kids of all ages are sure to enjoy. Check out our dresses, matching sets, mommy and me looks, and a whole lot more. 

We also have the party and lifestyle guides to help you every step of the way. Explore our growing collection of party tips and tricks and put together a themed event that’s sure to be the talk of the town. 


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